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Impact Wrestling Review – September 29th

Hey everybody, it’s Sam, bringing you your Impact Wrestling Review for September 29th. Let’s get into some raves and rants. We need to talk about what happened during the show and, more importantly, what we think should be happening with it.

First, a couple of observations.

Impact Tag Team Division Getting Better

Impact has been really up and down recently. Almost like a roller coaster. One match I love it, then all of a sudden I’m like “what is this”? There really is a lack of consistency.

However, I’ve been watching Impact Wrestling since May and I can say that, since then, their tag team division has grown with leaps and bounds. I can’t get over how good they have gotten so quickly. 

It used to be The North and nothing else. They created tag teams out of singles wrestlers thrown together. But Impact Wrestling has made a concentrated effort to go out and recruit teams. They now have The Good Brothers, The Rascalz, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and the Motor City Machine Guns.

Impact Women’s Division Changes

It is interesting to me how a couple of different pickups and also switching gimmicks for some of the women has completely changed Impact Wrestling’s Women’s Division.

In May when I started watching it, their best women’s wrestler had the Impact World Championship hostage. Tessa Blanchard ended getting fired in June, but because of her, I rated them barely higher than AEW’s Women’s Division. Then, in the last 90 days, look at what they have done!

They now have Deonna Purrazzo holding their championship, with Kylie Rae as their number one contender along with Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace. Then they changed some characters up, like having Rosemary fall in love with Taya Valkyrie’s manager and putting Susie in a spell that makes her nice. Add young talent in the shape of Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steele, and veterans like Havoc and Nevaeh, and you have a solid second womens division behind WWE’s.

It makes me wonder—if they can do that in three and a half months, then what on Earth has AEW been doing for a YEAR? I hate to put AEW down because I’m a big AEW mark, but come on, get off your butts. Fans have known that AEW’s Women’s Division has been awful from the start.

Impact Men’s Division Struggling

The men, however, seem to be really struggling and that’s where the roller coaster ride for me starts coming in. Their storylines are either convoluted or nonexistent. You have no clue where guys stand, who they stand with, or do they stand alone? I think several times a show, “what is going on”? So this is where I stand going into tonight’s September 29th show. 

Havoc and Nevaeh vs Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Let’s get into the first match and really the first story. Rosemary, a Demon Assassin, has fallen in love with Taya Valkyrie’s manager, John E. Bravo. However, for them to get married they need a demon to officiate the wedding. She needs Havoc’s help, so last week they agreed on this match to decide if Havoc will agree to assist. Valkyrie agrees to help by being her tag team partner, even though she is having her own issues with Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steele. She tells Rosemary that she will help her with her wedding issues first. 

I have no idea what got into Havoc tonight, but she had probably one of her best-looking matches that I’ve seen in a while, especially when Taya Valkyrie was in the match, so maybe it is just because they have worked together so much. Their transitions were smooth and their movements on point. Of course, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie won the match. But Hogan and Steele came out for Valkyrie and Havoc’s blood, and Nevaeh stepped out to help Valkyrie and Rosemary. Do this mean they are helping with the wedding? Who knows…

Winner: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood

Now when was the last time on the big two promotions have you had back to back good women’s division matches? Tenille Dashwood in Impact Wrestling wants to be a social media influencer almost as much as she does be a wrestler. Grace just wants to make her way back up the ladder.

I was impressed with the athleticism that Dashwood showed. She didn’t show that in WWE. Maybe she is another wrestler that just needed another style. I was expecting some ring rust since she has been in Australia, caught by the travel ban. But she showed that she was able to keep up with a former champion inJordynne Grace. This wasn’t a bad secondary match since, right now, Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae is the top match. We are almost an hour into the show and we have had two very good women’s matches with good storylines that have kept me interested. I haven’t reached for the remote yet.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

The Good Brothers vs The Rascalz

I have to admit, I listen to The Good Brothers’ podcast, Talkin’ Shop, which I recommend to anyone who loves to laugh and hear stories. It is because of them that I know what a “young boy” is in Japanese wrestling culture. It is usually a younger wrestler wanting to learn but needs to pay their dues with the veteran. They called The Rascalz ‘young boys’, meaning they aren’t experienced wrestlers. It can be almost derogatory, especially if they are established because you are saying they don’t really know what they are doing.

The Good Brothers took this match to teach The Rascalz that they aren’t the top dogs in Impact Wrestling anymore. I look for a four-way tag team match at Bound for Glory with The Good Brothers, The Motor City Machine Guns, Ace Austin with Madman Fulton, and The North. I see The Rascalz getting left out someway.

Winner: The Good Brothers

Johnny Swinger vs Fallah Bah

This match concerns Rosemary and John E. Bravo’s wedding again. John E. Bravo is out at ringside watching over it since the winner will be his best man. See, last week, Johnny Swinger asked if he was Bravo’s best man. Bravo didn’t want to say flat out no, but the only other guy around was Fallah Bah. Bravo said Fallah Bah was, so Johnny Swinger challenges him to a match.

I didn’t really care about this match because I don’t have a connection with either of them. It wasn’t a great match either. During the match, a lot of the guests surrounded the ring to watch. One of which is Crazzy Steve, whose stuffed monkey Johnny Swinger grabs in order to get the victory. The referee doesn’t see it, but John E. Bravo does. He orders the match to be started over because of Swinger’s cheating. Quickly, Fallah Bah wins and makes the comment that he will have to pay up to order a custom tux that will fit him at the wedding.

Winner: Fallah Bah

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs The North

Now, I’m kind of excited about this one. You know how I feel about the North. I love Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. I think they make a great tag team whether they are babyface or heels. Ace Austin, I believe, will be a great champion…in about three years. He can’t carry the company right now. I’m still not sure why he was paired with Madman Fulton other than for Fulton to be a big bodyguard/protector. 

It was obvious in this match that Madman was supposed to be a monster and destroy The North. At one point near the end of the match, blood was actually coming from Josh Alexander’s mouth. It’s unusual since Josh wears headgear and his mouthpiece. Fulton made it look legit. There really wasn’t an ending to this match since The Good Brothers and The Motor City Machine Guns came out. I don’t think anyone wanted anyone else to get over on anyone else. It leads me to believe even more there will be a fatal four-way at Bound For Glory.

I really just want to see The Good Brothers vs. The Motor City Machine Guns. They could have The North and Ace Austin with Madman Fulton do something else.

Winner: No One Due To Interference 

Impact Final Analysis

This week’s Impact Wrestling was a good show, especially in the beginning with the women’s hour of matches along with The Good Brothers vs The Rascalz. After that, it lost steam quickly and fell into a chaotic mess. Hoping next week’s show is a little better. Can’t wait.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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