The Tiger King Unleashes a Rhyno!

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—January 19th

Welcome everyone to this week’s Sports Obsessive review of Championship Wrestling from Memphis! This week’s show promises an appearance from Rhyno as well as a big main event for the Memphis Trios Championship as Derrick King, DJ Brown, and Danny B. Good defend their rings against the ever-cocky, ever-talented Elements of Wrestling.

It promises to be a great show, so let’s get to ringside and check out the action

The Big Match: There’s a Rhyno On The Loose!

It’s fair to say Derrick King has a lot on his mind. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic sent a video into Championship Wrestling from Memphis revealing he was going to be bringing in some people to put King in a world of hurt after how he put Joe in the hospital previously with a piledriver.

So it perhaps wasn’t surprising to see Derrick distracted by his phone whilst his partners and fellow Trios Champions Danny B. Good and DJ Brown were trying to cut a promo. Somebody sending King threatening messages, do we think? We’d soon have an answer.

The match started well, with Danny and DJ isolating Colton Cage with some fast-paced offense before Cage caught DJ with an elbow. Fast tags to Ryan Piles and Van Viciouss kept Brown on the defensive as he and Viciouss traded some hard shots before Piles and Cage orchestrated a beat down in the corner. Ryan Piles brought a touch of comedy to proceedings, bowing to the crowd and engaging in what can only be described as a hip-swivel duet with Cage. Yes, you read that right.

Brown changed the tide by countering a Cage vertical suplex attempt with a lovely neck breaker, whilst Cage returned fire with a nice Northern Lights suplex. Piles and Viciouss pulled Danny and Derrick off the apron to prevent Brown tagging out but a big DDT created enough space for Brown to tag in The King!

Joe Exotic lays down the law on the Memphis mic

Derrick unleashed a flurry of fists while Danny and DJ took out Cage and Piles with a duo of blockbusters. At which point, a familiar voice began calling Derrick’s name: the Tiger King was here! But he wasn’t alone. First, he distracted Derrick long enough for Van Viciouss to roll him up and get the three count. New Trios champs! Exotic then entered the ring and, as King made to grab him and Joe ran off, a familiar face made an appearance—a dangerous face.


King turned around and—BAM!—GORE GORE GORE! The show ended with Joe Exotic gloating over the prone body of Derrick King, while Rhyno glowered at the crowd. It made me realize that Exotic actually would work as a manager. He’s got every tool he’d need to be a great old-school manager; the weasley, cocky man behind the muscle (sorry Joe!)

A good match, which made good use of DJ Brown being at its heart, the pay-off worked. Not only are we going to get a proper pay-off to the King-Exotic storyline, but it helps to give the Elements of Wrestling some momentum by giving them the Trios Championship, but it’s a great use of Rhyno as well. I’ve always enjoyed Rhyno when he’s been treated as a killer, so this works for me.

Good stuff all around.

Where was Big Dan, though? There’s a Rhyno loose!

Segments & Promos

Uncle Mikey makes 'lovey' eyes to the Memphis audience while Dustin Starr holds the mic

  • Uncle Mikey, who was incredibly over with the crowd here, told Dustin Starr that he still believed he could win gold and so could The Skimahorns if they just listened to him. The Brothers Horn seemed less than impressed…
  • K. Toomer came out to tell Dustin Starr that when he gets his hands on Uncle Mikey, “if he dies, he dies.”
  • Diane Taylor was shown working out and getting in shape to be in title consideration again.
  • Amber Rodriguez attempted to get Memphis Women’s Champion Heather Monroe on her side against Skyler by offering what I assume to be free botox?!? It made more sense on screen than it does here on the page.
  • Country Rock was seen before the show serving the Memphis faithful with merch and Tops BBQ to make money to pay back Big Jack. One day I will get myself some Tops BBQ—it will happen!
  • The Elements of Wrestling were cutting a promo on how they hadn’t had to work for their Trios Championship opportunity, they were just “too proper,” when an excited Jimmy Blaylock interrupted and told them he needed to talk to them later. With The Crowley’s gone, is Blaylock trying to hijack the Elements?
  • Dustin Starr told the returning Yung Goats that The Posse would not be having their contracts renewed after the anniversary show and would be suspended until then as punishment for trashing the WrestleCenter last week. The Goats were less than impressed and got the crowd to cheer for a match between the two teams. Starr said he would see what he could do. That’s going to be a hell of a match when it happens.


  • Uncle Mikey beat the masked Kid Wrestling in a quick but fun squash match. Mikey got in some big moves like a dive to the outside and a Shining Mikey, but the sight of Mikey forcing the ref to hold Kid’s feet then ‘disqualifying’ said ref for not breaking on five was great fun.
  • Mike Anthony beat Martin in a nice little brawl by choking him out to advance to the finals of the Cobra Cup. This was one of Martin’s best matches on the show—he looked pretty good here!
  • David Ali beat Carlos Alexander Rios in a good match after cracking Rios with a big running knee. I’m happy to see David Ali in Memphis, he’s a great addition to the roster.
  • The Elements of Wrestling beat Trios Champions Derrick King, Danny B. Good and DJ Brown to win the titles in a good match after Joe Exotic caused a distraction.

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr at the Memphis WrestleCenter desk

Wow! Rhyno cut Derrick King in half! That’s a hell of a way to use a guest talent—have them come in as hired muscle and just generally destroy people. And knowing the way Memphis uses guest talent to enhance their own, I suspect Mr. King may be getting some revenge shortly. But I’m sure Rhyno will put him through hell in the process!

This was a very entertaining episode of Memphis Wrestling. Uncle Mikey is such a blast at the moment, he just brightens up the show anytime he appears. I was glad to David Ali in action again, and regular readers know I’m a Mike Anthony guy, so I very much appreciated his match with Martin, who rose to the occasion and got gritty with ‘The Self-Made Assassin.’

Meanwhile, there was a lot of chat around Dustin and Maria’s desk this week, creating a fast pace and pushing several stories ahead. The Posse might be suspended, but they won’t be for long, not if The Young Goats have anything to do with it!

Join me next week, and bring some armor. There’s a Rhyno loose—and he means business!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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