2 Major WWE Departures & Several Signings

Major news has been coming out of WWE as Brock Lesnar’s contract has expired, the company and Mauro Ranallo have agreed to part ways and several former Evolve talents have signed with the company.

Starting with Lesnar, it’s been reported by PWInsider that while Lesnar and WWE were trying to work out a new deal, they could not reach an agreement and for the time being, both sides have walked away from the table. Lesnar’s merchandise has been pulled from the company’s site, although he’s still listed as a Raw superstar on There is apparently a belief that Lesnar will contact Vince McMahon once he’s ready to work again, but that the WWE have no current plans on how they would use him.

This is not the first time negotiations have stalled out between Lesnar and WWE over the years but it’s never gotten this far. If Lesnar wanted to, he could sign with AEW, UFC or anywhere else he wanted to. He’s completely free and clear to do so. While it would be highly surprising to see Lesnar sign elsewhere, stranger things have happened. If AEW were to make an offer, it wouldn’t likely be a popular move in their locker room, although it would be the biggest shot fired thus far in this wrestling war between the two companies. Does UFC have any interest? Most likely but smart money is on WWE resigning “The Beast” sooner rather than later.

Long time WWE announcer Mauro Ranallo has left the company. Mauro has had a long history of issues with mental health and also a very public dispute with JBL several years ago. Mauro has maintained many commitments and projects outside of WWE during his tenure there, which according to his official statement is what he’ll be focusing on, along with taking care of his mother.

WWE announced the signing of former CZW Champion, Joe Gacy, along with former Evolve talents Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, Brandi Lauren, Leon Ruff, Curt Stallion and referee Jake Clemons. This is expected to be all of the talents signed from Evolve at this time.

The final bit of WWE news is that the former Wade Barrett, real name Stu Bennett, will appear on this week’s NXT doing commentary for a second straight week and is apparently negotiating a full time deal with WWE to join the company as a commentator. Bennett reportedly has no interest in wrestling again but WWE is high on him as a commentator. Bennett was last seen as a commentator for the NWA on their pay-per-views and on their Powerrr show.

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Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Editor in Chief of Sports Obsessive and owner of 25YL Media. Lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan, obsessed with dynasty football leagues and former pro wrestling commentator who is still holding out for one more match from CM Punk.

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