Satan’s Structure: A Look Back at Hell in a Cell

A change in the WWE schedule has resulted in the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View moving to June from its original October placement this year. The match debuted back in 1997 with the very first match being held at Badd Blood: In Your House, which saw the then-WWF European Champion Shawn Michaels square off with The Undertaker. Michaels picked up the victory, with a little help from the debuting Kane, who, storyline-wise, had been billed as The Undertaker’s brother.

For the next twelve years, the cell was used at multiple different pay-per-views, with a match happening at WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble being the only “Big-Four” Pay-Per-View where a Hell in a Cell match has not taken place as of June 2021. The match has even spawned its own pay-per-view named after the match, with the first namesake pay-per-view taking place in early October 2009.

Since the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View’s debut, there have only been two Cell matches to take place outside of the namesake event, both of them happening at WrestleMania. The first took place at WrestleMania 28, which saw The Undertaker defeat Triple H with Shawn Michaels as guest referee, and the other four years later at WrestleMania 32, which, once again, saw The Undertaker pick up the win, this time defeating Shane McMahon.

The Undertaker has competed in the most Hell in a Cell matches with fourteen, but he has only won eight of them. Triple H is in second place, competing in nine Hell in a Cell matches, winning six of them. The superstar with the most Hell in a Cell appearances without a victory is Mick Foley with four losses, one as Cactus Jack and the other three as Mankind.

Ever since its inception, the Hell in a Cell has been used as a way to end rivalries and blood feuds and has even been home to title matches quite a few times. The most participants in one match has been six as, back at Armageddon 2000, Kurt Angle successfully defended the WWF Championship in a Six-Man Armageddon Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker, Rikishi, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

With the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View normally happening in October, the change in schedule this year now has it happening in June. Two Hell in a Cell matches have been confirmed for the pay-per-view, with Bobby Lashley set to defend the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre, and Roman Reigns defending the WWE Universal Championship against Rey Mysterio inside Satan’s Structure, with both Lashley and Mysterio stepping inside the cell for the first time in their careers.

The Hell in a Cell match is one of the most dangerous matches in the history of the WWE and is a sure-fire way to shorten your career if you choose to participate in one. It’s one of the most well-known stipulations but can and will affect you for the rest of your career, and even life, should you enter it.

Written by Craig Simons

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