How I Would Book Cody Vs. Seth at WrestleMania

…If It Happens, Of Course!

If the rumors are to be believed, Cody vs. Seth Rollins is being planned by WWE to take place on the biggest stage of the wrestling year, WrestleMania 38. Should that be the case, the promotion is leaving it far too long to promote or build the match, save for the occasional mention of the word ‘dashing’ on Raw.

A major reason for that could be the fact that what was rumored to be certain—Cody signing with WWE—now seems to be anything but a sure deal. WWE writers have apparently been told that plans are now up in the air. Cody himself has described himself as a stay-at-home dad. Yet, I wouldn’t put it past WWE to pull a swerve and have Cody appear as a surprise on the day to create a big WrestleMania moment. You could argue introducing Cody earlier if they were able to would help to draw more viewers to the show, but then, WrestleMania is the one show of the year where many casual fans return, even for just one (or two nights) and even ex-fans tune in for what they hope is a blast of the excitement of their youth.

Cody vs. Seth Rollins is a great idea for a first match back for Cody, should Cody indeed show up in Vince’s group. Seth is a big, established name, near the top of the card if not constantly in the main event. He will be just the right level of opponent for a Cody who has always wanted to be taken seriously by WWE as a main event star. But how are they going to make the match happen? With such little time to set up, here’s how I would book it.

It doesn’t necessarily matter which night the match happens on, although night one would be preferable, as expectations would be too high on the second night if the match didn’t happen on the first. The first night instead would catch people more off-guard.

I would have Seth come out to the ring somewhere in the second half of the show, possibly before the penultimate match of the evening, and grab a mic to address his grievances to the WWE Universe. A superstar of his size without a match on the biggest show of them all? How could he be disrespected in such a way by the WWE authorities? Rollins is furious, screaming at commentary, the fans, everyone in sight. He tells the fans that he is not leaving without a match. Adam Pearce comes down to ringside to try and calm Seth down and gets shoved to the mat. Security runs in and gets pounded; one security man even gets stomped onto a chair.

Seth Rollins soaks up the cheers of his adoring audience

The ring cleared of intruders, Seth takes a chair and sits down in the middle of the ring. He makes it clear. He really isn’t going to leave the ring until he gets a match. And then…

“Wrestling has a new royal family!”

And there he is, standing on the WrestleMania set: Cody Rhodes. Soaking up the roar of the crowd, he makes his way to the ring, staring down a shocked Seth, who is told by the American Nightmare, “You want a match? You’ve got one!”

And there you go. Cody vs. Seth Rollins. Nothing too fancy; no cute reference to anything ‘elite’. Just a man answering a challenge. Yet, the impact of Cody appearing in such a way on the biggest show of the year, when there is so much uncertainty and smoke and mirrors over Cody’s future, would make for a major Mania moment and would certainly get fans talking.

I would have Cody take the win, of course, after a competitive match-up. Seth will lose nothing in defeat; he’s pretty much a made man by now. A Cody win, decisive, after hitting the Cross Rhodes, will give Cody some initial momentum and will hopefully be a sign of WWE starting as they mean to go on with a big push. Whether that turns out to be the case is another matter, but I would then have Cody open up Raw on the Monday as a real season opener, in the way that the first Raw after Mania usually functions as a complete reset for the year ahead. What better way to bring in the new than with the face of the enemy, the prodigal son returned but this time as a genuine star?

It would all start with Cody vs. Seth though. A big surprise appearance, a great wrestling match, and a massive Mania moment.

Will they make it happen though?

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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