Zicky Dice Provokes The Pope!

Prime Time Live Review – October 6th

Credit: United Wrestling Network

This week on Prime Time Live, who will be Zicky Dice’s mystery partner? Does The Pope still have it? Will Chris Dickinson finally find the competition he’s looking for?

Let’s head to ringside and find out!

Bryan Idol vs. Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price)

I’ve not seen Bryan Idol before, but I do like his “looks kill—and so do I!” catchphrase from the opening promos. Levi I do know, and I offer this advice to Mr Idol: BEWARE THE GLOVE!

Idol exploded out of the blocks, taking Levi down with fast-paced offence, such as a springboard arm drag and a suicide dive to the outside.

Howdy Price couldn’t keep his hands still, as usual, though and grabbed Idol’s foot, allowing Shapiro to take the advantage. He slowed the momentum down with fists and a falling headbutt, as well as throwing Idol to the outside where Price got a few kicks in and Shapiro sent Idol into the ring post.

Idol began to make a comeback, hitting a modified flapjack through the ropes, but a pinfall attempt was interrupted by Price throwing his boot into the ring. As the ref admonished Howdy, Levi was able to load his glove up and knock Idol down for the 1-2-3.

A fun opener, and I’d definitely be interested in seeing more of Idol.

FSW Nevada Women’s Champion Lacey Ryan vs. Vipress

The last time I saw Vipress and Lacey wrestle was as part of Lacey’s ‘best of 7’ series with Heather Monroe, where Vipress was thrown in as a swerve. Ryan was victorious there; will she be so again here?

Lacey worked Vipress into the corner first, but Vipress came back with strikes, a bear hug and a cool series of three rolling vertical suplexes. Ryan’s back was hurting as Vipress put on the pressure.

Lacey came back with a flurry of strikes and a nice half-nelson suplex but a 450 splash from the top missed its target. Vipress locked in a rear naked choke but Lacey was able to flip over and turn it into a pin attempt. A second choke attempt saw Lacey spin Vipress off, but Vipress nailed a headbutt. Lacey was able to hit a knee strike in return, and the ‘Knee Exploder’ sealed the deal on a successful title defence.

This was a really good little match with both women playing to their strengths. And Lacey Ryan really is underrated when people talk about women’s wrestling. More Lacey please!

4 Minutes of Heat vs. Beef Candy

It looks like Beef Candy has a new member, with Ricky Mandel, former Heritage Champion and PPIII Cup winner, tagging with Richie Slade here, Coach Flex offering support from ringside. Mandel is a nice catch for the Candy men. Meanwhile, 4 Minutes of Heat are dedicating the match to their hero Eddie Van Halen (RIP Eddie).

The match started with the Heat boys overwhelming the Beef, using their speed and some cool double team moves like a Russian leg sweep into a backstabber to dominate early.

Beef Candy managed to isolate Ricky Gibson, slowing the pace and using wear down holds to take control, although they also demonstrated double-team skills with a nice backslide/guillotine leg drop combo.

Eventually, Eddie Pearl the hot tag and exploded on the Beef Boys, even managing to get Slade’s legs between the ropes, and between Mandel’s legs, and knocked Slade down so that his feet cracked Mandel right in his beef candies! A ‘Power Ballad’ double team neck breaker on Slade gave the Heat boys the victory.

This was a really fun, old-school tag match, with Gibson ironically playing the ‘Ricky Morton in peril’ role. Yet the innovative double-team moves kept the match feeling modern. Good stuff!

“Platinum” Max Caster vs. ‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson

Prime Time Live Chris Dickinson vs Max Caster title card

It’s ‘Dirty Daddy’ time! Max Caster might have a diss track he made about Dickinson, but Dickinson’s got fury—guess which one’s more lethal?

The two men exchanged blows early on, with Caster using his speed early on to disorientate Dickinson, but the ‘Dirty Daddy’ used his power in turn, hitting a belly-to-back suplex, a superplex from the top, and a Dickinson Valley Driver to put Caster away.

Short and sweet, but the rage of the ‘Dirty Daddy’ burns on. No one on Prime Time Live is safe. Who’s next?

Wolf Zaddies vs. The Bodega

This was a great match, plain and simple. Two great, hard-hitting tag teams duking it out to prove they’re the best. What’s not to like?

Danny Limelight is anti-gravity miracle. The way he walked and bounced off the ropes with such ease and effortlessness really is a thing to behold. And while it’s easy just to call Danny a speed and aerial guy, he actually has a stiff striking game too. He really worked the Zaddies over with some tough kicks here.

Todd Kennely made an interesting observation when he compared the Bodega to The Hart Foundation, with that mix of speed and power. I can certainly see that, and the team are certainly gelling now, with fast tags keeping Che Cabrera down in the earlier part of the match. And Esco is a bad, bad man. I wouldn’t want to say a displeasing thing to him, put it that way.

The Zaddies, meanwhile, are such a good team. They used a combination of solid power moves and double team offence to really put a hurting on Danny Limelight. Bad Dude Tito looked just that—a bad dude—as he squared off with Papo Esco at the start of the match. I’d love to see a singles match between those two.

A great match ended with the Zaddies catching Danny Limelight with ‘I Can’t Get No Zatisfaction’. But it was close. Next time The Zaddies might not be so lucky…

‘The Pope’ Elijah Burke & Watts vs. Zicky Dice & Effy

Effy was an intriguing choice for Zicky’s mystery partner. I did think, with it being Zicky, that his partner would be someone from the NWA, Jocephus perhaps. But Effy does have a big cult following on the indies, so it’s pretty cool he got the exposure here.

Watts and Pope make quite the tag team, which was a pleasant surprise. Much like The Bodega, they displayed a nice combination of speed and power. Pope can still go! And when they hit the Doomsday Device on Effy in tribute to the late Animal, it was a touching moment and something that seemed strangely right.

Of course, this being Zicky, he wasn’t going to play fair. Distracting Watts by having Effy grind against him(!), Pope burst in, only for Watts to be double teamed into the mat. The same happened to Pope when he argued with the ref that he had not covered the legal man after the Doomsday Device. Wouldn’t have mattered in AEW…

Zicky and Effy worked over Watts’ leg, the one Miguel hit with a crowbar on Championship Wrestling. Watts was able to come back though, and finally Pope burst in and caught Effy with the ‘Elijah Express’ for the 1-2-3 to end a very enjoyable match.

Afterwards, Zicky attacked Pope until Watts made the save. The Pope then got on the mic to tell Zicky he didn’t respect tradition and sometime soon he’s going to take that piece of tradition Zicky has around his waist away from him. Now there’s a main event!

Final Thoughts

This week’s edition of Prime Time Live was perhaps a little more low-key (no, not him) than previous weeks, not featuring a big Marquee match like an Aldis-Bennett, Rosa-Kelly or Stevens-Murdoch.

But that aside, this was a very enjoyable ninety minutes and a very easy watch. The Bodega and Wolf Zaddies smashed it, Bryan Idol and 4 Minutes of Heat impressed, Lacey Ryan retained and the main event was big fun, setting up a future main event in the process. The programme has finally found its feet and is a definite highlight of the wrestling week. Recommended.

I’ll you next time, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Prime Time Live!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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