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Vince Angry At Certain Wrestlers

Sending Them Back To Developmental

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is not happy and if there’s one thing you don’t want to do within the WWE it’s cross the boss. As reported by The Wrestling Observer, he allegedly “…threw a fit” in regards to certain performers lack of in-ring ability. He has sent them to the Performance Center to polish their skill set.

Vince: “New” Trainees?

Vince has ordered Keith Lee, Otis, Dabba-Kato, Mace, and AJ Styles’ bodyguard Omos to attend two classes a week that will be run by Drew Galak and Adam Pearce. He hopes that they will sharpen up their work-rate and become better all-around Sports Entertainers.

In my opinion having not seen Omos in action yet, it seems a bit harsh that he’s already being criticized for falling short of the big man standard. After all, he’s done nothing but stand behind The Phenomenal One and look menacing. They must have seen enough of him to realize that Omos isn’t up to scratch.

Main Roster Talent

Otis and Mace, I can understand, as they’ve always seemed to be just a little off the pace. As for Dabba-Kato, he hasn’t been used since RAW Underground then he vanished from our screens. Dabba wasn’t really that impressive during its run though.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee, on the other hand, boggles the mind.

He is easily one of the better talents the company has at the moment. The WWE Universe has been quite happy to “Bask In His Glory.” So sending him back to developmental just seems like a slap in the face to Lee. Is it their failure in not knowing how to use him properly? Or is it really him?

But when Big Vinnie Mac gets an idea in his head about you then it’s almost impossible to change his mind.

Just ask Zack Ryder.


What do you think about these talents being sent twice a week to work on their skills? Should there be others you can think of? Braun Strowman when he gets back? Some of women wrestlers? Do you think this will turn them around? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

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