The Bump – October 7th News and Updates

Two NXT Stars Injured, Page vs Janela, Erik’s Surgery, Kurt Angle, and Taya Valkyrie

Welcome to Wednesday’s edition of The Bump, the place where we keep you up to date about the latest news from the world of pro wrestling. Yesterday, we talked about Damian Priest, Retribution, Raw Underground, GLOW being canceled, Erika Nardini joining the WWE Board, and no medical updates yet on Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly. Today, let The Bump get you completely up to speed on the latest news.

News: Two NXT Stars Injured (Not The Two You Think)

According to Ringside News, it’s been reported by WWE that Adam Cole was injured during the attack at the end of TakeOver. Now, that beatdown at the hands of Ridge Holland didn’t take place on camera. It was said Cole has suffered broken ribs and contusions. So is this real or is he taking time off?

Velveteen Dream is also said to have fractured his wrist during his match against Kushida. There is no timetable for his return for now.

Ethan Page vs. Joey Janela

If you haven’t been watching the Twitter ‘feud’ between Ethan Page and Joey Janela, you have been missing out. It has been both hilarious and sad. Ethan Page signed up for Joey Janela’s Spring Break show, but then noticed that Janela had created baseball cards to sell with the wrestlers’ likenesses on them. Page didn’t know about or authorize this. He asked Janela about royalties. Janela sent him $1.98 in Canadian money. Page has now decided to pull out of the show.

This is not a storyline or any kind of angle from the look of it. Let’s see where this situation leads, but Joey Janela and Ethan Page need to sit down and talk things through if they want to work with each other again.

Erik from the Viking Raiders Has Surgery

According to Fightful, Erik from the Viking Raiders has had surgery. The former Raw Tag Team Champion revealed on Twitter that he had surgery to remove a surgical screw protruding into his triceps. Erik said it’s a surgery that he has been putting off for some time and was simply working through the pain. It is unknown how long he will be out.

News: Kurt Angle on the Chris Jericho Cruise

The WWE should have thought that something like this would happen when they let Kurt Angle go in April because of Covid-19. According to Fightful, Chris Jericho announced that Angle will be part of the Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea Triple Whammy cruise shows. The cruise will set sail on October 21, 2021, and run through October 25, 2021, going from Miami to Grand Bahama Island. With AEW filming their ‘Bash at the Beach‘ edition of Dynamite at this year’s cruise, could Angle make an appearance, however small, for the ‘enemy’ while there?

News: Taya Valkyrie Was Supposed To Be In GLOW

Taya Valkyrie revealed on her instagram that she was cast in season four of Netflix’s GLOW and filmed for the show prior to it being canceled:

“Now that it’s officially been cancelled, I guess I can talk about it……To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. This past February I was cast on @glownetflix S4. This was finally my chance to be seen as an actress, to work with some of the most talented women behind and in front of the camera. I’m heartbroken that the work we did will never be seen and that we didn’t get to finish what had been started. Thank you to everyone that was so nice to me and supportive on set. I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer to meet ya Hollywood”

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Written by Samantha Sayre

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