IMPACT: Must Watch Turning Point Matches

This Saturday, November 20 live from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, Impact Wrestling presents the 15th edition of Turning Point, in which Moose will make his first defense of the Impact World Championship against his former friend turned rival Eddie Edwards. As well as Mickie James vs Mercedes Martinez for the Knockouts World championship and Good Brothers vs Bullet Club, The Inspiration face off against DECAY for the KO tag titles. Live on Impact Plus and Impact Ultimate Insiders on YouTube, Impact plus specials are consistently great and this one promises to be the same.

To help you get ready for Saturday here are a few match recommendations from Turning Points over the years.


Turning Point 2006: Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin vs Christopher Daniels at TURNING POINT watched by Jerry lynn

In a bout for the X Division Championship, two pioneers of the division square off with X Division founding father Jerry Lynn selected to be the official in charge. The two put on a classic to show the world that the X Division is the top division in the company and the world of pro wrestling. After the match Jerry Lynn orders both competitors to shake hands, The Fallen Angel refuses, maintaining that he doesn’t have to. Lynn didn’t appreciate that attitude after a great contest. So he demands Daniels shakes the hand of his fellow competitor but instead gets a slap in the face for his troubles from Christopher Daniels.

Turning Point 2006: Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe feeling each other out

The Rematch, to what in many Impact fans eyes is the rivalry that put TNA Wrestling on the map as a real alternative. The Olympic Gold Medallist takes on the Samoan Submission Machine who was still undefeated heading into this match. Joe was poised to be one of the biggest stars in TNA and the wrestling world as a whole, though this match frustrated a few fans at the time due to the finish. But there’s no doubt these two were two of the biggest stars of the year and who knows what would have become of TNA/Impact Wrestling had they not joined the company at the time they did?

Turning Point 2020: Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan

 Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan match card Turning Point 2020

Former friends and once heated rivals come face to face once again. One of their first matches in Impact featured the X Division Championship. This time around the Impact World Championship was on the line, with Swann the champion on both occasions, two of the best Impact has to offer closed out what was a very good show. The knowledge of the other’s move sets and having such good chemistry and synchronicity are just some of the reasons this match stole the show, as well as the differing personalities, styles, and storytelling. This is why it features on this list as one of the matches to watch before Saturday, November 20.


Turning Point 2009: Desmond Wolfe vs Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle with Desmond Wolfe in the ankle lock

Possibly one of the most underrated feuds to take place in a TNA/Impact ring, saw two of the best pure wrestlers square off in a technical masterclass at Turning Point 2009. Wolfe seemed to have Angle firmly set in his sights from the night he made his debut for the company. Wolfe was presented as a pure no-nonsense technical wrestler, the complete opposite to the way he presented himself elsewhere. A “This is wrestling” chant breaks out early in the match as the two exchange holds and show each other what they’re capable of in an exhibition-style match, a classic that isn’t talked about as much as it probably should be, which is why it’s featured here. Check this out.


Turning Point 2004: Triple X vs AMW: Six Sides Of Steel

Elix Skipper cage walk

The losing team must disband. That was the stipulation in place for what, in a lot of fan’s eyes, was the best Six Sides Of Steel Match in the companies history to date. But of course, in one of the most replayed moments in Impact Wrestling history, Elix Skipper pulled off one of the most devastating Ranas to The Wildcat Chris Harris, after walking across the top of the cage in what went down as one of the greatest spots in the companies 20-year history. One of the most truly epic TNA matches, superb tag team wrestling, and mind-blowing spots is why this is the most recommended Turning Point match. A must-watch for any fan who has yet to watch it or a must re-watch for any and all members of the Impact faithful.

Thank you for reading, you can watch the matches featured on this list on Impact plus.

Written by Craig Ferriman

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