End Of Year Awards 2021: Top 10 Shows

Wrestling shows are the lifeblood of any promotion. They are what we as fans spend a vast chunk of or hard-earned money on, what the wrestlers spend years training for, and what the companies use to keep filling their bank accounts. Without wrestling shows, wrestling would just be a bunch of people in tights, jumping around a ring. It doesn’t matter if you’re the WWE, AEW, or ICW: No Holds Barred, you live and die by the quality of wrestling shows you put on. A great one can see your organization make history and have those in attendance and watching at home talk about it until the sun goes out, whereas a bad one can have the same effect, but more in a Heroes of Wrestling, holy-crap-don’t-watch-that-it-will-make-you-actually-vomit kind of way.

2021 was a fantastic time to be alive for those of us who love grappling, with top-quality wrestling shows seemingly following each other almost on a nightly basis and as we have been doing for most of this past week, we here at SPOBS Towers brought together the greatest minds across the entirety of the sport to vote on what we believe to be the Top 10 Wrestling Shows of the past 12 months.

We sent out the call and the people answered, and after much hard work on the calculator by Andrew Grevas – who I don’t think rigged the vote at all, so my choice of Candian Death Match Wrestling In Toronto didn’t make the final cut, no siree Bob – Sports Obsessive is proud to bring to you its results for the inaugural  End Of Year Awards 2021: Top 10 Shows.

I also have no idea why Extreme Midget Wrestling failed to make the list. I work with heathens.

  1. AEW: All Out
  2. AEW: Full Gear
  3. Wrestlemania
  4. NXT: Stand And Deliver
  5. Wrestle Kingdom 15
  6. ROH: Final Battle
  7. Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 4
  8. GCW: Fight Club
  9. ROH: Glory By Honor
  10. NWA: Empowerrr

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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