UWN Power Rankings—Week Ending June 5th 2022

Welcome to another edition of the Sports Obsessive UWN Power Rankings! It was a little bit of a quieter week in Championship Wrestling this week as the UWN focussed on retelling the story of Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon, with some juicy developments in between. Meanwhile, over in Memphis, it was business as usual with some interesting confrontations that may lead to some big title matches down the line.

But how did that affect the Power Rankings? Who pressed their advantage more than others?

Let’s get to it!

5. Rhyno

Rhyno celebrates over the prone body of Derrick King

‘The Man Beast’ has been challenged several times over the last few weeks by the equally-imposing K. Toomer. Rhyno had stayed quiet on the subject until this week when he revealed to Dustin Starr that he would indeed fight K. Toomer—and he doesn’t plan on losing!

Rhyno gets a place at five on this week’s Power Rankings for facing up to the challenge in what should be a good beef slapper—but will he regret it once he’s actually in the ring with Toomer?

4. The Skimahorns

The Skimahorns pose hard for the camera
Credit: CWFH Fan News

With the violence and chaos that The Posse has caused in the last several months, it would take a truly brave team to face up to the Memphis Tag Team Champions and issue a challenge for their titles…and then there’s The Skimahorns!

Joking aside, Brad and Briar have tasted Memphis Tag Team gold before and have been in the ring with the Posse several times before. They know the Champions well and I’m sure that played into the challenge that they laid at the Champions’ feet. There are fewer power moves in the book than walking right up to the Champions and demanding a championship match, but The Skimahorns did just that. Respect.

3. Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony stares deep into the Memphis camera

Mike Anthony is your Memphis Champion, and he’s no idiot either. Knowing that Brett Michaels would want a rematch for the Memphis Heritage Championship, Mike had a plan: if Brett wants the shot, he’ll have to do what Brett forced him to do originally—start at the bottom and work his way back up to the top. It’s a clever way to keep the wolves—or The Gunshow—at bay for a while.

As evidenced by the way Brett obliterated his first opponent as ex-champion, it may not take Brett too long to work his way back up into title contention. But I’ve got a funny feeling that this isn’t the only thing that the ‘Self-Made Savage’ has up his sleeve…

2. Jordan Cruz

Jordan Cruz gets pumped up for the crowd reaction

The Championship Wrestling Heritage Champion was in action this week and he had a real challenge in the shape of former Heritage Champion and AEW star Pretty Peter Avalon.

It’s been great to see Peter, a real cornerstone of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and from Arizona for a long time, return to the UWN and compete once more. But this was all about Jordan Cruz and he put on a great performance against Avalon, the pair working well together to create a very entertaining encounter. That Cruz won is a testament to his skill, considering he had both Avalon and interference from Zicky Dice to contend with. Cruz got a measure of revenge at the end of the match though, joining Avalon and Ray Rosas in giving Zicky a taste of his own medicine…

And speaking of Ray Rosas…

1. Ray Rosas

Ray Rosas stands in the UWN ring, staring out in the crowd

The man at the top of this week’s Power Rankings is a jealous ex-friend, a devious trickster and a vengeful madman. Ray Rosas made it clear this week that he was forgotten about and neglected while Peter Avalon was ‘living it up’ in AEW. He felt people were whispering that he was a reject. Jealousy plays strange, hideous tricks on the brain and when you let all that anger and envy fester, it eventually explodes in dangerous ways.

Peter Avalon found this out to his detriment this week when he cut his own promo, stating how he always believed in Rosas and loved him but now he was going to look out for himself. Noble thoughts, but not clever Peter, in the way you left yourself open. Rosas took full advantage, smashing Peter off the stage and into the ring post, leaving him in a heap on the floor.

This looks clear to be the big feud Championship Wrestling is going to build itself around over the next few months, and Rosas has scored the advantage with his attack here, earning him first place on this week’s UWN Power Rankings.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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