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WWE Network Shooting Docs During Undertaker Weekend

Hey everyone, this is Sam and earlier I wrote about how I felt The Undertaker’s Final Farewell did not live up to the hype. WWE Network knew that the Survivor Series was going to be a special event this year. However, it seems like they didn’t plan out The Undertaker’s Farewell on camera. The card looked decent on paper but left a lot to be desired in execution in my opinion. There weren’t any surprises that many were expecting. It was The Undertaker’s Final Farewell that closed out the show.

The WWE brought in a large amount of “legends” to say goodbye to The Undertaker. The WWE Network wanted to make sure that they got the most out of having many past stars around at the same time, especially with the pandemic going on. They had documentary crews running around all day. It was a very busy weekend with them trying to capture everything they could.

Film Crews Running Around

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the WWE Network had three separate documentary film crews around for Survivor Series. It’s unclear exactly what they were focusing on. No one could tell how much footage overlapped, but they are planning a lot of content from Survivor Series. Personally, I hope that they got a lot of different stories from the legends and how the WWE Superstars of today interacted with them. I would say we would get at least one Day of…Survivor Series, an Undertaker documentary about how he feels and I’m not sure what another could be; maybe the BSK get together.

According to Ringside News, The Undertaker and the BSK had a great time on the night prior to Survivor Series. We can only hope that WWE Network sent a camera to that gathering. Can you imagine all the stories that came out during that? I guess knowing the WWE, it is very possible that some things were captured on camera that will never see the light of day. I would love to see the unaired footage of many WWE events.

What documentaries do you want to see out of this PPV? What would interest you? Let us know in the comments.


Written by Samantha Sayre

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