ReDRagon Returns: Five New Opponents for Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in AEW

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly first debuted as a tag team back in November of 2012

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly first debuted as a tag team back in November of 2012. Known collectively as reDRagon, the two have wrestled around the world together, having many tag team championships to show for it. Before arriving in NXT, the duo had runs in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, capturing tag titles in both.

In the summer of 2017, Fish and O’Reilly made the transition to WWE’s black and gold brand. After teaming up with Adam Cole, they would drop the reDRagon name and now be known as The Undisputed Era. Roderick Strong would later join the group and often fill in as a tag partner for either Fish or O’Reilly if one was out due to injury, frequently using the Freebird Rule to their advantage.

The Undisputed Era would eventually disband, as all four men went their separate ways as singles competitors. O’Reilly and Cole went on to have an excellent feud, consisting of some classic matches before the Panama City Playboy departed for the greener pastures of All Elite Wrestling.

WWE released Bobby Fish in August of 2021 as part of their infamous “budget cuts”. In early October, he debuted in AEW and fans immediately wondered if a reunion with Kyle O’Reilly could happen in Tony Kahn’s company, as rumors had been swirling about Cool Kyle’s contract coming to an end with WWE.

Sure enough, O’Reilly’s contract expired in December of 2021 and it wasn’t long before he made his presence known in AEW as Adam Cole’s “gift” to the Young Bucks. With Fish and O’Reilly now back together as a team and using their reDRagon name, they have a whole new locker room full of opponents to mix it up with.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are officially officially All Elite, before reforming ReDRagon

I’ve put together a list of five new tag teams that reDRagon could feud within AEW to keep things fresh. Sorry, but you won’t see the Young Bucks on this list. As much as I’m ready to see them in the ring together again, we’ve seen that match several times in the past. This list is about exploring something different for Fish and O’Reilly.

Keep reading below to see who I’ve chosen and if you agree with me or if I made a grave mistake and left off your favorite AEW tag team.

5. The Lucha Bros

Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero M aka The Lucha Bros would be a great feud for ReDRagon

As far as I can tell, these two teams have never faced off against each other. That is a pure travesty given how long they’ve both been in the game. Rey Fenix and his brother, Penta El Zero M, are considered by many to be the best tag team in the entire world. Luckily, that dream match between two of the best tag teams walking the planet can now become a reality. Of course, we’re going to have to wait just a little while for this one, as Fenix recently suffered a dislocated elbow in a title-losing affair with Jurassic Express. But when the day comes for the Lucha Bros and reDRagon to finally lock horns, the wrestling community will rejoice. Until then, we will have to continue dreaming.

4. FTR

FTR and reDRagon can finally have a proper feud

I know that I said that these were all brand new matchups, but this one is close enough. Despite both tandems experiencing immense success on the black and gold brand, Fish and O’Reilly only matched up once with the group formerly known as The Revival. The Violent Artist teamed up with Roderick Strong twice at house shows, but those don’t count because Bobby Fish was out with an injury. The Revival eventually was granted their release from WWE and made their way to Jacksonville to sign with AEW. Now that both pairs are working for Tony Kahn, we should get a proper feud that will undoubtedly lead to some classic encounters. Book it, Tony!

3. The Acclaimed

Are Anthony Bowens and Max Caster ready for reDRagon?

It’s still hard to believe that Max Caster and Anthony Bowens were not a tag team when they first arrived at AEW. Although both were originally single wrestlers, you simply can’t deny how quickly they have developed their chemistry. The young, rising team can hang with the best that AEW has to offer. They’ve been in big feuds with stars such as Sting and Darby Allin, but are due for a marquee victory to solidify them as a legitimate threat in the tag team division. A loss wouldn’t damage the reputation of reDRagon, as they’ve proven themselves the world over. But it could do wonders for Caster and Bowens as they are clearly set to be cornerstones of AEW’s tag team division.

2 Santana & Ortiz

Santana and Ortiz are due for a big time feud

To my knowledge, reDRagon and Pride & Powerful have never shared a ring. I asked my old friend Google and they didn’t seem to recall any meetings, either. The former Latin American Xchange members have been teaming together since 2012 and have won a plethora of tag titles since then, including historic reigns in Impact Wrestling. It feels like they have lacked a real significant feud outside of a bigger Inner Circle related story for a while now. It looks like that relationship may be coming to an end, however, leaving Santana and Ortiz with nothing to do after they close that chapter. That’s where Fish and O’Reilly come in. The story that these two teams could tell and the matches that they can deliver are enough to give wrestling fans chills. Will we finally get to see this happen now that both tandems are wrestling Wednesdays and Fridays on TBS?

1 Jurassic Express

AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jungle Express.

Who else to top the list of reDRagon’s potential AEW opponents then the promotion’s current tag team champions? Jurassic Express recently reached the top of the duos mountain with a victory over the Lucha Bros. A storyline with reDRagon could do a lot to establish them as legitimate champions. The real question, however, is the longevity of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus as a tag team. While winning tag team gold is a huge accomplishment, Tony Kahn has big plans for Jungle Boy. After all, Jack Perry is considered a pillar of the company for a reason. I could see a scenario playing out where they drop the belts to Fish and O’Reilly before setting Jungle Boy up for a TNT Championship run.


Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are ready for all challengers in AEW.
So, there you have it. In my humble opinion, these five tag teams would all be great matchups for reDRagon, now that Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are officially All Elite. These first-time pairings would create an electric atmosphere and undoubtedly deliver some amazing matches. Which one are you most looking forward to? Who SHOULD have made the list? Let me know in the comments and on Twitter, @ShartzerJon!

Written by Jon Shartzer

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