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Impact! Wrestling Review – July 7th

Another week of Impact! has come and gone as we gear closer to the promotion’s pay-per-view event, Slammiversary, which will be taking place on July 18th.

Today I will be taking a look back at everything that went down on this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling – let’s get to the ring!

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie w/ John E Bravo vs Susie and Kylie Rae

The first match of the night was a women’s division tag-team match with Rosemary and Valkyrie taking on Susie and Kylie Rae. The first unmissable aspect of this match is the unusual pairing of Susie and Kylie Rae. Susie looks like something from a horror movie. I’m a grown man and nothing strikes fear into me more than a creepy girl with long dark hair wearing a grown. On commentary, Josh Matthews didn’t help by stating that ‘Susie is waving, but she doesn’t know who she’s waving to’. That’s enough to give me the ghoulies. I’m traumatised already. Kylie Rae is the complete opposite! She is a ‘Rae’ of sunshine (pun clearly intended). The match started off with Rosemary and Susie in the middle of the ring, with Rosemary talking trash to Susie. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the match was the diversity between the characters. All four women were unique within their characters and ready to kick ass! During the first half of the match, Susie was resilient but Rosemary appeared to have that bit more of a mean streak, giving her the upper-hand. Kylie Rae made her way into the match and instantly cleared house.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie w/ John E Bravo vs Susie and Kylie Rae

Later on in the match, Valkyrie and Rosemary employed a number of dirty tactics, primarily distracting the referee to open the door to double-team moves and inflicting a massive amount of pain to Susie, who was the legal woman in the match at that time. Rae made her way back into the ring and cleared out her competition yet again in an incredibly impressive fashion. Rae’s athleticism was truly on show. Commentator Josh Matthews brought up the question of how impressive would Rae be as Knockouts Champion. After seeing Rae perform in this match, I have to say Rae would be an incredible Champion! As the match was drawing to a close, Rae and Susie both delivered an onslaught of an attack, taking full control by powering over their opponents. Rosemary was knocked to the floor, which led to Valkyrie being left in the ring with Rae. Rae locked in her signature submission move, the STF (Smile to the Finish), and tapped Valkyrie out for the victory!

Winners: Susie and Kylie Rae

The Deaners vs Reno Scum vs XXXL vs TLP & Fallah Bahh

Next up was a hard-hitting brawl between the teams of The Deaners, Reno Scum, XXXL and TJP w/ Fallah Bahh, in a monster four-way tag-team match. As you would expect, this match was absolute carnage from the word go! XXXL completely dismantled The Deaners without breaking a sweat, which is impressive in it of itself. TJP and Bahh then looked to clear out the ring as they simultaneously clotheslined/dropkicked each member of Reno Scum. Legal participants were yet to be established! With all of the athletes involved in this match (bar one) brawling on the outside, Cousin Jake of The Deaners decided that this was his opportunity to leap over the top rope from inside the ring, taking out every man involved in this match in the process. When Impact! returned from commercial, order seemed to have been restored as one member of Reno Scum and one member of The Deanerwas were the legal men and the match was officially underway.

A GIANT 4-way tag-team match took place on this weeks Impact.

Although this match was pure bedlam, it was interesting to see these teams fight it out and we can only assume that the Tag-Team Champions, The North, had their eyes peeled on their competition ahead of Slammiversary. Near the end of this match, TJP and Bahh were brawling on the outside with Reno Scum and this fight soon made it’s way to the backstage area. Back in the ring, we were left with XXXL and The Deaners. XXXL looked like they were going to pick up the victory but Cousin Jake side-stepped an attack from them and delivered a powerful side-walk slam to pick up the pinfall victory for his team!

Winners: The Deaners

Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee

Next up we had Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace taking on the up and coming Kimber Lee in a non-title match. Impact! commentators Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne quickly brought up the fact that Grace will be taking on ‘The Virtuosa’ Deonna Purrazzo and defending her Impact! Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary. Rayne added herself into the discussion by saying that Purrazzo nearly broke her arm a number of weeks ago. Now I’ve been predicting since Purrazzo departed from NXT, that ‘The Virtuosa’ will become the next Knockouts Champion. So buckle up for the inevitable Deonna Purrazzo appreciation article that will be written! Now, in this match, Lee had a fantastic opportunity. If Lee were to defeat Grace, that could position her into the title picture at some point in the near future. The match started off as a straight-up scrap. Lee continued to try to get one over on Grace but the Champion would not allow it.

Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee

Grace over-powered Lee and backed her into the corner. Grace let go immediately, which seemed kind of strange at first, but then we saw that Kimber Lee had bit Jordynne Grace’s hand in an effort to release herself from the turnbuckle! This sly move infuriated Grace and she followed up by simply beating the tar out of her opponent. Grace went too hard too fast and this resulted in a series of pinfall attempts with Lee kicking out at two. Grace became very frustrated at this point and needed to compose herself. Lee took advantage of the frustrated Grace and soon positioned her opponent so as to deliver the Swanton Bomb from the top rope. Grace kicked out at two. Towards the end of the match, Lee grabbed a pair of brass knuckles that she has slipped to the ring with her and attempted to smash Grace’s skull. Grace managed to avoid disaster and reversed with her signature move, The Grace-Driver, followed up with the pinfall to claim the victory and to build some momentum for herself as she gears up for Slammiversary.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger *Disguised as Suicide*

Now, the thing to note here is that last week on Impact Wrestling, Suicide was the victim of an attack by Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger after his singles match with Bey. Willie Mack commented on the attack later in the night and stated that it was uncalled for and that Suicide deserved better. Mack challenged Suicide to a match in which he would defend his X-Division Championship. Now, on this weeks edition of Impact we saw Swinger strolling backstage and, for whatever reason, decided to put on Suicide’s mask and wear his costume. So now, when ‘Suicide’ was making his way to the ring, it was really Johnny Swinger. Willie Mack was none the wiser. The match began and let’s call the imposter ‘Swingercide’. Mack started to believe that something wasn’t quite right during this match, as ‘Suicide’ was botching every last one of his signature moves.

Johnny Swinger poses as Suicide.

Mack become infuriated very quickly and exploded with a standing drop-kick, driving Swingercide halfway across the ring. At one point, Mack seemed to be in trouble as Swingercide attempted an abdominal stretch. The trouble was, however, that Johnny Swinger does not know how to perform an abdominal stretch, so Swingerside looked like a complete buffoon! Swingerside then tried to climb the turnbuckle. Johnny Swinger is not an aerialist, thus, Swingercide somehow fell from the turnbuckle pad whilst standing up and managed to whack his head on the turnbuckle in doing so. I don’t know how a human can fail so hard at something, but Swingerside did just that. The match ended with Willie Mack hitting Swingercide with a stunner, followed by the three count for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Willie Mack

Josh Alexander w/ Ethan Page vs Sami Callihan

Ahead of their upcoming tag-team match at Slammiversary for the TNA Tag-Team Championships with their respective partners, Alexander and Callihan went one-on-one in the main event of this week’s edition of Impact! Wrestling. Callihan was out to make a statement to both Josh Alexander and Ethan Page ahead of Slammiversary. Callihan really dominated Alexander throughout this match. Callihan was treating Alexander with a lot of disrespect, but if you know Callihan, then you know that’s his style. Alexander gained a momentary upper hand at one point, as he delivered an onslaught to Callihan. Alexander was not going to stand for Callihan’s attitude. After suffering a beat down from Alexander, Callahan’s defiant nature continued to shine through as he simply started to scream at Alexander. Later in the match, Callihan seemed to be building a lot of momentum and continued the attack.

Sami Calihan vs Josh Alexander

Callihan cornered Alexander into the turnbuckle and delivered a flurry of right hands to the face. Somehow, Alexander reversed the role very quickly and in an instant locked the ankle-lock submission move onto Sami Callihan. This very well may have been a direct shot aimed towards the man who will be standing side by side with Callihan as they face Alexander and Page at Slammiversary, Ken Shamrock. The ankle-lock has been one of Shamrock’s signature moves throughout his lengthy career as a professional wrestler. Somehow, Callihan had enough energy to crawl to the bottom rope, forcing Alexander to release the hold. Calihan and Alexander then found themselves on the apron of the ring, where Callihan delivered a pile-driver to Alexander, targeting the neck of his opponent.

Towards the end of the match, both men were laying in the middle of the ring. Page decided to interject himself into the match but inadvertently took out the referee! Callihan attempt to take out Page but Page reversed and was ready to bring the fight to Callihan. At this point, Ken Shamrock bolted to the ring to Callihan’s aid. Shamrock pulled Page out of the ring by his ankle and did not let go as he wrenched on Page’s ankle to the point that Page was begging for mercy. Inside the ring, Callihan had made his way back to his feet and hit Alexander with the pile-driver to pick up the pinfall victory!

Now, if Callihan and Shamrock can work this well together at Slammiversary and defeat The North, they will become the new TNA Tag-Team Champions! Can they hold it together? Only time will tell.

Winner: Sami Callihan 

Written by James Corcoran

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