There’s A New NWA Show, You Know, NWA: USA

Episode One. Is it Any Good?

Credit; screenshot from the show

There’s a new show you know. NWA: USA!
I know.
Really, how’s that?
You just told me. two times.

NWA Powerrrrrrrrrrrr(r)rrr was a bit like that this week. They did tell us quite a few times that NWA: USA was coming. It’s fair enough. This is a big deal for NWA and it’s on YouTube, so we can all see it, but was episode one of NWA: USA worth it?

The Reasons To Watch

Several. NWA: USA  was only 30 mins but never overstocked and with just two matches. Each with a hook though.

Colby Corino v CW Anderson

The hook? Jnr Heavyweight Title Tournament. CW! I can remember him in the dying days of ECW. He’s got time served, but he looks bloody good. And with NWA and independent scion George South in his corner, he’s, you know, no better off really. And he’s facing Colby Corino. From the wrestling lineage of dad Steve, but not accompanied by his mates the Fixers, suspended immediately by walking-the-walk General Manager Tim Storm (more of that later), he looked lonely.

Colby Corino v CW Anderson on NWA USA
Credit; screenshot from the show

Unless I misheard, this is a gauntlet for a fatal four-way for the Jr Heavyweight tournament. That can’t be right, can it? Anyway, this was a good-looking match for the NWA: USA first match. Anderson had the power gain, hit a superkick and a huge right hand, but Colby was wily as we know, went to the eyes and hit the Colby Crush, that standing moonsault or shooting star, whichever, it looks brilliant. And how did he win? With his feet on the ropes. Classic. Why didn’t you push his feet off, George?

Luke Hawx v PJ Hawx

Yes, the Jr Heavyweight tournament, but more than that, Father v Son!

The Hawx Prepare on NWA USA
Credit; screenshot from the show

The son has to win some time and when that happens, things are never the same. Will it be tonight, on NWA: USA? They bumped fists, but will that good feeling last? Well, son PJ used the second bump to quickly grab his dad and hit a vertical suplex.

There was good action throughout here though, including a Luke powerslam and a great PJ Boston crab, his dad inching towards the ropes but pulled back to the middle of the ring. Finally, though, his dad just used leg strength to flick him over and get a sudden pin.

The Hawx v Hawx match on NWA USA
Credit; screenshot from the show

So it didn’t happen, that son v father shock. But Luke’s surprised face at his son’s fine work was a picture.

Any Other Reasons To Watch?

Austin Idol. Not on his own, that would be too much, his constant loud chat can be wearing, but with the supposed (or maybe real) enmity between him and Velvet Sky on commentary, it’s a joy.

Joe, Austin & Velvet
Credit; screenshot from the show

He won’t let her get a word in, he tries to dominate. But she never lets him; check this interchange;

Idol; “This is for all the marbles”

Velvet; “The marbles that you’ve lost?”

Ooh, cutting. And their constant bickering is wonderful to hear, some of the best commentary in wrestling at the moment. And there’s Nick Aldis too, getting cheers. When I was watching NWA last, he was a heel. But on NWA: USA he’s cheered. He’s always been a great talker and he remains an absolute joy.

Nick Aldis
Credit; screenshot from the show

Unlike Chris Adonis (sometimes Masters) who believes he’s the star of the show but is reminded by host Kyle Davis that there will be other people on the show. But, hang on. His NWA National Heavyweight belt is one to be featured on NWA: USA a lot, so he has a point. He just doesn’t need to be a hardass about it. The Music is cool too. Acoustic, even Spanish guitars make way for a very Dokken, 80’s Rock delight. All these things are good.

What Wasn’t So Good Then?

Opening your first episode with George South isn’t fantastic. It isn’t the indoor firework you need. And I was a bit confused. I know he was upset that Colby Corino wouldn’t answer his requests to be in the corner for his match, but he seemed to suggest he was Colby’s father. I checked. He isn’t.

George South & The Fixers
Credit; screenshot from the show

But he was clear he loved Colby. Which is why he’d be in opponent CW Anderson’s corner for the match. What? That was a quick change. The Fixers came out. They weren’t there to hurt George, they said. George was dressed in his wrestling clobber, so you didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce…there you go, he’s been clobbered.

And then Natalia Markova, who seemed to enjoy beating up Paola Blaze on Empowerrrrrr(r)rrr(r)rrr was being photographed and she wasn’t happy. It was the wrong angle to shoot her from, you see. And she should know. She’s been photographed by worldwide top photographers. Which ones, Natalia? Natalia? Natalia.

But It Was A Success Though?

Yeah, NWA: USA was a good half hour. 2 fine matches, good commentary, Nick Aldis – he keeps the lights on around there, he said so himself, and a few talking points. As a magazine, It’s shiny, fast, and fun. What’s next week, a husband v wife match? Mr. Latimer, Kamille; can we have a word?..

Written by Steve Swift

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