UWN Power Rankings—Week Ending May 22nd

The UWN had a big weekend just go by with a major grudge match headlining Memphis Wrestling and a massive title match headline Championship Wrestling.

Did these matches catapult anybody up the UWN Power Rankings this week? Who else had big moments in the ring (or outside it?)

Let’s jump into the ring and find out!

5. Sandra Moone

Sandra Moone takes in the cheers of the crowd

After a loss in the main event of UWN Championship Wrestling two weeks ago to Reka Tehaka, Sandra Moone was looking to pick up her momentum again and she did just that this week, beating the ever-deadly Viva Van in an enjoyable contest that saw both women quite evenly matched until the end. Viva Van hit the heart punch, crumpling Moone up like paper, and it looked to be all over for ‘Lightning in a Bottle.’ Luckily for her, Viva Van’s manager, the ever-dastardly Halston Boddy, demanded Van deliver more punishment to Moone, giving Sandra the opportunity to sneak in the roll-up for the victory.

Let’s see if she can ride the momentum through to more victories!

4. Midnight Heat

Midnight Heat rock it for the camera
Credit: Justin Cesi

The UWN Tag Team Champions got their point across this week—psychologically and physically—by interrupting an interview by their upcoming challengers for the gold PPRay. They in turn were interrupted by the other part of next week’s triple threat, Beef Candy. Having taken offence to the interruption, and wanting to prove who the dominant team are around these parts, Midnight Heat did the only thing they could—they smacked Beef Candy in the mouth!

This led to a full-scale brawl between the three teams, but this certainly bought Midnight Heat some points by having them show no fear and make the first move, putting their opponents on the back foot.

3. Brendan Divine

Brendan Diving makes an entrance at MPW

Jack Banning has been promising in recent weeks to bring in new talent to help him in his mission to create anarchy in the UWN, and with the appearance this week of MPW’s Brendan Devine, it appears Banning is one man stronger in his mission.

Divine appeared at the climax of Hunter Freeman’s match with Ray Rosas. As Banning distracted the ref, Divine ran into the ring from the crowd and started battering Rosas. Freeman then hit a unique-looking spinning full nelson-stunner combo for the pin, whereupon Divine ran back in and continued his assault on his former mentor, Rosas.

What Divine’s motivations are for joining Banning and Freeman are yet to be revealed, but it’s a step up for Divine and only makes Banning’s plans scarily closer to coming to fruition.

2. The Possee

The Posse approach the audience seats with tools and hard hats

Ever since The Posse turned heel at Christmas, they have been a thorn in the side of their old friend ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole, and this week was Cole’s chance to get some revenge in a handicap match. But it didn’t play out that way.

As The Posse beat Cole down, the masked Kid Wrestling, a grappler not known for his in-ring aptitude, ran out to even up the odds. He soon regretted it. Big Simon, burrowed down at ringside, pulled a chain out from underneath the ring and cracked Justin Cole with it before tying him to the ropes with the chain. This allowed Mr. Chris to get his jacket and, in the best Road Warriors-Dusty Rhodes fashion, jam the spike from his jacket straight into Kid Wrestling’s head before ripping his mask and revealing some torn, bloody flesh underneath. Very dramatic and very compelling TV.

The Posse made it clear here: they play by their own rules and they are not afraid of injuring people to get what they want. That, for my money, makes The Posse the most dangerous team across the UWN today and earns them the number 2 spot on this week’s Power Rankings.

1. Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson
Credit: Voices Of Wrestling

The UWN World Heavyweight Champion made his first defence of the belt this weekend since returning from recovery for a dislocation and fracture of his hip joint at an NJPW show last November.

He did not ease himself back into action, however, taking on legendary battler, ‘The American Wolf’ Davey Richards. Fans had been salivating at the prospect of this one, and Dickinson and Richards did not disappoint, wrestling a Strong Style clinic with traded submission holds and some fearsome striking. Richards went to work on the leg but Dickinson’s intensity allowed him to power through and drop Richards with a brutal brain buster before locking in the STF for the submission victory.

An impressive victory for the Champ then, and possibly one of the best matches of the weekend for any promotion. It was seriously that good. And a successful title defence puts the kingpin of the UWN squarely on top of this week’s UWN Power Rankings.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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