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Ronda Rousey Continues Her Quest to Insult Everyone in Wrestling

Having already managed to annoy fans worldwide with her comments on the Steve-O Show, Ronda Rousey continues her quest to insult everyone in wrestling over on Twitter, where she takes aim at her fellow wrestlers, before signing off for the evening by having another pop at the people who used to pay good money to go and watch her.

In the first tweet, she defends her “fake fights for fun” comment by explaining how if these were “real fights” that happened 300 times a year then the people involved would be dead and even though she may have a valid point, it hasn’t helped her cause any by taking a shot at her former co-workers with the “tiptoeing around bruising some pro wrestlers soft huge egos.” line.

Ronnie Insults Everyone In Wrestling

Deciding to double down, Rousey then proceeded to post a tweet that claimed that all those people getting angry at her were just marks for not being able to tell that what she was doing was a work.


There is always a chance that what she said originally to start this torrent of hatred spewing forth is part of a longterm plan to bring her back as a heel, but there are ways of doing that that won’t generate more X-Pac heat than, well, X-Pac in his prime.

This would include not telling the fans to go f*ck themselves as well as not insulting the entire locker room.

I truly hope for Ronnie’s sake that this is just her opinion and has nothing to do with a return because the shows won’t stay empty forever and if she thought the fans gave her a hard time during her initial run, then an over-privileged part-timer who’s done nothing but insult them and the sport they love is going to face a wall of noise reminiscent of Reigns trying to cut a promo after he beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Good luck with that.


Written by Neil Gray

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