Weekly Wrestling Ruminations Episode 2 Is Now Live

Weekly Wrestling Ruminations, Episode Two, is now live! That’s right, grapple fans, it’s time for my thoughts on all the wrestling news fit to print, courtesy of Sports Obsessive and over on The Ruminations Radio Network, and you can trust me when I say that your friendly neighbourhood wrestling writer has a lot to say about the world of pro-wrestling.

First up, I take a look at all the recent WWE releases and let you know my feelings on everyone involved and where I think they’ll end up. Mojo Rawley isn’t going to like this segment.

Then there seems to be a reason for AEW flooding the market with wrestling content, and it isn’t just to try and drown us.

Next up, racism reared its ugly head again in regards to Rhea Ripley, and I quite happily take the idiot responsible to task, before looking at the sneak preview of the Nick Gage episode of the forthcoming Dark Side Of the Ring, Season 3.

I then laugh at Ryback and look at people claiming AEW has too many factions before I comment on Ivelisse accusing Thunder Rosa of being the one responsible for her losing her contract with the company.

I then beg Davey Boy Smith Jr. to not sign with the WWE, take 2K to task for their inability to make a decent wrestling game, and celebrate quite loudly at the thought of Nita Strauss teaming up with Becky Lynch.

It’s back to Twitter, where I can’t quite believe someone would insult how Charlotte Flair looks, find myself agreeing with Taz about the WWE writing him out of ECW history, agree with The Miz about Bad Bunny, and praise the return of Mauro Ranallo to the commentary booth for Impact Rebellion.

As always, I pull no punches and call it as I see it and my language can be colourful at times, to say the least, so if you’re easily offended, then Weekly Wrestling Ruminations might not be the show for you. You should also know that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, and in no way reflect the opinions or thoughts of Sports Obsessive or The Ruminations Radio Network. But if you have a sense of humour, then the next 29 minutes are the best way you can have fun today with your clothes on.

So, enjoy the show and if you have any questions, opinions, or just feel like calling me names, you can find me on that there Twitter @WWRuminations.

Until next week, it’s time for me to kick out.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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