AEW Full Gear: Who Is The Surprise?

Nine Possibilities-Who Do You Choose?

Hey everybody, this is Sam with Sports Obsessive and we have to get into this topic of AEW Full Gear Surprise Wrestler or Person. Everyone is talking about what surprise can AEW have for Saturday Night’s Full Gear 2 PPV. The promo that was released on the October 28th AEW Dynamite show shows Miro talking about surprises. So, I’ve looked around to see what fans are saying on the internet about who they think will show and then who I think are real possibilities to show. I give reasons why some can’t show up that people are thinking.

Just remember AEW isn’t afraid to debut wrestlers on regular TV, but usually on PPVs they debut titles, managers, challenges or legends. Let’s get started breaking things down. 

1. Mike Tyson

Now, this is one that I really don’t think is going to happen at AEW Full Gear. But I have seen a lot around the internet is Mike Tyson. People want him to come out and cut some kind of promo. Then let his boxer or MMA friends take care of whatever happens, such as a fight or a brawl or getting him away. Many think he should be there to talk up his Roy Jones Jr fight. Many say that Tony Khan is wanting that to happen in order to keep Mike Tyson interested in a future storyline. Yes, that makes sense, but what’s in it for AEW? They really don’t need him for a storyline. I’m not sure that he is going to bring a lot of viewers to Wednesday night. I don’t see him as a possibility. I don’t think we see Mike Tyson on Saturday. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so.

Aside: Tony Khan

I need to take a minute and tell you about Tony Khan. The next four possibilities he is going to be a huge reason for yes or no. I totally respect Tony Khan. I mean, I really respect him. Everything that I’ve ever heard about him whether it be through the NFL, people that have wrote stories about him, or had him on their podcast say he is great. To me, he seems to be a straight up guy. I hear what Chris Jericho thinks of him on his podcast and what Cody thinks of him, and people that I respect in wrestling like Arn Anderson on his podcast, they say he is a stand up guy and he is very professional. He believes in running it more as a sports team and has given the wrestlers having insurance and paying for their travel. 

Tony Khan wants a set of standards in his companies and to uphold his beliefs. The only thing that has disappointed me in almost two years because they started in January 2019 has been was the handling of Matt Hardy getting hurt at the last PPV. I know that Tony Khan did not want to overrule the doctor, but even I watching on TV could see Hardy shouldn’t continue. It was pretty obvious that he had a concussion especially when he was climbing up that scaffolding and was shaking. I wanted Tony Khan to put a stop to it. I know he didn’t because he did not overrule his doctor.

Khan won me over though early this summer with his handling of the #SpeakingOut accusations with Sammy Guevara and Jimmy Havok. He sent them both to counseling without paying them. Then he allowed Sammy to return due to his change in behavior and Sammy’s willingness to admit him being wrong. Then Khan fired Havok and since he had had issues in AEW recently.

2. Brock Lesnar

I keep hearing about how Brock Lesnar is coming since his contract ran out with WWE after WrestleMania. They had to pull his merchandise from their store after six months. He’s a free agent and that AEW is going to get him. I don’t know about that at all. Would Brock be a huge surprise for Full Gear? Yes. Oh my god, yes. But does it make financial sense for both parties? I think that’s what we’ve got to ask each other.

What’s in it for Brock? Obviously, AEW schedule is wonderful for Brock, but I don’t see Tony Khan treating him completely different than he does everyone else. This is what Brock wants. Brock shows up when Brock wants. I think Tony Khan would say that Brock has to be there pretty much on a weekly basis and be part of the team. This is how sports teams are run. Of course, I think that if he had something else that he needed to do such as a movie or TV show or he wanted to go to New Japan. Tony Khan has that kind of deal with his other team members like Chris Jericho, Joey Janella, Brian Cage, Jon Moxley, and Cody. But Brock only showing up every three months for a pay per view won’t work in AEW. I can’t see Tony Khan doing that especially for the money that WWE threw at Brock, so it doesn’t make financial sense. So I think we can rule him out as a surprise.

3. Sting

The Sting rumor seems to be really catching steam since his merchandise got pulled from WWE. His Legends contract ran out awhile back. He cannot wrestle anymore unless there’s something that I don’t know about. Of course, you need to tell us in the comments if there is. Sting is 61 years old. I understand the storyline is him being the last holdout of WCW and how he didn’t want to go to WWE. Now he is joining AEW to fight WWE in the Wednesday Night Wars. Well since he can’t wrestle then who does sting manage? 

Sting has to be a manager because all the commentator slots are full. I can’t see him being an interviewer. However, I can see him working at the Nightmare Factory as a trainer, but fans wouldn’t know about that or see him on TV. So who does he come out to manage? Now when I ask people on the internet that question then they are just like Darby Allin. Why? Because they both wear face paint? Sting and Darby Allin are nothing alike in personal lives or their wrestling moves or wrestling outlook. 

4. Marty Scurll

This one is also catching steam since it was reported that Ring of Honor took Marty Scurll off their official roster and will not be at their next set of TV tapings. He has been suspended from Ring of Honor since the #SpeakingOut accusations came out. They also took his head booker position away from him. The only reason fans think he might be the surprise is because he was part of The Elite and ran around with them in Ring of Honor. Many thought that The Villain was coming to AEW when contract ran out. Guess what? He turned them down to resign with Ring of Honor. Why should they bail him out right now?

Earlier I told you about Tony Khan, why would he sign Marty Scurll without him at least going to counseling and making a change. Marty Scurll has admitted to having sex with a 16 year old in England where that is the age of consent when he was 26 years old. Secondly, Ring of Honor has came out and said that they have not let Scurll go. He is still under contract with them. He is not on their official roster, because he is not performing for them. Scurll is under investigation by the Sinclair Broadcasting. So, I don’t think because of his contract. You can be hired by AEW. Yes, AEW probably could pay Ring of Honor to allow him to appear for the AEW Full Gear PPV, but with Scurll being under investigation and the accusations I just don’t see Tony Khan allowing that to happen. I don’t think so.

5. CM Punk

Can we please leave this poor guy alone? CM Punk obviously doesn’t want to wrestle. Many have thrown money at him and he has turned them down. He hasn’t wrestled since 2014. He’s 42 years old and he is still under and has a deal with Fox. Will Fox allow him to go appear on a TNT show? I really don’t think so especially when at any given time TNT could move AEW to Friday night. Then they would be against Fox’s WWE show.

Do I see CM Punk giving in for AEW Full Gear? No, I don’t. I really don’t think he wants to wrestle anymore. Does he want to be a commentator? Yes, that is what he keeps saying. He wants to be a commentator for MMA. Would he be a commentator for wrestling? Yes, I think he would. So if he wants that and AEW wants that then sign him. Put him as an commentator on AEW Dark or the second AEW show coming on TNT. Can I see him being a surprise for the AEW second show? Yes, but he would either have to be bought out of his Fox deal or it would have to run out. So, I don’t see him making an appearance at Full Gear. Maybe I’m wrong.

6. John Walters

I think a dark horse candidate that you may see is an ex-Ring of Honor champion. His name is John Walters. He also has gone by RJ Brewer. I could see him being a surprise. He wants to get back into wrestling. John Walters is fairly good and would be a good addition. But would fans call him a surprise or even be excited about his signing? I don’t think so. I don’t think he has the name value. He would be a great addition, but I don’t think this is the surprise that AEW Full Gear wants or needs. 

The next three have some real possibilities that could happen. 

7. PAC

I think the first of the three that I want to talk about is PAC. I know what you’re saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sam. They’ve already announced PAC for Wednesday, November 4th.” Well, I think what we are going to see is PAC not be there physically. I think he’s going to say that he doesn’t know when he can get out of Europe, but is coming soon. He’s going to cut a promo on someone and that’s going to be the start of his program on whoever that person is that he cuts that promo on.

I do think he does show up on Saturday because I think he is in the United States. I think that he interferes in whoever’s match he talked about. Will fans be excited about that? Yes, they are going be excited about PAC coming back, period. At anytime. PAC is crazy. It’s hard to tell what he’ll do at AEW Full Gear, so the fans will be excited about it. Will they be let down if it is PAC? Probably because they know that he’s going to speak on the go-home show. No surprise there.

8. Tessa Blanchard

Next one that could be a surprise. Tessa Blanchard. You knew I was going to bring her up. All of you know that listen to me on my podcast that I love her to death. I’m actually hoping for this one. Tessa interfering with Shida vs Nyla Rose match? Yes, I could definitely see it. Also, I could see her interfering in Cody vs Darby Allin. I know that she is still wanting to wrestle intergender and she considers Cody as a brother since her stepfather is Cody’s godfather. Cody wouldn’t have a problem wrestling her and I can’t see Darby having an issue either. She could even end up on Team Taz. 

Do I think the fans will be surprised? Yes, I do. Will they be happy? I think fans that know wrestling and know Tessa will be happy. They know how good she is. You know I’ll be marking out. Fans who don’t know her will assume she got the job because of her dad, Tully. She will need to prove herself to them because maybe they don’t watch Impact Wrestling. Maybe they haven’t watched her on the independent circuits. Remember, she’s still fairly young. Do I think this happens? Hopefully, but not sure. Better chance than the ones before.

9. Nick Aldis

The last one that I could come up with and still would be a true surprise is Nick Aldis. I could see him interfering in the Jon Moxley vs Eddie Kingston match or just coming out after the match. The surprise would happen at the end of the show and fans would be thinking, “Oh we’re not getting a surprise.” I know you are saying, “What? What are you talking about? Aldis isn’t agreeing to that.” He isn’t? Why not? It would work with either wrestler winning. Kingston wins then Aldis hates him because of the independent circuit. Moxley wins then Aldis doesn’t like his style and that he can represent AEW like he could.

We know that Nick Aldis can be worked with by another company. The NWA World Champion has already taken on Cody once. So Cody has worked a deal with Nick Aldis before. Billy Corgan and Tony Kahn have already worked out a deal where Thunder Rosa appeared on the show as the NWA Women’s World Champion. They also worked out a deal where Serena Deeb who is signed to AEW won their NWA Women’s World Championship. She has brought it back to AEW and defended it. Could this be the payback? Nick Aldis vs AEW World Champion to jumpstart NWA coming back. I can honestly see this happening.

Other Possibilities?

No, I don’t think so unless it is another legend. I looked through ending contracts for the previous six months and couldn’t find anyone else. I looked at New Japan and Ring of Honor wrestlers. Since the announcement of the two tournaments in Japan on Tuesday, it took a lot of them I was considering out of contention. The logistics can’t be worked out. They are currently quarantining to take part in those tournaments. I can’t see them breaking it for Saturday because they can’t get back in time to make the quarantine time for the tournaments.

So what do you guys think? Who do you think is the surprise for AEW Full Gear? Can you think of something or someone I missed? Let us know.



Written by Samantha Sayre

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