Championship Wrestling Review – July 18th

This week on CW30’s Memphis edition of Championship Wrestling, we get the return of Danny Rivera, plus a big main event tag match between Watts and Dan Joseph against Andy Brown and Adrian Quest. It’s an exciting hour, so, without further adieu, let’s get to the ring!

Fidel Bravo and Pinx vs. 4 Minutes of Heat

4 Minutes of Heat, the team of Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson, were making their Championship Wrestling debut here against CWFH veterans Bravo and Pinx. Certainly inspired by the ‘rock’ teams of the 80’s, from their leopard-print tights to their mullet haircuts, Pearl and Gibson dominated the early going with some fast-paced, old school athletics, working over their opponents with quick arm drags, a leap frog onto Bravo, who was laid out on the top rope, and a cool neck breaker into a backstabber double team.

Pinx changed the balance of the match with a sneaky knee as Pearl bounced onto the ropes, and from there the heels slowed the pace of the match with a combination of power moves and wear down holds, including a brutal hip toss into the corner turnbuckles.

A desperation dropkick from Gibson, though, allowed him to make the desperation tag to Pearl, who unleashed a series of jumping kicks, a German suplex, and ran Pinx into his partner in the corner, squashing all the air out of Bravo.

A beautiful-looking frog splash looked to seal the deal, but for Pinx’s intervention. He went for a big splash, but Pearl moved out of the way, squashing Bravo. This seemed to only enrage the heels, who managed to trap their opponents in a manner that led to them hitting themselves with a ‘Canadian Destroyer’ – not sure I’ve ever seen that before! A quick ‘Choke to Sleep’ later, and Bravo and Pinx were your winners. Much respect to 4 Minutes of Heat, though. They put on a thoroughly entertaining show, and I look forward to seeing them in action again.

Bravo and Pinx were less impressed, haranguing David Marquez at ringside after the match for feeding them “two ham and eggers.” They put Championship Wrestling on notice: they want respect!

Steven Tresario vs. Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera made his return here, after having had to withdraw from the PPIII Cup due to injury. Welcome back, Danny.

There was a little bit of a feeling out process to begin things, with both men taking it to the mat and entering into a series of reversals.

Rivera uses his speed to take an advantage, hitting Tresario with a springboard huricarana and a running forearm into the corner. A jaw-dropping Fosbury Flop over the top rope to the floor continued his momentum.

Tresario was able to catch Rivera leaping from the top, rolled backwards with him and leaped up for a nifty double stomp to Rivera’s head.

Tresario kept the pressure on with a chin lock, a majestic dropkick and a crisp-looking jumping elbow. A great sequence saw Tresario pick up Rivera for a body slam. Rivera countered into his ‘New York Minute’ choke-sleeper, but Tresario was also able to counter, smashing a couple of hard knees into Rivera’s skull, before transitioning to a backslide. Simple but crisp and extremely effective.

The end came when Rivera flipped out of a top rope belly to back suplex and leaped up and off the top turnbuckle to hit a great jumping DDT, followed by the ‘New York Minute’ again for the tap out.

This was a brilliant match that saw a combination of athleticism, psychology and crisp execution result in high audience satisfaction. There are a few people and companies that could learn a thing or two from this match…

United World Tag Team Champions Andy Brown and Adrian Quest vs. Heritage Champion Watts and United Television Champion Dan Joseph

Earlier in the night, Watts and Dan Joseph were being interviewed and were discussing who they thought PPIII Cup winner Ray Rosas would cash in his ‘Percy’s Privilege’ title opportunity against. It was curious to see Watts slightly disparage Joseph, stating Rosas would not want any part of Watts (the implication being that Joseph is nothing to be scared of). Brown and Quest appeared, making it clear that Rosas is indeed after the Heritage title and that Watts and Joseph would take an absolute beating tonight.

This was a non-title match. Dan Joseph wasted no time in attacking Brown and Quest, as Watts looked on in bemusement. Watts soon joined in the fun, battering Quest with a pair of massive fallaway slams. Quest and Brown soon took over with synchronised super kicks to Dan Joseph, who quickly found himself in the Ricky Morton, ‘face-in-peril’ role.

Quest and Brown subjected Joseph to a street beatdown, stomping and smacking the tar out of him. But Joseph wouldn’t be kept down and brought down Brown with a leap over the ropes that smoothly transitioned into a German suplex. Watts and Quest both tagged in, with Watts on a rampage, hitting some big bodyslams, a double Samoan Drop and a huge senton over the ropes to the floor.

From here the pace picked up, with Brown saving Quest from a Murder Bomb by pulling him away and cracking Watts with a superkick to the head. Joseph tagged himself in and unloaded on Quest in the corner, but Brown attacked him, allowing Quest to hit a jumping double stomp by knocking Joseph off Brown’s shoulder with his feet. Keeping their momentum going, Quest was straight up and through the ropes onto Watts on the outside with a lethal dive.

Watts got back to his feet and went for a choke slam, but Quest made the save with a ’40 Ounce Bounce’ Code Breaker-style move. Dan Joseph cleared Quest out of the ring, though, and rolled up Brown to conclude a very entertaining main event.

Afrer the bell, Brown and Quest took our Joseph and proceeded to give Watts a good kicking. Ray Rosas came to the ring and teased cashing in, but eventually sent the ref to the back while he sat and stared at Watts. The mind games have begun.

Final Thoughts

This was a great episode of Championship Wrestling, with a fun opener, an entertaining main event and a brilliant match between Danny Rivera and Steven Tresario. The stage is being set nicely for Watts vs. Ray Rosas. Will Watts get his revenge on Rosas, Quest and Brown?

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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