Mike Bailey Impact Dream Matches: Forbidden Door

Hard to kill poster Mike Bailey vs Bey vs Austin vs Laredo

Since making their official debut for Impact Wrestling in January on Countdown to Hard To Kill, Speedball Mike Bailey has quickly become a fan favorite. Having great matches with Ace Austin, Laredo Kid, Chris Bey, and Jake Something, Speedball has shown what he’s capable of against some of the best Impact has to offer. Speedball has not only faced some of Impact’s best, but thanks to a certain door Bailey has main evented Impact in a star-studded tag team match against New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest faction Bullet Club. So keeping with the forbidden door, in this part two of dream matches for Mike Bailey we’ll take a look at some of the potential opponents from other promotions.

Jay White would be a perfect opponent for Mike Bailey

Jay White

This is a match that we’ve already had a sneak preview of in that incredible eight-man tag team match recently in the main event of Impact on AXS TV, but undoubtedly a one on one contest between Impacts hottest new signing and the former NJPW grand slam champion could main event anywhere in the world? The contrast of styles could play an important factor in making this potential match an interesting fight, Speedball Mike Bailey’s striking ability going up against switchblade’s mix of the Japanese strong style and his technical ability could provide a great recipe for an instant classic of a first time singles match up.

Vikingo would be the perfect opponent for Mike Bailey


The current reigning Triple AAA Mega champion has been on the wish list for many members of the Impact faithful for a long time, the former AAA world trios champion has put on some unforgettable matches in an Impact ring. Most notably taking on former X Division champion TJP during Impact’s last stint of television tapings in Mexico, a first-time match-up versus Speedball Bailey would surely be added to his list of bangers in an Impact ring? Their styles aren’t as different as the previous possible match against Switchblade Jay White, however, adding in Vikingo’s daredevil high flying has all the potential to be an incredible match either in Impact or AAA.

Davey Richards would be the perfect opponent for Mike Bailey

Davey Richards

Speedball and the American Wolf have shared the ring before, standing in opposite corners in a tag team match, speedball teaming with an up and comer by the name of Kevin Steen…whatever happened to him? Davey teaming with his long-time partner and friend Eddie Edwards in a match for the C4 Tag team championships. However, that was some time ago and both wrestlers are just entering their prime and could make for an extremely hard hitting striking contest, of course, neither of these hard hitters is afraid to put their body on the line and take dives to the outside should the opportunity present itself during a match. Davey, of course, is a former multiple-time TNA/Impact world tag team champion but has proven himself as a high-quality singles wrestler and a technical one at that, seeing these two taking it to the mat whether it be in MLW or Impact could be an exciting one.

Shane Strickland would be the perfect opponent for Mike Bailey

Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Not technically a forbidden door contest, however it’s certainly a match that could attract a lot of interest. After all, these two athletes haven’t been in the same ring since 2014 when they competed for the CZW television championship. A lot has changed for both competitors since that time, Swerve has become an NXT North American champion and had a call-up to the main roster before unfortunately being released. Speedball is back in the USA for the first time in several years. Both have picked up different experiences, Bailey spent a lot of time in Japan, Mexico, and the UK, Swerve was a part of WWE and learned from some of the best trainers at the performance center. Some kind of exhibition match between these two would be an incredible watch for any wrestling fan.

Jonathan Gresham with the ROH title

Jonathan Gresham

Speedball vs The Octopus is a match I’m sure hoards of wrestling fans would flock to see anywhere in the world. This is a match that has happened a few times whether it be in fatal four ways, multi-person rumbles, or one on one. In one on one Speedball has beaten Gresham twice but it has been some time since they met face to face, the last one-on-one contest being in 2016 with Bailey walking away as the victor. However times have changed, Jonathon Gresham is a former ROH Tag Team, Pure, and is the current ROH world champion, which he has been defending anywhere and everywhere including two successful defenses on Impact against Chris Sabin and Steve Maclin. Being in the same promotion at least for now, there is a very real possibility of this match taking place on Impact TV or Pay-Per-View, which is a match that would only add to some of the insanely good matches we’ve been seeing from Impact in the last five years under the Anthem Regime.

That was five dream forbidden door matches for Speedball Mike Bailey in Impact Wrestling, Impact’s open-door policy is renowned throughout the wrestling world and in 2022 anything can happen.

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Written by Craig Ferriman

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