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Naomi, Braun Strowman, and Seth Rollins

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Yesterday, I told you about Triple H selling even more stock and Vince McMahon’s desired WrestleMania 37 main event, and the news continues to roll in. Let The Bump keep you completely up to date.

Did Fans Get Naomi a Push?

According to PW Insider, Naomi will be getting a strong push in the next couple weeks. The #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag seems to have actually worked for the fans who tweeted it out. WWE were inundated with the tweets after Naomi got beat consecutively by Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans. Then she got beat again, not even in a wrestling match, but in a karaoke contest of all things! So, people started rising up to let WWE know that Naomi deserves better.

Even some other wrestlers got on the bandwagon and started tweeting it out. Now, look forward to her possibly challenging Bayley for the SmackDown title soon. I can’t see her beating Bayley, but it may be the key women’s program before Sasha Banks comes back. I enjoy Naomi, so this doesn’t bother me at all. However, I don’t need her to have another title reign because the first one wasn’t great. Also, I don’t know that Naomi has done anything recently to deserve it. But the fans have spoken – and WWE actually listened?!?

Braun Strowman Just a Placeholder Champion?

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, said that Braun Strowman was nothing but a placeholder champion. I thought this was common knowledge and not new news, but there you go. The man Braun beat, Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt, had the WWE title in February. However, Vince McMahon wanted Roman Reigns to win the title at WrestleMania 36 as a big ‘Mania moment. Many believed that the Tampa audience would boo Bray losing to Roman. Since Goldberg still had a 3 year contract with WWE, it was decided that Bray would lose the title to him in Saudi Arabia where the fans would not boo Goldberg winning. 

Goldberg, who does not want to come back full time, was to lose to Roman Reigns at WM 36. Then Covid-19 hit the world and everything turned upside down. Roman Reigns pulled out of WM 36 due to his leukemia and Goldberg would not continue as the champion. It was decided that Braun Strowman would get his chance. But was he really given a chance from the start?

I mean, he spent the first part of his championship reign fighting with Miz and Morrison. Does that sound like the start of a legendary run? I think WWE only started the Bray Wyatt feud to give both something to do while waiting on Roman Reigns to come back. Notice that there were no real matches between them. Bray won the championship, so “heel” Roman could take it from him.

I have to agree with Booker T, even though I almost never do. Braun was lucky. Almost a ‘right time, right place’ thing. I don’t know, if Roman hadn’t left due to Covid-19, that Braun would have won the title at all in 2020. However, I don’t feel when he received his chance that he was given much to do with it. Will you remember his reign five years from now? Or even two years from now?

When Is Seth Rollins Taking Time Off?

According to Ringside News, soon. They state that after the Rey Mysterio program is over, Seth Rollins is taking time off. Well, the program is over now, as Rey Mysterio’s triceps injury from SummerSlam has prevented that feud from continuing. He is not expected back for at least two months. So does the program switch to Dominik Mysterio, or do they start a Buddy Murphy turn against Seth Rollins? I think it is way too soon for him to take off right now without both Seth and Buddy.

I do not think it is any surprise to Seth’s fans. They know how close he is to his family and his partner, Becky Lynch. Seth has made it clear to WWE that he wants time off to spend with Becky before their baby is born, plus the time afterwards. Becky is due to give birth sometime in December, so it was assumed by most that he would leave right before or right after Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t expect Seth Rollins to be back until late January to start the run for WrestleMania 37.

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Written by Samantha Sayre

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