The Bump – October 3rd

Stephanie McMahon, NXT Moving, NWA Back?, and WWE Taking Over Wrestlers’ Twitch Accounts

Welcome to Saturday’s edition of The Bump, the place we keep you in the know about the world of pro wrestling. Yesterday, we talked about how Kurt Angle supposedly kisses like a fish, CIMA being injured, Edge’s own injury update, Jon Moxley wrestling until 50 years old, and Michael Elgin going to rehab.

Now let The Bump get you completely up to date about today’s news.

Stephanie McMahon Says They Did It All For The Fans

Stephanie McMahon spoke to the Insider about how WWE did not miss one week of programming and it was all for their fans.  She said, “WWE has a responsibility to their viewers and she spoke about wanting to provide an ‘escape’ during the pandemic. That is why she said the company carried on as they had to split WrestleMania into two nights to provide such a unique experience.” Do I believe this? Not totally. I’m glad they kept their wrestlers working, but wish they would have spent the money to be safer. I’m glad I had something to watch, but believe ultimately it was about money—network money—that kept them working.

NXT Wrestling Moving To The Performance Center At TakeOver XXXI

John Pollock of POST Wrestling has reported that starting with NXT TakeOver XXXI, NXT will be moving to the WWE Performance Center. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, NXT was filmed at the WWE Performance Center. But they have been back at Full Sail University since it reopened. Triple H stated during his press conference about TakeOver that fans would notice that the show would have a unique look and feel. He said it would be “something totally different that hasn’t been done, so far” and hopes it will be “game-changing.”

The Return of NWA Powerrr Soon

Billy Corgan took to Instagram to announce that the return of their flagship show, Powerrr, would occur very soon, as reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Billy Corgan stated:  “We are currently talking about bringing back POWERRR very soon, even if it means we can’t have fans in the stands because we just want to get back to work. But it’s nice to see our friend and former champion Tim Storm here. If anyone can lead us out of this, it’s a man or woman like him: who gives it all he or she’s got even when the chips are done. That sounds grimmer than I mean it, ’cause yeah: still here, still kicking, and ready to get ready to rock…”

I’ve never really watched a lot of NWA. Maybe I should pick it up. I watched some of Ricky Starks when he was there and I love Nick Aldis. He is the one that originally got me to try it out after seeing him against Cody.

WWE Is Taking Over Wrestlers’ Twitch Accounts in Four Weeks

Ok, I’m the first one to admit that I don’t understand this. Either you are an independent contractor or not. However, according to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc, in four weeks time, WWE will own their wrestlers’ Twitch accounts, though talent will receive a percentage of the revenue, which counts against their downside guarantees. How is this correct, especially if they have the accounts under their own real names? It doesn’t make any sense. Xavier Woods has said he will continue his channel until told to stop. AJ Styles has said that he really enjoys talking to his fans on Twitch.

How do you see this shaking out with WWE and their wrestlers? What have you heard? Do you have any tips or tidbits? Tell us here at The Bump on Sports Obsessive.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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