We Need to Talk About Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes. AEW. They were two things that went hand in hand. They were a match made in heaven. They were a cheese and pickle sandwich. They were vodka and coke. Cody Rhodes. AEW. It was a marriage that would never end. Two days ago that all changed when Cody Rhodes took to social media to announce that he was leaving the company he had helped found. At first, people just assumed it was a work, but then Tony Khan confirmed it, Brandi Rhodes said she was off as well, and the IWC had a meltdown that my three-year-old would’ve been proud of.

“I can’t believe he’s leaving, I’m gonna cry” “F*cking traitor!” “LOL! AEW iz dead now, innit!”. These are genuine tweets I have seen on Twitter from just three pro wrestling fans. I could list more but I’d like to get to the crux of this article at some point and that is that now the dust is starting to settle, what is going on with Cody Rhodes and AEW? Why did he leave? Where is he going? Why is Wade Keller allowed to publish such horrible lies and get away with it?

So, here is my opinion and why we need to talk about Cody Rhodes/AEW.

Brandi Rhodes has been blamed for the breakdwon between Cody Rhodes/AEW

It Was All Brandi’s Fault And Nobody Liked Her

It sounds mean but nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi Rhodes and her disposition or popularity behind the scenes”

That is an actual quote from the actual wrestling writer – and believe me, I use that term very f*cking loosely – Wade Keller. It is – as you would expect from someone more interested in clicks for his crappys*itty website – complete and utter bulls*it. And this isn’t me just saying that because I wouldn’t p*ss on Wade Keller if he was on fire, but because I’ve seen nothing but support for Brandi ever since it was announced that she and Cody Rhodes would be departing AEW.

A few tweets that are currently doing the rounds are from Red Velvet and Nyla Rose who have said the following;

I think you have a lot to say, about someone Im sure you never even got to know personally! @TheBrandiRhodes is very professional and private. Just because she’s not out there involved in everyones drama doesn’t make her unpopular backstage. She as Cody had a big hand in helping me and I think it’s very disrespectful and rude how you guys can make comments and have people believe things that are not true! Back off and just be happy for people in their new endeavors. Good day!”

While Nyla wrote;

This is just flat out some bullshit. Brandi was liked by many people backstage including myself. Is she a polarizing character, for sure… but don’t work yourself into a shoot. You want a hot scoop from the source, well here it is. Stop making shit up.”

But it isn’t just them. Nearly everyone who has worked with Brandi in AEW has taken to social media with nothing but nice things to say about her, and if you look under Red Velvet’s tweet, you’ll see Vickie Guerrero wrote;

This is disappointing, a story breaks and the media knows all the facts! I can vouch for @TheBrandiRhodes she is professional & my friend over 10 yrs…she carries herself with integrity on and off the camera”

You’ll also find some idiot claiming that Nyla Rose didn’t know what she was talking about, while with one simple tweet she proves that Wade Keller’s claims that nobody liked Brandi were utter rubbish, proving that not only is Keller a f*cking hack, but his fans are utter morons. But that’s by the by.

I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you Brandi Rhodes has the in-ring ability of a Lita or Trish Stratus, but behind the scenes, she’s someone who could get s*it done. So, was Brandi the reason for the Cody Rhodes/AEW split? No, don’t be stupid and don’t listen to “writers” who should have their keyboard privileges revoked and be forced to spend the rest of their careers giving handjobs to sailors to raise enough money for their weekly AEW tickets.

Cody Rhodes/AEW relationship has come to an end

Well Then, Cody Rhodes Was Unhappy

According to Uncle Dave on WON, a “source” told him that they knew that Cody Rhodes/AEW days were over as Cody was “unhappy”.

No f*cking s*it, Sherlock!

Of course he was f*cking unhappy. A happy person doesn’t leave a company that they’ve been with from day one and helped build into a viable alternative to the WWE if they’re tap-dancing their way into work every sodding morning.

So, yeah. I think it’s safe to say that part of the reason for the Cody Rhodes/AEW breakdown was unhappiness, but just what might have caused that? I lay part of the blame on the fanbase that turned on Cody for no other reason than they felt that they had a right too. I’ve covered this here, so I don’t need to go into it in too much detail again, but congratulations, numbnuts, you were so disrespectful towards someone who had given you everything you’d always claimed that you’d wanted from a wrestling promotion that you forced them out.

Who you got your eyes on next? Kenny? The Bucks? Maybe TK himself?

Well done, you schmucks.

Could the Cody Rhodes/AEW thing be a work?

Er…Sorry…Maybe It’s Just A Work?


No, it’s not.

The Cody Rhodes/AEW partnership is no more. This isn’t a work. Nobody benefits from this.

Moving on.

Could this all be a work?

Then This Is All On Tony Khan


And no.

It is and it isn’t. It is because he should’ve been willing to offer Cody Rhodes whatever it took to keep the Rhodes/AEW family as one compact little unit, but at the same time he is now working within a budget and AEW have made a ton of signings that wouldn’t have come cheaply.

Can you imagine Sting, Punk, or Danielson working for chicken feed? No, me neither. And if reports are to be believed – and I’m more inclined to take these on face value than I am some of the other sh*te I’ve read – then Cody Rhodes wanted AEW to pay him on a par with just some of the big names I’ve mentioned.

Which is – as far as I’m concerned – a quite reasonable request from The American Nightmare. He is/was as intricate a part of bringing AEW to life as anyone else you care to mention, so asking his worth is fully understandable.

Yet, at the same time, I can also understand that TK and AEW have to tighten their belts after a spending splurge that has seen them do some impossible things, such as the return of CM Punk. Do I think that they should’ve given him what he wanted to keep the Cody Rhodes/AEW bandwagon rolling along?  Yes, yes I do, but I can also appreciate the situation they find themselves in.

Vince McMahon being evil

Maybe Vince Had A Hand in This?

Vince McMahon did not have a hand in the breakdown of the Cody Rhodes/AEW relationship, but you can bet your ass that as soon as he heard that Cody was back on the market, he was on the phone faster than a whippet up a drainpipe.

Vince is a businessman and the most important piece of business he can do right now is signing Cody Rhodes to a long-term WWE contract. But why? I hear you ask. Quite simple. By tying down not just a former AEW star, but one of the driving forces behind the company, he proves once and for all that AEW is nothing more than an upstart promotion who is not a legitimate threat to the WWE juggernaut. Even if he’s the only one who believes it.

Vince McMahon lives in a world where pro-wrestling is performed only in school gyms and bingo halls, whereas Sports Entertainment is a billion-dollar industry that packs out stadiums and sells like gangbusters every time there is a big event. There is no room in Vince’s world for any company that doesn’t think of themselves before they think of the fans and the emergence of AEW must’ve given VKM some moments of doubt that his way might be under threat.

Now, if he signs Cody Rhodes, then that threat goes away. AEW is nothing but bush league and the WWE will stand astride the wrestling globe like a giant Colossus, tea bagging us all as they wheel f*cking Goldberg out for yet another run with the one of their championships, just to please their Saudi masters.

As for Cody himself, what do I think will happen to him if he…no…when he re-signs with the WWE? Again, this is another one that should be obvious to everyone using just a modicum of common sense – but will have to be spoon-fed to a section of the fanbase who need to hear it from their favorite “insiders” before they believe it’s true – Cody Rhodes will get what he wants.

He’ll get a nice big paycheck – which I’d like to point out, I am in no way against him having – he’ll get the Wrestlemania moment he’s always wanted  – again, good on him – and then between six months to a year from now, he’ll be buried in the mid-card.

Never forget, Vince never forgets and Cody Rhodes/AEW did a lot of s*it and took a lot of shots at the WWE.

What? Do you honestly think Big Vinnie is just going to let that slide?

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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  1. I enjoy the points you’ve made: coming at it from different angles is best because I’m sure it was a mixture of it all. Although I have to say Cody can’t wash his hands clean of this. Sometimes I’m pro wrestling the FANS decide what should happen. And if you’re ego is up there(and let’s face it Cody’s is up there) and you try to go against the grain ie: not switching from baby face to heal you’re essentially playing with fire. Once the crowd turns on you it’s a wrap. Look at what happened to Seth Rollings a few years ago with the fiends rivalry. Seth was able to save it by turning heel and has put on the beat work since. It’s sad because Cody will get that money but just like you e written he will be buried in the mid car sooner than later. I’m not even convinced he will have any sort of viable match at wrestle mania. I believe this was a decision made out of spite and high emotions. Once he’s signed the deal he’s FUCKED.

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