The Bump – September 14th

Jeff Hardy as Willow, WWE Live Events Fired, Smackdown Mystery Lady and Serena Deeb All Elite?

Welcome to Monday’s edition of The Bump!

This weekend we hit you with a lot of different articles about where Tessa Blanchard could go, if Wrestle House was successful for Impact Wrestling, updates on the new Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series, and this week’s updates from Championship Wrestling, where hostility took over.  However, the news didn’t stop for the weekend. Let The Bump get you completely up to date.

Jeff Hardy Wants to Bring Willow into WWE

According to BT Sport, Jeff Hardy said he would love to bring his TNA character, Willow, back into action to go against Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend.” Jeff said, “I have a strange feeling that something crazy cool could happen between Willow and The Fiend.” The two issues I see are that Vince McMahon never got Matt Hardy’s Broken character, so can’t see him buying Willow, plus WWE doesn’t have the rights to the Willow character and we all know how Vince feels about things he doesn’t own. My question for you: how would you book Willow vs The Fiend and who ultimately gets the better of who?

News: WWE Live Events Dept. Fired

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that over 70 people were fired from WWE on Friday, September 11th. Most of WWE’s Live Events department is gone after being furloughed since April 15th, their resume date repeatedly getting pushed back. At least 12-15 of the Live Events department were let go, signifying that WWE is not planning on doing any live events around the United States anytime soon.

Vince McMahon, in company quarterly reports since October 2018, has been talking about the declining revenue that live events had been bringing. Maybe this is just writing on the wall that house shows are over for the foreseeable future.

Mystery Smackdown Woman in Heels?

Who is the mystery lady we’ve seen in a skimpy dress and heels on WWE Smackdown? According to Ringside News, everyone backstage seems to think it is Carmella. Of course, many fans ran with this, capturing a screenshot of a tattoo on the mystery woman’s bicep that matches Carmella’s tattoo. Could it be a swerve though? Or just another semi-interesting plan on Smackdown that they will soon forget, like the Smackdown Hacker?

Many started wondering if it could be Summer Rae coming back after she put out a tweet referencing Smack…down. Summer Rae has been rumored to have been coming back since earlier this year around Royal Rumble time. We’ve yet to see her though.

News: Is Serena Deeb All Elite Now?

Chris Jericho, on his Facebook Saturday Night broadcast, said Serena Deeb is with AEW after her match with Thunder Rosa. Usually, AEW is the one that makes these announcements, so did Jericho slip up before AEW was ready? I doubt it. Serena Deeb has been a WWE Performance Center coach for the women for a while, plus she can still physically get into it in the ring. I have been saying that AEW needs to step up their women’s division, and used hiring Tessa Blanchard as an example of doing this very thing. Who knows, maybe AEW has been reading Sports Obsessive? It wouldn’t surprise me. We’ve got the ideas covered…

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Written by Samantha Sayre

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