WWE Raw: Is Randy Orton Blinded?

Hey everyone this is Sam. Let’s talk about last night’s Monday Night Raw. Could Alexa Bliss have blinded Randy Orton? Yes, I know many of you were ready and hoping the “silliness” between the triangle of Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss and Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt was over. Not me. I was hoping that we would get back to it. This is actually one thing on Raw that has made it bearable for me for the last couple months. We need to get on it.

Tonight’s Monday Night Raw Schedule

Monday Night Raw scheduled a non-title match between WWE World Champion Drew McIntyre against Randy Orton. They have been advertising it on social media forever. However, earlier today, news started breaking that Drew McIntyre had tested positive for Covid-19. WWE obviously had to cancel this match and put Drew McIntyre into quarantine.

As one person put it on Twitter, Vince McMahon always has “The Triple H case that says Break In Case of Emergency” available. The rumors started that Vince wanted Triple H to wrestle Orton due to their history together. He hadn’t wrestled in over a year.

Randy Orton Recap Over The Last Six Weeks Or So

After messing around for about three to four months with, and even winning the WWE World Championship from, Drew McIntyre, WWE decided that Randy needed to catch the eye of Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt to restart their feud. After both playing cat and mouse, Randy Orton, in their WWE TLC PPV Inferno Match, burnt The Fiend alive. Then Alexa Bliss demanded that Randy Orton do the same to her, so she could join The Fiend. Orton explained he just couldn’t do it. He felt compassion for her. Bliss disappeared last week since The Legends were the focus. Randy Orton reverted back to his role as the Legend Killer, which continued this week with Triple H.

The Match

The Triple H vs. Randy Orton match only lasted about four minutes, so Triple H didn’t have to do much, although he definitely seemed ready to go longer. Triple H had his best friend, The Sledgehammer, out and was ready to nail Orton. Of course, this started my ‘mark out’ moment when the lights started going out one by one. My first thought was, ‘we are three weeks away from Royal Rumble; it has to be The Fiend coming back’, especially when Triple H’s sledgehammer caught on fire as he was holding it. Then the lights go completely out and Triple H just disappears. Where did he go? And why? How did The Fiend and/or Alexa Bliss do that?

Alexa Bliss Is Back!

The lights start coming back on. Alexa Bliss was over in the corner on the opposite side of the ring from Orton. My first thought actually was…’Randy Orton, are you regretting not lighting her on fire yet’? Of course, there’s no gasoline on her tonight and she is definitely in a different mood. WWE fans were shocked when Alexa Bliss threw a fireball at Randy Orton’s face. The internet, Reddit and Twitter exploded with fans going crazy.

My Questions

My two big questions are: is Randy Orton blinded? And where’s Triple H? I want WWE to announce something about Randy Orton being rushed to the hospital. Plus, I want Stephanie McMahon to be looking for Triple H. Please…WWE…play this up.

What did you think about this during Monday Night Raw? I think this ended up better than Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton as the main event. Do you? Let Sports Obsessive know in the comments section below. I’ll talk to you soon. See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre


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  1. Alexa Bliss needs to be stopped is she really blind it Randy Orton hiding Randy Orton should get revenge against her and burn her up just like you did the fiend Costco in traverse I want to see more action with Randy Orton burning Alexa Bliss on raw

  2. Alexa Bliss needs to be stopped Randy Orton’s line by the fireball she should be arrested they should take her out of raw

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