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Eric Bischoff Continues To Blame Six Sided Ring

During his recent “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff says that the TNA 6 Sided Ring was “F*cking Stupid!”

A lot of people were fans of the hexagonal ring that the company used, feeling it gave them a unique selling point, but it turns out that Easy E wasn’t one of them.

He said;

It was f**king stupid. It was stupid. Here was the logic that I heard: ‘Yeah, but when people are flipping through the channels, they’re going to see that six sided ring and stop and go hey, what’s that?’ That was the entire psychology and strategy behind the six sided ring, you’re hoping to build an audience because people are clicking through channels. First of all, people aren’t clicking through channels anymore, even in 2010, it was just an absurd psychology.

To come up with a six sided ring for no other reason but to capture the audience that maybe surfing channels or clicking through channels and stop because they were going to see something that was odd to them. Think about that. That was pretty f**king stupid.”

The ring was reverted to a normal 4 sided effort as soon as Bischoff and Hogan joined the company, but would return to the fan-favorite in 2014, though it would revert back again in 2018.

No matter what Bischoff thinks of the situation, long time TNA fans would argue that their core group of younger talent being sacrificed in exchange for friends of Hogan and Bischoff was more damaging than having a ring with 6 sides.

Written by Neil Gray

The podcast master. The Old Metal Bar-Steward and Weekly Wrestling Ruminations are now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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