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Kurt Angle, CIMA Injuried, Edge Update, Jon Moxley and Michael Elgin

Welcome to Friday’s edition of The Bump—keeping you in the know about the world of pro wrestling. Yesterday, we talked about the WWE Performance Center being operational once more, Cody being scared of jumping off the cage, Tegan Nox having surgery, Matt Cardona’s time in AEW being over, and WWE Draft Talk.

Now let The Bump get you completely up to date about today’s news.

The Bump: Kurt Angle Kisses Like A Fish?

I loved this headline. We had to talk about this after Kurt Angle discussed it on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Session. Many remember the program with him and Stephanie McMahon. Poor Kurt had to deal with Stephanie’s father, Vince, during it.

In Fightful, Kurt Angle said, “That made me the top heel in the business. No improvisation. I go in to do it. Vince is there directing it and sitting three feet away from me. So what am I supposed to do? When we rehearsed, I said ‘Are you going to be here?’ He said yeah and I was like, ‘This is your daughter.’ He’s like, ‘It’s all right, I’m going to direct it.’ When I went in there, I was like, close your mouth and make sure your mouth is closed.

“So I kiss her and I did it for a long time and when I get done and we’re done with the pre-tape, Stephanie comes in and tells me, ‘You kiss like a damn fish.’ I said, ‘What do you want me to do here? Your dad’s right here. Like, I’m not going to open my mouth and kiss you for real.’ Having Vince McMahon three feet away and I’m kissing his daughter, I thought I better keep my mouth shut and kiss her hard. She thought I was a horrible kisser but Vince being there was pretty damn scary.”

CIMA Gets Hurt In A Traffic Accident

According to Fightful, AEW’s CIMA went to social media to let his fans know he’d been hurt in a traffic accident. The star revealed “he suffered a head injury, facial contusion, nasal fracture, left wrist joint contusion, right-hand contusion, neck contusion, lumbar contusion from the accident. He also posted a photo showing off his injuries.” He hopes to make his return on November 3rd and is currently in Japan.

Edge Injury Update

On Busted Open Radio, Edge said he is looking at a best-case scenario of three months for a comeback: “The tricep is a different thing. I got back from an Achilles in six months, but I was 35. Add ten plus years, it’s a different thing. You don’t realize how much your tricep is involved in almost everything you do in terms of arm movement. I know it’s a lot slower than I thought it would be. I have this mentality of, ‘No big deal, surgery, [Physical Therapy], and we grind through it, break down the scar tissue, and off we go.’ I don’t know if it’s the injury itself, if I’m older, I don’t know what it is.”

“It’s not as fast as I would have liked,” Edge said.

The Bump: Jon Moxley Wrestling Until 50 Years Old?

Jon Moxley absolutely loves pro wrestling and has a passion like the old day wrestlers. All he wants to do is make us fans happy, whether we’re rooting for or against him. Moxley said to Bleacher Report, “I’d like to wrestle until I am in my 50s, but it can end at any time. I don’t want to spend nine months filming a movie when I could have been having matches. I want to do as much wrestling as I can while I have that window of time. Acting could be a thing for later.” 

I can’t wait to see Moxley’s The Cagefighter film, due out later in October.

Michael Elgin Going To Rehab

Michael Elgin went to social media to discuss his addiction to painkillers. He started, Over the years I had to deal with many other issues I chose to self medicate. I try not to talk about these struggles because in my head I was supposed to show toughness, show my grit.” So many athletes start out this way. They get legitimate prescriptions for a legitimate injury and then that becomes an addiction that is hard for them to beat.

He continues by saying, “Maybe when I recover o cab [sic] go deeper into more of my personal life struggles I didn’t really tell many about. But for now, I’m going to rehab and deal with these issues. Thank you to everyone who supports me, you’ve been my lifeline. I gave you everything I had, taking time from everyone in my life. I’ll come back better than ever. Thank you again.” Sports Obsessive wishes him the best in beating his addiction.

What did you think of Kurt Angle’s kiss with Stephanie? Would you do that if Vince was watching you? Do you have any tips or tidbits we need to know? Tell us here at The Bump!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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