Speedball Mike Bailey: Five Impactful Debut Feuds Part 1

Two weeks ago, after competing against Josh Alexander in the main event of a Destiny Pro Wrestling show, Impact Wrestling EVP Scott D’Amore surprised the pro wrestling world by coming out to the ring and offering one of the biggest free agents in the world a contract to work for Impact Wrestling. If you weren’t already aware, that wrestler was Speedball Mike Bailey, an incredible athlete who has been on the radar for the majority of the major US-based promotions. Unfortunately, due to visa issues, Speedball was unavailable to work for any promotion based in the USA for several years. This didn’t deter Bailey too much because he still found a way to put himself at the top of every companies’ wish list by tearing it up and making a huge impact on the independents outside of the US scene. He made his name as one of the most unique wrestlers in promotions such as Rev Pro, Kamikaze Pro, and many others on the UK independent scene alone. In this article, we’re going to look at five potential feuds for Bailey with Impact stars as the newest member of the Impact Wrestling roster.

Impact World champion Moose at BFG

Moose: The Impact Wrestling World Champion was one of the first members of the Impact roster to issue a challenge to the newest star to join the Impact ranks, something which Speedball seemed more than happy to accept. The complete clash of styles is just one of the things that will make this potential match a must-see for any show on the Impact Calendar and would be at home on any card for any promotion in the world. The speed and power of the world champion Moose vs the speed and striking ability of Speedball Mike Bailey is why this match starts off this list, and quite a few members of the Impact faithful seem to agree that this has the potential to be a main event level draw anywhere in the world.

Chris Bey posing at Impact TV Tapings

Chris Bey: The Ultimate Finesser came into Impact Wrestling in a similar position to Speedball, in the sense that Bey was looked upon as the hottest free agent in the world of professional wrestling. Like Bailey, it seemed that Mr. Finesse had offers on the table from every major promotion, but was secured by Impact Wrestling. Unlike the previously suggested feud with Moose, Bey and Bailey appear to have a similar style in terms of their high flying ability and striking force. One major difference is Speedball Mike Bailey is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so a clash between these two could make for some interesting viewing and the potential to be the main event for any show.

Chris sabin posing on BTI

Chris Sabin: Undoubtedly one of the best X Division wrestlers of all time and the man who holds the most X Division Championship reigns as well as being a triple crown winner and a TNA original, Chris Sabin is one of the most underappreciated wrestlers in the world today. The Motor City Machine Gun could be the ideal welcoming committee for Speedball to the company and the division that he helped build. The two competitors have all the potential to put on an excellent X Division style bout and a phenomenal technically sound match. Both have competed all over the world and perfected different styles to up their games and a match against each other would showcase their styles to perfection.

New X Division Champion Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel: Speedball Mike Bailey vs The current reigning X Division Champion Trey Miguel is a match that is surely inevitable? Trey Miguel is high up on a lot of people’s lists as one of the biggest rising stars not just in Impact but in wrestling as a whole. After his win at Bound For Glory to secure his very first championship in Impact and becoming X Division Champion, it’s not difficult to see why. He has natural ability, is well suited, and belongs in the world-famous X Division. A staple of TNA/Impact wrestling since day one, for quite some time people have been saying Speedball Mike Bailey has X Division written all over him. So what better way to prove to the world that he is a perfect fit for Impact and the X Division by having him go up against the best the X Division has to offer in the champion Trey Miguel?

Eddie Edwards at Hard To kill

Eddie Edwards: One of the gatekeepers at Impact Wrestling, a former two-time World Champion and Triple Crown Winner. What better way to introduce the newcomer Bailey than to have him go one on one against the heart and soul of Impact wrestling? Both Bailey and Edwards have teamed together and teamed against each other some years ago, a singles match must be the next step and to have it be one of the first challenges for Speedball in his new company would show the world exactly what his intentions are, by facing off with one of the very best wrestlers that Impact has to offer. Mr. AIP vs Speedball is worthy of any marquee in professional wrestling and much like Bailey, Eddie has honed his craft all over the world and both have spent a lot of their careers in the UK. They have perfected the UK style of professional wrestling, which can only add to the spectacle these two could produce.

Thank you for reading part one, part two will feature stars from Impact’s past that Speedball Mike Bailey could tear the house down with.

Written by Craig Ferriman

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