The Bump – September 29th

Aleister Black, Taya Valkyrie and WWE Drafts

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of The Bump where we are keeping you in the know about the world of pro wrestling. Yesterday, we talked about Retribution, RVD, WWE royalty checks, and Sami Zayn. Let The Bump get you completely up to date about today’s news.

The Bump: Aleister Black Changed His Music?

Many including me thought WHAT?!?!?! when Aleister Black came out during last night’s Monday Night Raw. It was immediately noticeable that not only was his music, but his entrance had changed. Why? I thought about it and just assumed WWE was changing his music from CFO$’s music to something else. Well no, Aleister Black himself agreed with WWE that his music and entrance should change with his new character according to WhatCulture.

I personally however can’t help but think that Black is trying anything to make Vince McMahon happy. It is well known that Vince isn’t a huge fan of Black’s and didn’t get his Root of All Evil character. Paul Heyman was behind his last push with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy. Hopefully, this change and his program with Kevin Owens will be enough to get on Vince’s radar.

Big Props to Taya Valkyrie!

Taya Valkyrie took to Instagram yesterday to speak on body positivity. She even took her first bikini photo and actually posted it in years according to Wrestling Inc. I love her statement below and that so many women wrestlers are standing up to say their bodies are beautiful. I think a lot of guys are loving it too because guys like all types of women. We are all FINALLY moving away from one type of body. We can have everything from Deonna Purrazzo to Sasha Banks to Jordynne Grace to Bayley to Nia Jax to Brandi to Nyla Rose presenting women’s wrestling. Props Taya!

Valkyrie writes, “The progress has been slow, the changes small but to finally feel like my body is listening to me feels amazing. The number on the scale has BARELY changed, but my body composition has. I have good and bad days but that’s normal. Ladies, recognize your work!!! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re beautiful. @n8fitness. PS I haven’t posted a bikini photo in YEARS lol, @chelseaagreen am I doing this right.”

The Bump: WWE Raw and Smackdown Draft in October

The WWE Draft will be on October 9th and 12th. So who needs to be traded and who should be traded? Well, off the top of my head I think AJ Styles. Number one, since Smackdown went back live during the pandemic he has been upset. His son plays football on Friday nights, so he wants to go to his games. Number two, Paul Heyman who AJ has issues with is now on Smackdown with Roman Reigns. I think AJ is a no brainer to Raw.

Who else? Hmm…well I think they have already sent Braun Strowman to Raw, but what about Baron Corbin too? He is a Golden Gloves boxer that may do well in Raw Underground. Plus maybe he can change out of the King gimmick. With Shayna Baszler on Raw as the bad, evil fighter taking on Asuka and Charlotte. Well, let’s bring up Rhea Ripley as the resident badass to Smackdown to beat on Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Alexa as something crazy with The Fiend.

We need you to tell us at The Bump who should be drafted where and why. What have you heard? Do you have any tips or tidbits? Tell us here at Sports Obsessive.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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