What We Need To See From Sami Callihan In AEW

The Death Machine Invades All Elite Wrestling

Welcome to Sports Obsessive. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Impact Wrestling‘s, Sami Callihan has turned up at All Elite Wrestling, which is massive! Today I’m going to list a few matches that I believe we need to see from Sami Callihan in AEW, assuming that his appearance is more than just a one-off.

For quite some time now, the aptly named, ‘forbidden door’ of professional wrestling had been kicked wide open since the working relationship between Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling began. We have seen some unforgettable moments during this era, including Impact Wrestling’s Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows reuniting with former Buller Club brethren, All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega. Not only that but Omega who is the AEW World Champion has made appearance after appearance at Impact Wrestling alongside ‘The Invisible Hand’ Don Callis, even winning their championship.

Impact Wrestling Star, Sami Callihan

Today, we’re here to talk about Sami Callihan. who lives, sleeps, and breathes Impact Wrestling. However, Callihan recently shocked the wrestling world by showing up on AEW TV.

Here are some matches that I would like to see from Sami Callihan in AEW.

Sami Callihan vs PAC

When you think of Sami Callihan, you think, intensity, ruthlessness, and a willingness to go above and beyond to prove that you are the best at what you do. It’s no secret that Callihan has a track record of success within the wrestling business but he also has a track record when it comes to keeping his word in relation to his promo work. Sami Callihan is a savage. While we’re on the subject, AEW’s PAC, has never been described as a happy-go-lucky babyface.


PAC is a savage in his own right. What I would like to see here would be a submission match between Callihan and PAC. I would like to think that both men involved in this conversation would simply, beat the living hell out of one another up until the point that one of them was forced to submit. However, I could not picture either one of these men tapping out. One of these men would have to be put to sleep.

I do enjoy a bit of brutality in my wrestling!

Sami Callihan vs Miro

I’m already excited for this blockbuster of a match that may or may not happen. It’s insane to me that we exist in a universe that could host a professional wrestling match between ‘The Death Machine’ Sami Callihan and Miro. We all know of Miro’s past with the WWE and have followed his career up until now but this 2021 version of Miro, formerly known as Rusev, may very well be his greatest iteration. Not only that, but now he’s holding gold at All Elite Wrestling.

AEW's TNT Champion, Miro

It’s safe to assume that we will eventually get a blowout singles match between Callihan and Omega but could you imagine Sami Callihan challenging Miro for the TNT Championship on AEW: Dynamite? Repeat that out loud, Sami Callihan vs Miro on AEW. Who’s to say who would even win this match or what the stipulation would be? Times like these remind me how great it is to be a wrestling fan.

Please book this down the line!

Sami Callihan vs Sting

Hear me out. Not everybody knows who Sami Callihan is. Everybody knows who Sting is. Could you imagine seeing Sami Callihan starting up a feud with WCW legend, Sting in All Elite Wrestling? Callihan would 100% be the heel in this scenario, targeting the much older, yet much more experienced professional wrestler in hopes of making a splash and garnering heat in AEW.

WCW Legend, Sting

If this were to happen, it would be a short albeit impactful match which would lead to a PPV match against Sting’s protege, Darby Allin, who Callihan has had battles with on the independent scene, I may be alone in thinking that this would make an interesting match and or storyline going forward.

Would you sit down to watch this unfold? Let me know.

Sami Callihan vs Eddie Kingston

What could be better than this? Callihan is as raw as it gets between the ropes, while Kingston is as real as it gets. I could really picture these two going at it in Daily’s Place in a street fight. Callihan has made his name by being an all-out brawler and doing whatever it takes to pick up a victory. While this had made Callihan a successful professional wrestler, his tactics have not made him any friends along the way. In fact, you’d be hard set to find somebody who, in their right mind, would call Sami Callihan a friend.

AEW Star, Eddie Kingston

Then you have Eddie Kingston. A man who could knock you senseless as quick as he looks at you. Kingston is not a man to messed be any I truly believe that Sami Callihan would be insane enough to push the bear and deliver what could possibly be a match-of-the-year candidate. These two have faced off in the past in promotions such as AW Pro Wrestling. Having this match on All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite would be a much bigger scale and reach such a larger audience.

Please give us this match.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it. We very well may be seeing a lot more of ‘The Death Machine’, Sami Callihan in AEW and these are some matches that I would personally enjoy.  If it were up to you, would you choose any of these matches for Sami Callihan at AEW? If not, what would you choose and why? Once again, thank you for joining us here at Sports Obsessive, and don’t forget that you can interact with us on Facebook and Twitter @SportsObsessve to keep this conversation going!

Written by James Corcoran

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