UWN Power Ranking—Week Ending May 8th 2022

Welcome, grapple fans, to the UWN Power Rankings for the week ending May 8th! Memphis and Championship Wrestling are now both in full swing. Both promotions tend to spread their talent across different episodes, with only one-hour episodes each week so as not to over-expose talent, which gives a lot of potential to different ranking combinations as both shows plough their own path.

That works for me, but how will it affect this week’s rankings? Let’s get into it and find out!

5. Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony from UWN brandishes the Cobra Cup

Anthony is in the number five slot for the second week running. “The Self-Made Savage” continued playing his mind games this week, getting into Heritage Champion Brett Michael’s head by joining the commentary team during “The Gunshow’s” title defence against Justin Cole. The distraction saw Michaels become unfocused and take a pounding from Cole that you perhaps wouldn’t have seen otherwise. On the flipside, Anthony then distracted Cole from making what could have been a winning pin, allowing The Posse to run in and drop Cole so Michaels could get the pin.

Did Anthony know The Posse were going to get involved? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, both champion and challenger were taken off their game and weakened by Anthony’s head games. Now Anthony will have a definite psychological advantage over the champ whenever he chooses to cash in the Cobra Cup.

4. Van Viciouss

Van Vicouss poses for the camera

Over in Memphis, the flashy, cocky Van Viciouss has never been short of talent or opportunity, but it’s notable that he’s perhaps not always associated himself with the right support groups, as it were. The Royal Family disintegrated when Austin Lane took down Derrick King, and The Elements of Wrestling lost out when they dropped the Memphis Trios rings to The Skimahorns and Uncle Mikey. Both times, Van Viciouss found himself on the losing end.

This week, Jimmy Blaylock announced that the Hollywood Horror Show is dead, revealing a new association—with one Mr. Van Viciouss! Assuming that The Elements of Wrestling are dead and buried, an association with Blaylock might do Viciouss a world of good. Blaylock can talk, covering up any deficiencies Viciouss might have in that department. Let’s not forget that Blaylock’s association with The Crowleys saw the demented duo pushed quite heavily at the top of the card. While I’m not saying the same will necessarily happen to Van Viciouss, at the same time this power play can’t do him any harm.

3. Reka Tehaka

Reka Tahika claws Heather Monroe in a UWN ring

“The Samoan Savage” has wrestled for the UWN before, most recently beating “The Killer Bae” Heather Monroe in Atlanta last year. She has also wrestled for WOW, OVW, Galaxy Pro Wrestling, and AEW Dark.

Making her debut on the relaunched Championship Wrestling, Tehaka wrestled a hard-fought, compelling contest here against UWN favourite Sandra Moone, showing big promise and determination by dropping Moone with the big Coconut Crusher kick and a massive claw slam for the impressive 1-2-3.

Whatever the UWN’s plans for Championship Wrestling’s Women’s Division are moving forward, Reka Tehaka is going to play a big part in it judging by this match. Keep your eyes peeled for Reka in future weeks.

2. Uncle Mikey

Uncle Mikey makes 'lovey' eyes to the Memphis audience while Dustin Starr holds the mic

Memphis’ favourite son (well alright, maybe second to Brett) might have lost his match this weekend, but there’s a good reason he’s number two in the UWN Power Rankings this week.

Not only was he offered a spot in The Dark Order, a stable in arguably the second biggest promotion in America, AEW, but he then put on a really good match with Evil Uno, The Dark Order’s leader. Mikey went toe to toe with Uno, proving that he can wrestle with AEW-calibre talent and look genuinely good doing it too.

Mikey is currently one of the most popular and most talented in-ring performers in Memphis and showing that he can hold his own with an AEW talent can only open people’s eyes—and hopefully open a few doors—moving forward.

1. Beef Candy/PPRay

PPRay take a moment to relax

It had to be a joint number one spot this week, with both teams talking themselves into a UWN Tag Team Title match in three weeks’ time against the UWN Tag Team Champions, the ever-wonderful Midnight Heat.

You can blame Guy Tweakacetti for putting his team at risk. After coming to the ring and insulting the audience by telling them they didn’t deserve to see Midnight Heat, he then made the mistake of saying there was no talent worthy of facing the Heat.

Enter Beef Candy. Richie Slade and Flex McCallion were not shy in putting themselves forward for a title opportunity, but they were not alone in doing so. PPRay, a favourite of old-school UWN fans, made its first appearance since last year’s Prime Time Live show. Cue mass cheering from the audience and a series of suggestive and hilarious gestures and comments from PPRay—could they have found smaller shorts? It worries me that they possibly could. Still, Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas had a mission in mind: to get a title shot. And that they did, with a furious Guy Tweakacetti announcing that Midnight Heat would defend their titles against both teams in a triple threat match.

I think it’s a decision Mr Tweakacetti is soon going to regret…

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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