Jamie Hayter vs. Britt Baker Is What’s Best For Business

Jamie Hayter vs. Britt Baker is what’s best for business, and if AEW has any sense they will book this feud all the way through to either Double Or Nothing or – better still – All Out. That’s a bold statement right there, isn’t it? The kind of grandiose writing that will have a fair few of you scratching their heads while the rest dive into the comments section to question why Sports Obsessive would ever hire such a click-bait author. But the fact is, it’s true, I believe it, and what’s more I can prove it too.

Don’t believe me? Then read on, ye of little faith.

Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, and Rebel on an AEW stage

They’re The Best AEW Has To Offer

This is in no way a dig at the rest of the AEW Women’s Division – a division that I have been quite critical of in the past, but have happily watched come on in leaps and bounds – but currently, there aren’t many better wrestlers in the company than Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker. Hell, there aren’t many better wrestlers in pro wrestling today.

After a rocky start within the company – with fans not being their kindest towards her – Britt Baker has gone from strength to strength and now finds herself as one of AEW’s top assets. When CM Punk told MJF on AEW Dynamite that he’d been replaced as one of the four pillars by Britt Baker, it wasn’t hyperbole. She cuts some of the greatest promos on AEW programming each week and her work between the ropes is always entertaining, and whenever she appears – even if it’s only in a backstage segment with her BFF Tony Schiavone – it’s rating’s gold.

As for Jamie Hayter, it’s easy to forget that she’s still only 26 years old and that she didn’t make her professional debut until 2015, as she is that damn good in the ring and improving by the day. I’ve watched her career closely and I’ve been blown away by just how much natural talent she is blessed with. She is already one of the best workers in the industry and is only going to keep improving. Putting Hayter and Baker in the ring against one another is a no-brainer because…

They Have Great Chemistry Together

There’s no secret that Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker are friends off-screen as well as on. Britt even talked about this in an interview she gave to the Milwaukee Record;

Yeah, so when I wrestled her in England, right away we just clicked and I thought she was a fantastic wrestler. She has a really cool, edgy personality. We’re kind of similar too in our dry, sarcastic humor and we just really clicked. We really got along.”

And she also had a hand in reminding Tony Khan that he should think about hiring her friend;

They were using her pretty frequently for awhile for AEW, but then with the pandemic, the travel ban, of course, everything kind of was at a standstill. But then when stuff is opening up again, you know, I was kinda nudging Kenny and Tony like “Hey, remember Jamie Hayter? Remember Jamie Hayter?”

But it seems that she’s not the only one who thinks so;

…she’s such a fantastic talent and everybody here—literally every single person in AEW—agrees that she’s fantastic and we need her here.”

Yet, their chemistry goes beyond that of friends. Anyone can be mates, but that doesn’t mean that that friendship will translate in the ring, yet if you’ve ever seen these two fight before then you’ll know that they gel just as well as competitors as they do as buddies. We’ve all seen the one on one they had a couple of years ago on AEW, but if that wasn’t enough to convince you then you really need to go and watch this match from EVE as it shows just how brilliantly the two can work together.

Chemistry like that cannot be faked.

There’s No Other Option

Again, this isn’t a swipe at the rest of the AEW Women’s Division, but there really is no other option. Nearly everyone else is or has been tied up in the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament, and when that is over and Jade Cargill is crowned the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion, they’re going to need to utilize the wrestlers they have to go after that belt, to give it some legitimacy. There’s no point in bringing a new title to the dance and then leaving before it’s had a chance to flirt with other partners, that’s just going to be pointless.

That means that the likes of Shida and Red Velvet will be tied up going after Cargill, so who does that leave. Tay Conti? I like her, but I don’t think she’s ready. Riho? She might be used as a gateway to this feud – which I will get to next – but I can’t see her having another run with the strap. Not yet anyway.

The logical choice here is to push Jamie Hayter even further into the spotlight and have her go after Britt Baker as their relationship breaks down. This would lead to a fantastic…

Face vs. Heel, But Maybe Not How You’d Think

On this week’s AEW Dynamite, Britt Baker cost Jamie Hayter in her TBS Women’s Championship match against Thunder Rosa – a match, by the way, that should’ve been the final – when she went to superkick Rosa, but missed and chined Hayter instead. After the bell, Jamie refused to listen to Britt’s explanation and left the ring by herself. This has – obviously – sowed the seeds for a feud, as well as this article, but I think it might not pan out as people expect.

Traditional logic states that as Jamie Hayter is the injured party that she now becomes the good guy and Britt Baker takes the role of the villain, yet I feel that if AEW plays this right we can have a double turn on par with Hart and Austin. Britt Baker is over like rover at the moment. She is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world and now would be the perfect time to turn her face. But how would you go about it?

Well, I have a thought on that. As you’d hope I would have or this article would end rather abruptly.

On tonight’s AEW Rampage, have Hayter cost Baker her match against Riho. It has to look accidental, adding even more fuel to the fire between the two. In doing so, this would set up Riho vs. Britt Baker down the line – probably at the Battle Of the Belts – where The Champion will retain, but after the bell, her friend turns on her and lays in a beatdown of epic proportions. This would lead Rebel to enter the ring – somewhere in the run-up to the end of the match, she gets laid out –  seemingly coming to Britt’s aide, only for her to also turn on The Good Doctor, alining herself with Jamie Hayter and instantly reversing the roles.

This would work perfectly – and not just because I said it – as Jamie Hayter is a natural-born heel. She riles the crowd up more than most, isn’t afraid to tell them to f*ck off, and being British is instantly seen as a Bond Villian. It would also allow Britt Baker to turn face, becoming the injured party deserted by her friends, and would mean that when they finally did meet that she’d be the one fighting against the odds.

Final Thoughts

Do I think that AEW is going to give me – and the wrestling world – the Jamie Hayter vs. Britt Baker feud? Yes, yes I do. I fully expect them to do just that and – if they’ve got any sense about them – to allow it to play out over months and not mere weeks. They’ve already shot themselves in the foot by having Bryan Danielson turn heel for no other reason than they’d come up with a new concept – the Battle Of The Belts – and needed to crowbar his match against Hangman Adam Page in there somehow.

That showdown between Danielson and Page should’ve been a few months in the making, with a slow heel turn and not one that was rushed just to make sure people tuned in for their new Super Card. They can’t make that same mistake again, and certainly not with one of the Four Pillars vs. a future face of the company.

They need to take their time. They need to be patient. And they need to trust that we will follow any long-term booking they have in place for this. After all, it took them two years to finally wrap up Hangman’s story arc, and even though I doubt they’ll put that much effort into this, they should at least trust that we are more than happy to be patient for a perfect payoff.

Which would be Jamie Hayter winning the AEW Women’s Championship.

What? I’m British. You really thought I was gonna be cheering for a Damn Yankee?

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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