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New WWE Authority Figure, Kevin Owens, Asuka and Vega, and Covid-19 Testing

Welcome to Friday’s edition of The Bump! Yesterday, we talked about WrestleMania 37 location change, Thunder Rosa and AEW, Andrade and Alister Black’s push being over, Retribution’s members and they have no clue what to do with Keith Lee now. Make sure you are reading us every day. Let The Bump get you completely up to date.

New Authority Figure-Adam Pearce?

The Bump thinks so many WWE fans have become used to having an authority figure, general manager or even a constable to hate. They had someone to look to for guidance. To many fans over the weeks on both Raw and Smackdown, Adam Pearce is that figure now.

According to Ringside News, WWE doesn’t have that intention. “A writer with close knowledge of this situation confirmed to us that WWE isn’t bringing back authority figure characters. Adam Pearce is someone else who can represent an official stance while not being a referee.” I guess this makes sense to have a figure that can explain some things to us fans. I guess he really confused me making the Braun Strowman vs Drew Gulak match happen. What do you think? Do you miss authority figures in WWE?

Kevin Owens As Leader of Retribution?

Are you watching Raw Talk after Raw each week on the WWE Network? Or are you at least watching it period? Well WWE definitely wants you to be, of course The Bump does for you. Earlier, when Retribution first started The Miz hinted that he was involved then some storylines hinted at that. Last week on Raw Talk, Kevin Owens went off about the state of WWE and how they handle WWE wrestlers which is a little bit what Retribution stands for.

This week, Aleister Black made it very clear that he believes that Kevin Owens is behind Retribution. He said it was too much of a coincidence that Retribution’s flashing lights happened during his and Owen’s match. So are they foreshadowing KO as the leader? Is this another swerve by WWE? I think WWE has no clue about this group from week to week. My guess is that it will end up belonging to Seth Rollins unless WWE just forgets the whole thing.

The Bump: Asuka vs Zelina Vega at Clash of Champions?

Is this right? Yes, Raw made it seems like it. I mean Vega declared it, but I didn’t hear it officially. Plus I don’t see it listed anywhere officially from WWE. Maybe they will announce it tonight on Smackdown. PW Insider says it will more than likely happen.

But why? Why is this happening? One reason is because WWE thought they would get big ratings by finally pulling the trigger on the Bayley vs Sasha Banks storyline. They did get the ratings, but at what expense? By taking the Women’s Tag Team Titles off of them and giving them to Shayna Bazsler and Nia Jax WWE took two main Raw Championship contenders out of the picture for Clash of Champions.

Who else do they have? Mickie James, Nattie or Lana? I assumed Vince would push Peyton Royce down our throats, but instead we get inexperienced Zelina Vega who hasn’t wrestled ever regularly on Raw. How does she get a title opportunity? This along with Bayley vs Nikki Cross for the 100th time…great. Just great.

WWE and AEW Different Covid-19 Testing

Wrestling, Inc. detailed that how WWE and AEW are tested for Covid-19 is totally different. Is that a shock to anyone? I mean WWE was just doing temperature checks and asking questions for such a long time. AEW has been doing intensive testing for awhile now.

Wrestling, Inc. reported that “WWE Superstars are instructed to arrive at a parking garage a day prior to taping. They are given a nasal swab test. Then they leave and are sent a text message to let them know the result of their test. If they’re negative then that Superstar is given their plans for the next day’s show.”

Then they talked about AEW’s testing. “AEW sends their talent to an off-site facility on the morning of the television tapings. They have blood tests and results come within minutes. They are then given a wrist band if they do not test positive. Nobody gets into Daily’s Place without a wrist band.” If you leave Daily’s Place during the day then you have to be retested before you are let back in as was talked about on AEW Unrestricted podcast.

What are your thoughts on testing of the wrestlers? What are you thinking about the wrestling news and updates? Let us know at The Bump – right here on Sports Obsessive!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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