Who Should Be The Next Challenger To Mr Pectacular?

Since he and Tony Gunn lost the OVW Tag Team Titles back to The Tate Twins at Defiance, OVW National Heavyweight Champion ‘Mr Pectacular’ Jessie Godderz has been strangely quiet, keeping Ohio Valley Wrestling noticeably devoid of his presence.

But with OVW Chained Carnage coming up on June 26th, and as Jessie Godderz is still a reigning champion, we expect him to make an appearance shortly, perhaps as a result of being called out by the next challenger to his OVW National Championship.

But who will that challenger be? One good thing OVW has done in the last few months is put added focus on a range of talent, some established, some not, so as to have a pool of talent that is being elevated up the card in a somewhat organic way, without all the bells and whistles that failed Roman Reigns before he turned heel. It means that newer, younger talents are getting the run they need to move up the card, and established talent are getting a new lease of life to keep them relevant and near the top of the card.

For both categories of wrestler, a title match with Mr Pectacular will further establish or reaffirm their place in the top half of the card. Even if they lose, a competitive match against the champ will confirm their right to be in the title picture or will continue to confirm the relevance of higher tier stars who have now become OVW’s established order.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five names who would make perfect sense to become the next challengers to Jessie Godderz’s National Heavyweight Title.

Dustin Jackson

Dustin Jackson has been riding a nice wave lately, coming out on top of a feud against former friend Drew Hernandez and confirming the company’s faith in him by being part of the gang of OVW heroes that saved Omar Amir from a beating at the hands of the Legacy of Brutality a couple of weeks back.

He’s also no stranger to Jessie Godderz, having taken part in the qualifying ladder match designed to determine the challenger to Godderz’s title at Defiance. That Luscious Lawrence won at the time was a little surprising. When Dustin Jackson won his qualifying match to get into the ladder match, he had a heated staredown with Jessie Godderz, who was on commentary, which suggested that Jackson was likely the man to be challenging for the National Title at Defiance.

He wasn’t, of course, but what better way to pay that confrontation off by having them go at it now while Jackson’s star is in its ascendency? Jackson is putting on consistently good matches also, so there’s a solid chance that he and Godderz could put on a great confrontation, given the chance.

Kal Herro

Kal Herro has been one of the most surprising successes in OVW in recent months. That’s not to take away from his obvious talent, but the fact that he got over based on an angle where somebody took his fanny pack and jacket before ‘retiring’ him…on paper, it shouldn’t have worked, but the fact that it not only did work but proved to be a highly entertaining story in itself with a big emotional pay-off, is testament to the hard work both Tony Gunn and Kal Herro put into this feud.

Not only did that story with Gunn help to propel Kal Herro from a popular fan favourite to a made man on the OVW scene, but it’s fair to say it should open doors to new opportunities. Since Herro beat Gunn clean and got his hard-earned redemption, it would make sense that such a result would earn the ire of Gunn’s erstwhile tag team partner, Jessie Godderz, who might want to make an example of Herro. Or, on the flip side, the victory over Gunn might have been motivation enough for Herro to look to move to the next stage and challenge Mr Pectacular to a title match.

I certainly think it would be a popular choice; Herro is very much over with the Ohio crowd and I could definitely see them being behind him on the chase for the title.

Whether he would be successful in capturing the belt is another matter…

Mahabali Shera

‘The Indian Lion’ has been a dominant, unstoppable figure in recent months, battering all those who have stepped into his path and throwing their defeated bodies to the wayside. But it’s a risky path that he’s on; that of the undefeated streak. No man can remain undefeated forever, but at the same time, we’ve seen the damage that can be done if a streak is not extinguished in a beneficial way—just ask Goldberg and The Undertaker.

That Shera has become a big attraction and a rising star in OVW in recent months is indisputable. The bigger question is: where does he go from here? I’d argue that he should perhaps take his first loss before he wins a title, therefore lessening the pressure on his eventual title reign. But how to give that loss without ruining Shera’s credibility?

Enter Jessie Godderz.

Without wanting to slight the champ, it is documented that Mr Pectacular is not adverse to…well…taking victory via means foul as well as fair. A match with Shera looking like he’s going to take the win, only to lose to a cheating Godderz, will not only take away the stress of ending the streak but will do so in a way that will still allow Shera to look like a beast in defeat.

Plus, I think this would be a great match in and of itself.

Ryan Howe

‘The Rockstar’ is a veteran of OVW, having won his first title in the promotion all the way back in 2012, being a three-time OVW TV Champion and a two-time OVW Heavyweight Champion. He will be familiar to Mr Pectacular, having taken part in the Ladder match to determine Godderz’s challenger at Defiance.

Whilst Howe was unsuccessful in that match, he has become a fixture once again in OVW, wrestling and winning matches regularly. Proving he’s still got a lot of gas in the tank, and also proving to be still very much popular with the OVW faithful, Howe might be an elder statesman of the company, but why not make the most of his current momentum and put him on the chase for the OVW Heavyweight Championship?

Howe is a proven commodity and has proved he can carry a title. Whether he’s successful against Jessie Godderz or not is irrelevant. A Howe vs. Godderz match would be a big deal for the long-time OVW fandom and would solidify Howe’s place as a major part of OVW as well as double down on the important part Mr Pectacular plays in OVW now.

Tony Gunn

A controversial choice, but wouldn’t we all want to see it? Let’s face it, with how Godderz takes Tony Gunn for granted and uses him as a kind of henchman, it can’t be too much longer before Gunn snaps and punches Mr Pectacular right in the face!

What with Tony Gunn basically bearing the brunt of Jessie’s infuriating at losing the tag team titles, it’s fair to say that their relationship is already fraying at the ends. As and when these two get in the ring, the heat is going to be out of this world. I’m most certainly here for that.

What do you think? Who do you want to see face Mr Pectacular Jessie Godderz next for the OVW National Heavyweight Title? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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