Tom Segura Attacks Wrestling Fans, Twitter Responds

Comedian, at least that’s what his Wikipedia page says, Tom Segura took time out of his busy schedule of being someone I’ve never heard of to trash wrestling and its fans.

No doubt to garner himself 15 minutes in the spotlight before he disappears back into obscurity.

On his podcast, which I’m not linking here for obvious reasons, he said;

So many guys that love wrestling. I think wrestling is for f*cking ret*rds, but so many people like it. It is the stupidest sh*t and I think you’re a f*cking tool if you’re like ‘hey man, it’s not f*cking fake.’ It is fake and you’re a f*cking idiot.”

Now I genuinely know nothing about this guy, in fact, if he hadn’t insulted wrestling I wouldn’t even know that he exists, but he seems to be taking the same standpoint that a lot of non-wrestling fans take.

The old ‘It’s Fake’ line that we’ve heard a million times.

What gets me is the venom in his words.

While we don’t have what his rationale for this stunt might be, the industry and fans have reacted accordingly. Twitter is filled with those in the business responding, including offers for this “comedian” to find out how fake wrestling really is.

Written by Neil Gray

The podcast master. The Old Metal Bar-Steward and Weekly Wrestling Ruminations are now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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