Too Soon For Powerrr Surge Ep. 2?

NWA Powerrr Surge Review—May 4th

Greeting NWA Fam and welcome back to Sports Obsessive for this week’s look at NWA Powerrr—or should I say Powerrr Surge? After only two episodes of Powerrr, the promotion’s recap/magazine show returned on Fite TV for its second instalment.

To me, this is a little problematic. The NWA’s current agreement with Fite TV—a $4.99 rolling subscription for three episodes of Powerrr and Powerrr Surge—has caused much discussion. Now, while I have no issue with the price point and understand the company needs to make money on the shows as they can’t invite paying fans in to watch live, I also understand that to get and to retain long-term subscribers, the NWA has to be seen to be offering value for money with their content.

The problem with Powerrr Surge is that, at a reduced length of just under 30 minutes, and with a recap focus central to its premise, I’d argue that the show does not offer value for money. If it was on YouTube, used as a way to keep fans without a Fite TV subscription up to date and possibly entice some of those fans who are dubious of paying into actually subscribing, it could really benefit the company.

In fact, I like the format, I think it works very well. It has quite an old-school feel that ties in well with the company’s current presentation. It reminds me of old NWA/WCW syndication shows like WorldWide and Main Event. But the question remains: does presenting a recap show that replaces the main show for a week make for good value for money in a paid subscription? Especially, as with this episode, when there are only two episodes of Powerrr in between editions of Powerrr Surge? There isn’t really the need to present a recap for just two episodes of Powerrr in a paid subscription, but it might just work on YouTube.

Anyway, misgivings aside, this week’s edition of Powerrr Surge was entertaining for what it was. There were four main points that really featured outside of the recaps, so let’s take a look at them.

Thunder Rosa Gets Defensive

Thunder Rosa at the NWA desk with Joe Galli and May Valentine
Credit: NWA

Kicking things off at the commentary desk with Joe Galli and May Valentine this week was Thunder Rosa. Talking up how proud she was that she has been able to really do something positive for women’s wrestling with her own wrestling and with Mission Pro Wrestling, Rosa went on to add that Kamille thinks she’s the head honcho in the NWA but Rosa thinks she’s really a coward. Still, Rosa is sure she and Kamille will face each other in the ring again.

May Valentine addressed how some of Rosa’s critics point to Rosa wrestling in other companies (i.e. AEW) as being disloyal of the NWA—how did she feel about that criticism? Rosa bristled a little bit as she (quite reasonably) said that business was business and she has a family to take care of and bills to pay so she goes where the money is. May Valentine didn’t seem convinced and pushed her a little bit, so Rosa snapped that they don’t want to know what she really feels and when she starts speaking fast, as she was, you know she means business! Touchy.

A solid segment but a little bit of a weird one. Why draw attention to the fact Rosa wrestles elsewhere? The way Rosa snapped was almost a bit heelish, in fact. This makes me wonder if they’re setting up the pathway to Rosa’s eventual exit if indeed she does leave the NWA and wrestle with AEW full time when her NWA contract expires.

Food for thought.

Jennacide vs. Skye Blue

Our exclusive showcase match this time was between Mission Pro Wrestling’s Jennacide and Sky Blue. I like the idea of showcasing newer or less exposed talent in this manner. Give them a showcase match where they’re not going to be overshadowed by bigger matches and let them make an impact. Works for me.

This was a fun match. While it seems the NWA is quite high on Jennacide, and understandably too, I thought Skye Blue came out of this match looking the best. Her offence was crisp and fluid and she was fast with it. Jennacide brought the power, catching Skye off the turnbuckle and slamming her straight into the mat. Skye locked in a beautiful-looking arm bar/headscissors combo but Jennacide dropped her with a great modified sidewalk slam.

Skye threw some hard forearms at Jennacide, hoping to grind her down. Jennacide made the mistake of going up the buckles, missing a Vader Bomb in the process. Skye in turn came off the top and got a near-fall with a flying crossbody. But it was a tombstone piledriver that finally sealed Skye’s fate and gave Jennacide the win.

Good stuff from two talented women.

Trevor Murdoch Is Trying To Set An Example

Trevor Murdoch gets emotional talking to May Valentine
Credit: NWA

Backstage, May Valentine undertook an interview with an emotional Trevor Murdoch (I guess the 30-day suspension doesn’t cover interviews then). This was well done; Murdoch was certainly compelling as he talked about the pain of being unable to show his mentor, the late, great Harley Race, how the faith he put into Trevor has paid off.

Trevor got emotional as he talked about how he tries to set an example to his sons about how to be men, and how to have respect. He remembered how there’d be times where he had to choose between paying his rent and putting gas in his car to get to his next match. He always chose wrestling because he didn’t want to be an old man looking back with regrets at the things he didn’t get to do. Even though Harley’s not here, Trevor’s still following his lead and just wants to take the heavyweight title home to his kids to show them what they can be.

They say good promos come from an exaggeration of a wrestler’s real-life situation or character. Trevor proved that to be so here. Even if the booking has been a bit curious at times, I’m totally invested now in Murdoch’s chase for the title now.

Nick Aldis Gets a Nasty Surprise

To close the show, Nick Aldis joined Joe and May at the desk. Bragging about ‘the stroke’ he has with the higher-ups, Aldis mentioned how Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer are now the number one contenders for the NWA Tag Team Championships. So Adonis, a singles National Heavyweight champion, and Latimer are now gunning for the man they recruited and tagged with last week? Unless it’s all a set up to turn on Stevens and have Kratos join Strictly Business, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

But it turned out Joe had an announcement of his own. In the coming weeks, there will be a 14-man battle royal for the number one contendership to Aldis’ NWA World Heavyweight title. The winner will face Nick Aldis at When Our Shadows Fall. While not being a particularly NWA way of choosing a top contender, it’s also a weird move when it seems clear as anything that it will be Murdoch taking on Aldis at the PPV. Unless the idea is for Murdoch to beat his suspension by coming in under a mask, Midnight Rider-style, then I can’t say I understand this move. What’s interesting is that none of the current NWA titleholders will be allowed in the battle royal, so it will give exposure to other talent and may allow for a few debuts also.

In any case, Aldis, who had not been made aware of this, suddenly changed his attitude and stormed off, confronted with his actual stroke, or lack of…

Final Thoughts

This edition of Powerrr Surge was entertaining from start to finish. Jennacide and Skye Blue had a fun match; Trevor Murdoch gave a really powerful interview to May Valentine, and it was nice to see Nick Aldis face an obstacle for once.

There were some questionable booking decisions, namely Adonis & Latimer being named number one contenders and the 14-man battle royal. Sometimes, the simplest route is the best route. You have two of the best talkers in the promotion in Aldis and Murdoch. The motivations for each are clearly there. Just let them go at it!

Still, that aside, I didn’t think it was a bad show. Whether the Surge was value for money though, well…

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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