Round Table: Cody Rhodes

Welcome to the first-ever Sports Obsessive Round Table. The idea is that we sit down and talk about the hottest stories in wrestling and try to figure out what’s happening. Sometimes we’ll get the Round Table spot on, other times it’s just a few friends talking bollocks for your entertainment. On today’s menu, we look at the rumor that Cody Rhodes and WWE have hit an impasse and what it could mean in “Round Table: Cody Rhodes”

Round Table: Cody Rhodes

Neil Gray: Rumor has it – and it is just rumor – that Rhodes to WWE might very well be off.

Chris Flackett: One rumor I’m seeing is that it was all a work and Cody will book and run ROH for TK. I don’t buy it, but it’s a cool story.

Andrew Grevas: Well, you guys know that I only trust 1.5 sources for wrestling news. It went from “Cody is going to the PC this weekend” to “we don’t have any updates” Seems to me like it’s either A) going to be a Mania surprise or B) he got cold feet and is weighing his options. Don’t think it was a work though.

Neil Gray: I mean, this is coming from some site I’ve never heard of, but, as usual, all the other sites are reporting it as gospel. So I fully expect him to show up on Smackdown tonight.

Andrew Grevas: Again, reputable sites aren’t saying anything and that’s a story in of itself

Chris Flackett: I could see it being a Mania surprise

Neil Gray: To be honest, I hope he does blow them off and go to NJPW. WWE will fucking kill him. One Wrestlemania moment followed by three years of being buried in the mid-card. it’s not like he needs the fucking money either. I could understand it if he did, but his first run saw him do well, then there’s his independent run, his AEW stock, merch, blah, blah, blah. He’s not going to be using a food bank anytime soon so this is all about ego and wanting a Wrestlemania moment. But at what cost?

Chris Flackett: The line that keeps being spun was that his priorities changed with his daughter being born and he wanted more money for her, but surely he wasn’t financially that badly off?
Was it an ego thing? Wanted more money than Danielson or Punk?

Neil Gray: He’s not that bad off. Take into consideration that the Go-Big Show and all the other fingers he has in pies with TBS and TNT aren’t going to see him scraping for a fiver to put the electric on. Financially, he’s far beyond fine. This – I believe – is about a clash behind the scenes. He didn’t get his vision pushed to the fore because about six people were running the company and then when he saw the money that other names were making he wanted the same. Understandable, he put a lot into the company and is a fucking great wrestler, but as soon as TK took over everything, which wasn’t the deal he’d have signed up for, he thought he’d flex his muscles and got kicked to the curb. If you read Kenny’s words on the subject and the quick shit the Bucks put out then it’s obvious that they’ve just fallen in line and Cody refused to.

Chris Flackett: I saw what Kenny said, what did the Bucks say?

Neil Gray: Pretty much “We carried the company anyway” The thing is – again, just my opinion – even though The Bucks and Kenny were the indie darlings, it was Cody going to NJPW and hitting the Independent scene that allowed AEW to happen. He was the one the was in the public eye. He was the one that took Meltzer’s bet, and no matter how much the IWC might think that it was all about their indie darlings, it was Rhodes that brought eyes to and gave legitimacy to AEW before it was launched.

Andrew Grevas: 100% When AEW went on national TV, the biggest issue they had was assuming people knew who the Young Bucks (especially) were. Kenny, they got over organically but being indie darlings only helped to some extinct

Chris Flackett: Yeah, I agree with that. And also, if you go back and watch from that first DoN to just before the Agogo stuff, which turned a lot of people off, he was MASSIVELY over with that audience. Massively. I honestly believe they could have worked around the not challenging for the title thing and had Cody defeat Jericho in a rematch instead of Mox for the belt and people would have entirely bought into it

Andrew Grevas: With Cody, he has to go to WWE or back to Khan. No other promotion is an option. I can’t help but remember what the Bucks wrote in their book about Cody always wanting to go back to WWE and having to be talked into AEW. Maybe he does just want to be in Connecticut?

Chris Flackett: It did feel at times with Cody in AEW that all those jibes at WWE were like a spurned lover trying to make his ex jealous. There are unresolved issues there for Cody, I don’t doubt it.

Andrew Grevas: Me, as a fan of Cody, I hope he didn’t put pen to paper with Vince and him and Khan smooth things out. Will that be what happened? I genuinely don’t know what to expect

Neil Gray: That’s the beauty of wrestling. No one outside of Cody and whoever he’s talking to knows. But I still think WWE will be the death of him. He’ll be paraded like a trophy for a few weeks. “Look! We have your talisman! We have conquered!” And then he’ll be back in that fucking Stardust costume faster than you can say “Vince McMahon knows how to hold a grudge”

So, do you agree with us, or are we talking nonsense? Let us know in the comment section.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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