Tony Gunn Helps Luscious Lawrence to Victory

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review – March 21st

This week’s Ohio Valley Wrestling was set to determine the third participant in the ladder match to crown a contender to Jesse Godderz’s OVW National Heavyweight title. Would it be Luscious Lawrence going through to face the ladder or Brandon Tate? And why was Tony Gunn hanging around at ringside?

Let’s go to the ring and find out!

D’Mone Solavino vs. William Lutz

William Lutz stormed the ring, furious at the injury D’Mone Solavino caused him by attacking his ribs previously. Solavino quickly cut Lutz off and focussed on the injury, tearing off Lutz’s singlet to expose the taped ribs and working the area with submissions and dropping Lutz across the ropes.

Lutz tried valiantly to come back and countered a top rope maneuver from Lutz with a Spanish Fly, but the big high-impact move only served to take Lutz out of the game as he writhed on the mat in agony. The ref throws up the ‘X’ sign to call off the match and to let those in the back know that it was a genuine injury.

Things looked bad but as the refs began to pick Lutz up from the mat, D’Mone suddenly attacked and took Lutz to the corner, stretching his ribs again against the steel ring post! Now, I don’t like it when the ‘X’ sign is used in kayfabe, but I have to admit it did work here. D’Mone looked like a vicious, uncaring monster whilst Lutz’s agonized expression sold the scene so well. Good stuff!

Big Money Dimes vs. Adam Swayze

It’s time for another super heavyweight challenge! This time Dimes called out the Box Office Blondes, who happily came out, Swayze laughing at the idea that Dimes could defeat Rex. He hadn’t bargained for the fact that Dimes would throw a swerve by challenging Swayze instead.

Dimes jumped Swayze from behind to start and managed a nice rally of corner splashes, clotheslines and even a Bonzai drop (because, of course, Dimes is as big as Yokozuna…). Swayze took over after Rex, the real heavyweight, scared Dimes back into the ring, but as both men bumped heads, Dimes snuck some of his protein powder into his hand. Swayze saw it coming though and knocked the referee into harm’s way instead, as the ref went down with eyefuls of the powder.

Swayze used the distraction to nail a spine buster but the ref was down. As Rex and Swayze tried to revive the ref, Dimes scooped up another handful of protein powder and slung it into Swayze’s face. One cutter later and Dimes was your winner!

I love the super heavyweight challenge; just the idea of this little man with a big man complex having to cheat to win so he can boost his size-deprived ego makes me laugh. Who’s going to answer the challenge next?

‘The Black Widow’ Harley Fairfax vs. ‘Double A’ Arie Alexander

Arie Alexander is the so-called ‘party animal of OVW’ and Harley Fairfax is an MMA fighter who has a supernatural, face-painted look. This should be interesting.

Harley literally assaulted Arie to begin with, grinding her with a headlock before throwing vicious strikes in the corner and a kick in the corner. Arie thought back with some kicks of her own and a flying crossbody. A flying head-scissors and an X-Factor was enough to seal the deal for the quick victory!

Short but sweet.

There’s Nothing More Sacred Than Your Fanny Pack!

It’s Good Word time as Reverend Ronnie Roberts (Ha!) called out Tony Gunn, who came out wearing Kal Hero’s jacket. The Good Reverend wanted to know what the deal was with the tag team of Gunn and Godderz. Gunn said it was Godderz’s plan but he doesn’t see the harm in lining his pockets with a little more prize money.

But what about Kal Hero, the Reverend asks? Why are you bullying this young man? Gun doesn’t see it that way. He’s a veteran and he’s just trying to teach the guy some respect. Which brings out Kal Hero. He admits that he made a mistake last week and took a beating for it. But he also realized that the Fanny Pack Kid never gives up. So he again challenges Gunn so that he can get back his jacket and earn Gunn’s respect.

Tony Gunn wasn’t having any of it. He saw it as a waste of his time because every time he and Hero wrestle, there’ll always be only one outcome: Gunn will win and Hero will lose. So what’s the point in wrestling again?

Jesse Godderz saw the point. Appearing via video screen, perhaps just to undermine Gunn, he told Tony that he should remember what it was like to be scraping to make your way and that he should fight Hero one more time, but only if Hero puts his fanny pack on the line. As Godderz told Hero, “There’s nothing more sacred than your fanny pack!” Gunn agreed to the match but he wasn’t happy about it, shoulder barging Hero as he left the arena.

The shotgun’s been drawn; now Gunn has to pull the trigger once and for all…

Luscious Lawrence (w/Hollyhood Haley J) vs. Brandon Tate

This is the third match for entry into the ladder match to determine the next challenger to Jesse Godderz’s National Heavyweight title. Lawrence is bigger than Tate, who is also one-half of the tag champs, but Tate has the speed advantage.

Not that it provides much of an advantage; as Lawrence derailed Tate’s attacks with a massive shoulder block and butt block. He also saw Tate bounce off him as the tag champ tried for a crossbody and was sent to the mat by Lawrence’s mass.

Lawrence made the mistake, however, of hugging Haley J on the apron, which gave Tate the opening to dropkick the Luscious one to the outside. A suicide dive followed, knocking Lawrence right down onto the ramp.

Back in the ring, an enziguri and a springboard clothesline disorientated Lawrence. Tate kept the pressure on by luring Lawrence and moving out the way so that Lawrence ran straight into the corner. A roll-up earned Tate a near-fall, at which point Tony Gunn came out and whispered something in Haley J’s ear. Haley leapt up on the apron, allowing Gunn to drop Tate with a reverse DDT.

It should have been over but Tate kicked out! Frustrated, Lawrence took some more advice from Tony Gunn. He locked Tate up in a full nelson and, as Gunn distracted the ref, Haley J came into the ring to slap Tate, but he moved and Lawrence took the palm full on to the kisser! Tate got his revenge by planting a kiss on Haley J before nailing Lawrence with a tornado DDT.

Gunn tried to sneak in with a chair but the ref wouldn’t have it. While the ref and Tony argued it out, Lawrence grabbed Tate and ran him into the ropes. Haley J pulled out the sock of rocks she always has close to her person and socked Tate right in the head for the Lawrence pinfall victory.

That was a great main event. Very entertaining and it also begs the question: why would Tony Gunn want to help decide one of Godderz’s potential opponents? The plot thickens…

Omar Amir Gives Cash Flow His Own Legacy of Brutality

Throughout this week’s show, we were shown various segments featuring Omar Amir traveling to Cash Flow’s club, threatening the bartender to point out where Cash Flow was holed up, and Omir confronting Cash Flow in his office. It made me smile how matter-of-fact and actually kind of friendly Flow was to Amir, telling him that his previous attack was just business. Amir was a threat to Flow’s opportunity to take the National Heavyweight title so he did what needed to be done. Amir makes the point that the attack messed with his potential to make more money so, in fact, Flow interfered in his business so now he’s going to have to make a point to the locker room.

After the main event, we saw Amir and Flow brawling all over the bar. Amir looked to be getting the best of it, but the last shot, of the Legacy of Brutality approaching Amir, seemed to suggest that things were not going to end well for Omar Amir somehow…

Final Thoughts

This was a great episode of Ohio Valley Wrestling that was fast-paced and pushed several storylines forward. D’More looked dangerous after his attack on Lutz; Jesse Godderz managed to undermine Tony Gunn, but Gunn, in turn, had a hand in dictating a potential challenger to Godderz; Omar Amir took the fight to LOB territory, and Kal Hero has one more chance at earning Tony Gunn’s respect.

For an hour show, Ohio Valley Wrestling makes the most of its hour runtime and this week was no exception. As we head towards Saturday Night Special, the action is accelerating at an exciting rate. I genuinely look forward to this show every week and that’s as good a recommendation as any I can give.

I’ll see you next week fans for more from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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