WWE Raw: The Future of Orton and Wyatt

Sam breaks down the Orton/Wyatt Saga

Hey everyone this is Sam.Let’s talk about Randy Orton and Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt. Their feud started way back in 2016, but many may not know it or even remember it. They went after each other at WrestleMania 33. Now they have to decide continue their story after their clash at WWE TLC 2020 in a Firefly Inferno match.

After WWE TLC 2020-Where’s The Fiend?

Is Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt dead? Just gone? Creating a stronger character? Let’s make sure we are all on the same page. After the TLC PPV went off the air with Randy Orton pouring gasoline all over The Fiend then setting him on fire in the middle of the ring. The questions started. Many cynics said “Oh, he’ll be right back on tomorrow’s Raw.” Well, he wasn’t. Then fans said The Fiend might be taken off TV for a while.

Last week’s Monday Night Raw on December 29th ended with a massive cliffhanger that left me wanting more. It’s not often that Raw does that to me anymore. The final segment turned out to be the new Alexa’s Playground that is set up in the ring. We’ve seen it twice and I can already say I love it. A furious Alexa Bliss demanded Randy Orton set her on fire just like he did the The Fiend.

The Rumors

Can the future of this story be found in this scene? Alexa went on to get her own gas can and hand a matchbox to Randy Orton. As he looked around trying to figure out what could happen and if it was a trap, Alexa poured gasoline all over herself. Orton appeared to be a little shocked, but definitely intrigued as Bliss continued taunting him.

Unfortunately Raw ended with the lights going off and Orton appearing directly in front of the camera. He then lit the match. I think so many assumed that Orton lit Bliss on fire. But did he? How did the lights go out? Why didn’t we see Bliss on camera as Orton lit the match? I guess we may find something out on the next Monday Night Raw.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said that WWE has Randy Orton vs The Fiend on their schedule for Royal Rumble 2021. Right now, they are calling it a Firefly Funhouse match. Alexa Bliss was not mentioned. If this would happen then it would be the second Firefly Funhouse match. To be honest, if it is this type of match they use then I hope they explain it somewhat better than the John Cena vs Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36. I think I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t get the walk down Cena’s memory lane. Not sure we can find answers from the aftermath of TLC PPV. Unless both The Fiend and Alexa Bliss would change or gain something from being lit on fire.

The Past

Maybe we should look at the start of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Sometimes history repeats itself especially if Wyatt is planning on Orton taking a trip like Cena. At some point in 2016, Orton caught the attention of the Wyatt Family or Cult…whatever you call them.

Bray Wyatt was a semi-cult leader from the Louisiana Bayou who may or may not have been inhabited by the soul of a demon or the devil himself. Many have wondered if “Bray Wyatt” is just the possessed cult leader personality or the real person before becoming inhabited. Others have always wondered if he had demonic powers. Did he make a deal with the devil to come to the WWE?

I would think most know that Randy Orton is a third-generation WWE superstar who is one of the most decorated performers of all time. He’s 6’5, 250 pounds and was bred with an innate blood-lust in him. Orton hears voices that sometimes he can ignore and other times he can’t. He loves being the heel, so he can hurt wrestlers. Orton claims that he can feel when others hurt.

The Origins of Their Teamwork

As I said above, Bray Wyatt targeted Randy Orton. Eventually I believe Orton got tired of losing the numbers game and getting beat to death. So he followed the adage if you can’t beat them then join them. Wyatt and Orton won the Smackdown Tag Team Championships together. Luke Harper, Wyatt’s best “friend” in the Wyatt Family, never trusted Orton at all. The charming Orton kept getting more influence and trust from Wyatt.

As the titles that Wyatt has preached against as sins become important to him. Harper ends up costing them the titles, so Wyatt can escape the sin. Many fans called it when Orton beat Harper in a one on one match. Then Wyatt beat down Harper and this caused Harper to leave the Family forever.

WWE Creative actually strung together a good storyline where Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble. This gives him the right to challenge for the WWE World Championship. However two weeks later, Bray Wyatt beat John Cena for that championship in the main event of the Elimination Chamber. Randy Orton made him believe in himself. Wyatt called on the power of the Wyatt powers and became a monster. This means Orton has to face his cult master. WWE Creative started dropping the ball with Bray Wyatt here.

The Trust

With Luke Harper gone from the Wyatt Family, who else can Bray Wyatt trust? Randy Orton, of course. Bray starts believing he is a God and that Orton is his disciple. Wyatt gives the keys to his swamp cult compound. Orton now has access to all of Bray’s secrets. Does this include secrets of The Fiend? Orton talked about finding someone that The Fiend cared about like he did with Bray Wyatt. Orton used Sister Abigail against Wyatt like he did Bliss against The Fiend.

Remember Sister Abigail? Bray Wyatt’s dead mentor or girlfriend or something? Fans clamoring for her to be on TV. Paige was rumored to be here for awhile and then even Alexa Bliss. We never actually saw her, but we saw her help Wyatt. She helped Bray escape from a locked shipping container off-screen after he prayed for her assistance. Wyatt, for years, has discussed the lessons she gave him, the power she has given him and she seemed to be the source of that power.

The Fire

Randy Orton had learned the location of Wyatt’s dead whatever she is to him, Sister Abigail. It was the Wyatt Family Compound that he now had the keys to. He decided to test out a theory by burning the compound down to the ground. Notice that Randy Orton wore pants then to protect himself just like he did in the Inferno Match. But did not wear pants to set fire to Alexa Bliss. One of the reasons, I don’t believe he did. Bray had to watch his compound burn while he was in the ring on Smackdown.

Now, Randy Orton would later explain that he never actually lied to Wyatt. I absolutely loved his explanation. Randy said, “I said I wouldn’t attack you while I served the master. Well guess what? Here’s my two weeks notice in the form of me burning your house down.” Was that great Randy or not? Bray took a week off to recuperate and think things though. Do you think he might have needed more than a week after being burned alive?

Bray Wyatt Comes Back

Randy Orton was confident that he had taken care of Wyatt’s powers. Wyatt showed on the video screen that he didn’t need Sister Abigail to rest under the floorboards. He could feel her power flowing through him by bathing in her ashes to absorb her essence in his body. Wyatt told Randy he was making himself strong enough to defeat Orton. A week or so later, Wyatt confronted Orton with an army of sheep mask followers. Wyatt was using a crucifix. How did WWE get away with this demonic creature bathing in ashes with a crucifix?

So Orton decided to steal the crucifix to return it to Sister Abigail’s ashes.  He thought by stabbing the ground with the crucifix that it would sever the connection between Wyatt and Sister Abigail’s powers. So the magic was supposed to be gone for WrestleMania 33.

WrestleMania 33

This match was voted the Worst Match of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2017. The build to this match was over five months and I think fans expected more. This match was just weird. A few minutes into the match, the lights went out. Then you saw projections of nasty maggots on the mat. It changed to worms and there was no reaction from me or the crowd. I remember thinking…what are they doing?

It looked likely it might get going when they went outside the ring, but it just wasn’t to be. Orton and Wyatt’s promo chemistry didn’t continue to their wrestling chemistry. Bray Wyatt ended hitting two different Sister Abigails and Orton even hit an RKO. The lights went out again and there were projections of cockroaches. Finally Orton hit another RKO for the win. Fans were shocked that the WWE was burying their new face of darkness like this.

House of Horrors Re-Match

The next match at Payback PPV was voted as the second worst match of 2017. Bray Wyatt was then drafted to Raw in the “Superstar Shake-Up” and Orton was drafted to Smackdown. For some reason, the two wrestlers were signed to a non-title rematch in a “House of Horrors” match. However, the rules and setup for the match were never explained until the show. Then it was revealed us fans, the two wrestlers would start in a house somewhere in California. After that they would somehow finish the match in the ring. What we got was a taped segment shot like an awful horror movie. Bray and Randy had a fight in this house with haunted dolls hanging from the ceiling.

This section of the match was craziness and not understandable. Wyatt kept appearing for nowhere to hit Orton a couple times. Then Randy found Bray and tried to hit him with a pan. Wyatt hit Orton with a low blow and then dropped a refrigerator on Orton. Afterwards, Wyatt left the house, but red lights came on. Don’t ask why. No clue. He took a limo to the arena. Orton just appears though. We get Jinder Mahal and Bollywood Boys showing up too. They attack Orton and Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail for the win.

The Future- Where To Go Now?

TLC hinted that The Fiend can be killed off for good. Will he be? If WWE let’s Bray Wyatt’s mind run wild and come up with something new. Or could they be turning Alexa Bliss into a strong dangerous woman faction leader? The best bet might be the rumored Firefly Fun House match to get things out of an in-ring setting could lead to a fun exploration of the history between these two. There are some fun, maybe horrific ways to involve Bliss’ character in the feud at the Royal Rumble.

If Dave Meltzer is right, WWE has plans for another gimmick match along these same lines as TLC. Of course, the possibilities seem endless because of Bray Wyatt, the character and his alter ego, The Fiend. Maybe WWE doubles down on the fire stipulation, but this time it’s even more of a cinematic affair. I hope they just watch what they do because of the earlier mistakes.

What I Want?

One word. Edge. Yes, I know so many want him in the Rumble, but he did that last year. Plus if they would do a cinematic match then he really could have another month to recover. Also, if Edge gets involved then it could automatically lead right into a big WrestleMania match with Randy Orton. The Viper put on some of the best character work of his entire career with Edge. It led to him having a great 2020. One of his best all around years in the ring and with promos.

I hope it starts on Monday Night Raw on January 4th and just continues to build to a great match at Royal Rumble. What do you think happens? Was Alexa set on fire? Will The Fiend come back or a different reincarnation of Bray Wyatt? Let us at Sports Obsessive know what you think in the comments section below.

See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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