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Time For It To End? Did You Like It?

In an industry searching for new ideas to counter the challenges of the ‘pandemic era’, Wrestle House appeared to be a good concept from Impact Wrestling, especially since Big Brother is back and is usually a ratings giant. Love Island is also starting. Wrestle House attempted to cross trhe two by mixing ‘reality’ TV with romantic intrigue.

Rosemary had become interested in John E. Bravo, so she wanted to get away with him to have some privacy. Enter Wrestle House. Of course, Taya Valkyrie threw a wrench into her plans by moving in also. To keep Taya from discovering anything, Rosemary had to add others to Wrestle House to cover up her true intentions towards Bravo. This actually started as an angle back in July, so we have lived with the Wrestle House over a month now. Is it time to hand over its eviction notice? I think it is definitely time to end, and it looks like it finally did so on the September 1st show.

Let’s take a look at the last two instalments and see why it was time for the concept to meet its demise.

Previously on Wrestle House…

Wrestle House wants to have fun, so they are throwing a toga party. Taya is totally drunk and gets sick all over poor Crazzy Steve. Larry D has told Rosemary that he would like to go out on a date with her. She decides maybe this date will make Bravo jealous and to force him into a decision to choose her.

Well as they get ready to go on their date, John E. Bravo comes to the rescue and pretty much stops it. Larry D. is upset that Bravo could possibly ruin this for him. So Tommy Dreamer steps in and calls for a match. We get Larry D vs John E. Bravo. Do we really want this? Does Bravo even know how to wrestle? This ended up being a total disaster. Larry D. luckily made it quick and Bravo was surely happy that he didn’t get killed.

Bravo finally decides to tells Taya that he has feelings for Rosemary and how he’s pretty sure Rosemary has feelings for him. Taya loses her mind at the thought that Bravo may not be at her beck and call. Not to mention that he may love Rosemary over her. So, a match is made between Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie. The winner gets Bravo the following week on Impact Wrestling.

I don’t understand why Bravo can’t continue to work for Taya but date Rosemary. Does Taya really have such a huge hold over Bravo? What’s the deal there? As we can see since, Taya is still controlling Bravo by telling him who and who he can’t invite to the wedding.


We’ll get to that…

The Last Edition Leads to Eviction – And a Proposal!

On the September 1st episode, we find out that John E. Bravo is going to be the special referee for the match. Talk about being in between a rock and a hard place. He is going to be the ultimate decisionmaker between these two volatile wrestlers. Rosemary is ready to go to fight for her man. She hits a quick suplex and yells at Bravo to count faster.

Poor Bravo. I almost hope he turns to Smilin’ Kylie Rae just to swerve everyone. Then it becomes spear vs spear when both hit the move against the other, not forgetting the simultaneous kicks to the head. I guess this proves that they DO know each other well. Taya hits the Road to Valhalla. Poor Bravo is put into a position to count the love of his life out. Taya wins the match.

After the match, John E. Bravo surprises everyone and proposes to Rosemary. He knows he must be Taya’s manager (slave), but he wants Rosemary to be his wife. Ok, whoa…hold up! Rosemary is getting married?!?!?! What?!?!?! Is this the point her character jumps the shark? Can Rosemary’s character be married and still be totally evil?

Of course, Taya gives her blessing to this because I truly believe that she thinks she will still be in total control. Look at the way she told Keira Hogan and Tasha Steelz on this week’s edition of Impact! that they were, in no uncertain terms, going to be coming to Bravo and Rosemary’s wedding – not while she was the wedding planner! Expect Taya to take a beating at the altar on the special day.

Anyway, both Rosemary and Taya decide that everyone can leave Wrestle House. I’m not sure who was happier, me or Kylie Rae. Wrestle House started out pretty good but went downhill fast with BAD secondary storylines. So much more could have been accomplished with this idea.

The Sports Obsessive Verdict

I think that Impact Wrestling just wanted a way to get a lot of wrestlers TV time without having to give the fans short matches. Of course, I appreciate that, but most of those characters didn’t have good storylines so it didn’t work. I liked Crazy Steve getting some more development, Susie teasing her change heel more and you have to love it anytime Tommy Dreamer is involved. However, Triple XL, the Deaners and the others probably would have been better served not to even be involved. That includes Kylie Rae who was all but taken out of the #1 contenders spot. I totally understand why. Deonna Purrazzo is their next superstar for them. But is this the best they could do for Rae instead?

What do you think of Wrestle House? Were you ready for it to end? Do you like the conclusion? Should Rosemary and Bravo be getting married? Will they make it? Let me know your thoughts.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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