The Revolt Don’t Want Commitment, They Want Dream Matches

This week’s guests on Talk Is Jericho were the tag-team former know as The Revival, The Revolt.

They discussed a lot of topics, such as wanting to leave the WWE due to the lack of focus on tag-team wrestling, but the question that everyone was most interested in was, where are they off to next?

They didn’t give a definite answer to that but did say that they had a whole list of people that they’d like to share a ring with, such as The Young Bucks, The Guerrillas Of Destiny, and The Briscoes, though they did note that they weren’t in any rush to settle down with one promotion just yet;

We’ve got some offers from multiple places that obviously are very interesting to us and we’re not going to jump to any conclusions. Like, we just got out of a really long-term relationship, we’re not looking for a rebound right off the bat. We don’t want to jump from one situation to another without really weighing all the pros and cons and taking our time and seeing what’s out there, because wrestling right now is maybe more exciting for wrestlers than it’s ever been as far as options and places and being in control of your own destiny.”

It seems like The Revolt is going to take their time to make sure their next move is the right move.

And by next move, I mean sign with AEW who will allow them to go and work ROH and NJPW as often as they want.

Written by Neil Gray

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