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Sonya Deville’s Attacker, WWE Fired Employees, TJP’s Time in WWE and Miro

Welcome to Wednesday’s news edition of The Bump! Yesterday, we talked about Ronda Rousey working out with Teal Piper, Matt Cardona going to New Japan when travel restrictions ease up, AJ Styles being upset about missing his son’s games because of Friday Night Smackdown and Dominik Mysterio getting acceptance from the locker room. Make sure you check it out. Let The Bump get you completely up to date.

News: Sonya Deville’s Stalker/Attempted Hostage Taker Pleads Not Guilty?

I wish we didn’t even have to talk about this. Is there anyone out there that predicted this guy (We will not be using his name) would plead not guilty? How could he think he is not guilty? Did you see the same copies of DMs and tweets I did describing how he felt about Sonya Deville? Did you see the same video of him breaking into her house?

According to Heel by Nature, he is being charged with Aggravated Stalking (third degree felony), Armed Burglary of a Dwelling (felony punishable by life in prison), Armed Kidnapping ransom or reward or hostage (felony with possible life sentence), and Criminal Mischief less than $200 (second degree misdemeanor). He has a virtual disposition hearing scheduled for October 12th. He will remain incarcerated until that time comes. Sonya Deville was also granted that the court records will be sealed.

Many WWE Employees Knew They Weren’t Coming Back

WWE let go over 70 employees including most of their Live Events Department last week. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter,  many started looking for other jobs after their first return date passed in July. This was even after Vince McMahon made news by talking about the WWE profits made last quarter. “It was noted that WWE ‘proved that they could live without them.’ A lot of the releases also came from departments that WWE isn’t using anymore like those who handled WWE’s touring schedule such as dealing with booking travel and venues.”

News: TJP Calls His Time In the WWE “An Accidental Pit Stop”

Impact Wrestling’s TJ Perkins or TJP was on Vickie Guerrero’s Excuse Me podcast when he talked about William Regal convinced him to stay in WWE. He said he had plans to go to New Japan, Mexico or maybe Lucha Underground. TJP was invited to compete in the WWE’s 2016 Cruiserweight Classic. They described it to him as like the J-Cup, so he competed. Afterwards, Regal wanted him to stay, so it became “an accidental pit stop” that he never planned on making.

Miro Was Contacted by Impact Wrestling

Miro talked on his Twitch Stream about how after he was released by WWE that Impact Wrestling contacted him. He talked about how some said he was close to going there and Covid-19 stopped him. Miro said that yes, he contracted Covid-19, but that had nothing to do with him not signing with them. He stated that they were nice to him and offered a nice contract. But he needed some time off after getting the news he was released. Miro ended up signing with AEW and he signed a longer deal there. He also noted in his AEW contract that he is permitted to wrestle in New Japan if he wants.

I think it is awesome that he can go to New Japan. I would love to see all the AEW guys form some kind of faction in New Japan. Can you imagine Kenny Omega, Matt Cardona, Miro, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley as a faction? Might be enough for me to start watching New Japan on a semi-regular basis.

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Written by Samantha Sayre

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