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The Latest On Claims That WWE Is Forcing Employees To Work

Ever since the State of Florida went back on their decision to exclude the WWE from their list on non-essential businesses, there have been a lot of questions.

For example, why the change of heart?

Is this all above board?

Is WWE forcing employees to work against their will?

Well, according to Jon Alba, the award winning sports journalist and host, the answer to that last question might be yes.

In a series of tweets, Alba has said;

Which in itself is damning enough, but he carries on;

Jon Alba #1

And finishes up with;

Jon Alba #2

We should say that this is all coming from an anonymous source named “John” so you can take that however you want, but it’s safe to say that this whole situation has been surrounded in a cloud of suspicion from the outset and if what “John” is saying is true, then it paints the company in a horrible light.

Being afraid to speak up against a decision that you not only feel is stupid, but very possibly life-threatening because you’re convinced you’ll lose your job if you do, really shouldn’t happen in this day and age.

Especially in a company as big as WWE.



Written by Neil Gray

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