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Move Over Young Bucks—Here Are The Yung Goats!!!

United We Stand

Welcome to ‘United We Stand,’ a weekly look at what’s going down in the world of the United Wrestling Network. This week, Chris Flackett celebrates The Yung Goats, a very special tag team that claimed the Memphis Tag Team titles this past weekend…

If you’re up on what’s going down in the United Wrestling Network, then you know all about The Yung Goats. Not only does Championship Wrestling from Memphis have a killer tag team division, but in The Yung Goats, they possibly have one of the most exciting young tag teams in America today.

The combination of Aaron Roberts and Zay Washington has provided to be a formidable one and have quickly become a unit that Memphis and UWN fans have taken to their heart. In some respects, Roberts and Washington work together a lot like Hollywood’s own The Bodega—Papo Esco and Danny Limelight. Roberts is very much in the Esco mould; a big, rough, tough, larger guy who can throw you around with absolute ease. Where he perhaps differs from Esco is having a more suplex-based approach; I can confirm, as can The Skimahorns, that  Aaron Roberts has a killer T-Bone suplex. Zay Washington, meanwhile, has the speed and raw athleticism of Danny Limelight and is often thrown around with reckless abandon onto his opponents by his partner, Roberts. No wonder, then, that the two teams had an exciting match when the Yung Goats turned up on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood to check out the competition.

Together, that combination of speed and power that Aaron Roberts and Zay Washington bring to the table is undeniable. It would only be so long before they were holding championship gold, and ladies and gentlemen, that moment has finally arrived. This past Saturday on August 7th at CWFM’s Memphis Saturday Night house show live from the Memphis WrestleCenter, The Yung Goats finally made good on their recent non-title victory over then-Memphis Tag Team Champions The Skimahorns to finally lift up the gold. Seeing the Memphis wrestling community’s social media light up with congratulations for the boys was completely heartwarming. That so many people are behind The Yung Goats is testament to their ability and the relationships they already built with the Memphis fanbase.

While not wishing the Goats to leave Memphis yet in any way, shape or form, I do think that picking up the gold here is going to be a stepping stone to bigger things down the line. The pair are already beginning to get known: Aaron Roberts, for example, had a big match against the Impact X-Division Champion Josh Alexander at the recent CCW Homecoming event, in perhaps Roberts’ biggest match to date.Maybe they’ll get that rematch against the UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega and come out on top this time; maybe they’ll get the call from the likes of the NWA or MLW. MLW in particular, with its focus on hybrid wrestling, would definitely be a good fit.

But all of this is mere speculation for the future; as for now, we have a Memphis title reign to look forward to and I can’t wait to see the battles coming up in the Goats’ future. Not only will former champs The Skimahorns look for a rematch, but I can see The Crowleys featuring largely in the new champion’s future—and we know those two teams have chemistry! Hey, what if the odd couple pairing of Mike Anthony and ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole decide to throw their collective hat into the tag title scene? Or Meklakov and Ken Dang? We’ve not seen Da Russell Twins or Big Ace & Big Jack in a while; with the Memphis Tag Title scene really starting to warm up, could that be enough to bring these teams once more into the Memphis ring?

Time will tell, but one thing I do know: The Yung Goats are leading the charge in Memphis for quality tag team action and things are only just getting started.

Remember, folks: you read about them here first!

Championship Wrestling from Memphis on Twitter: “TFW you win the #MemphisWrestling Tag Team Titles! 😁 📸 @JWo1855” / Twitter

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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