The Road to Coastline Clash is Paved with Violence!

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Review—May 1st

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is set to be a big show, as The Bodega defend the UWN Tag Team titles against The Hogsmen in the main event. Plus, the build-up to Coastline Clash continues.

There’s no time to waste so let’s head straight to the ring!

Mylo Matters vs. Viva Van (w/Halston Boddy & Jamie Iovine)

The appearance of not only Halston Boddy but Jamie Iovine at ringside too must have been a tad disheartening for Mylo Matters. Not that you would notice; after some initial exchanges centring on hammerlocks, Mylo used her speed to knock Van down with several quick arm drags and a dropkick that put Van on the back foot. Van used a leg sweep to take Mylo down and pummeled her with some big shots, but Mylo responded with fire, using more of that speed to take Van down again.

Just as it looked like Van might be able to take over, grabbing Matters from behind, Cece Chanel appeared with a big plank of wood and cracked Van in the back with it, knocking it down! Cece clearly didn’t like that shot from behind last week.

Halston, fabulously indignant as ever, told Chanel that if she wants the fire, she can have it. Next week at Halston Boddy’s Coastline Clash, it will be Cece Chanel and Viva Van one on one.

Chanel looked satisfied with that one. So she should; that should be a great match.

Wasted Youth (Adriel Noctis & Sketch) vs. Anthony Idol & Honest John

Earlier in the day, Howdy Price had his ‘Price Check’ family around him as he spoke to Jon Roberts, proclaiming his boys to be a real Stud Stable (it’s been used before but it’s a better name than ‘Price Check’, I have to say—can you see Honest John working in a supermarket???) Howdy laid down a warning to Jack Cartwright, telling him that he was like a show pony trying to enter a major horse race, and so he’s going to be turned into glue. Meanwhile, Anthony Idol made me laugh by stealing Jon Robert’s handkerchief from his pocket and handing it to John to stash in his hat. A right couple of Artful Dodgers!

In fact, if you’d asked me, I would have said I’d have preferred to see Idol in singles competition. But the odd couple of John and Idol actually works in a strange way. Both have an OTT personality—I mean that as a compliment!—and John brings the sneakiness whilst Idol brings the power. They compliment each other in a way you wouldn’t expect on the surface.

Take this match for instance. Whereas Wasted Youth tried their best, using fast-paced offence to particularly disorientate Honest John, Idol used his power to batter the Youth members, flattening Sketch at one point with a brutal clothesline and a power bomb. John, meanwhile, actually has a nice line in suplexes, which you wouldn’t expect, a fisherman’s throw in particular really standing out. But they also proved they could work as a team. Take the finish: John kicked sketch right into Idol, who landed the Idol Overdrive for the win!

Emily Mae Deals With Pick Pockets and Violent Tempers

Afterwards their match, Anthony Idol leant into his best Hulk Hogan impression as he told Emily Mae how he could feel the universe running through his muscles, while John pickpocketed something from Adnan Kureshy’s jacket.

As they made their getaway, Wasted Youth came up to Emily, arguing over the miscue between them that gave John and Idol the opening to finish the match. Out of nowhere, everyone’s favourite calming influence Dan Joseph appeared, screaming at the pair that they’re not a cohesive unit and so can’t be here in CWFH, before grabbing Adnan’s notes and telling the paid the notes read that Wasted Youth need to go back to their day jobs! Wow! Talk about an appropriate reaction to something that was nothing to do with Joseph!

Probably not the best example of cohesive behaviour Joseph could have modelled for the pair there…

Piranacanrana vs. Sweet Robin Shaw

Robin grabbed the mic to start things off, telling the Lucha Fish that he’d seen some stupid things in the Friendship Farm but he’d never seen a baseball-playing fish before (Piranacanrana does indeed wear a baseball jersey as part of his wrestling attire), so he was going to make an example of him. Not very sweet, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Piranacanrana tried for a hug to start, evoking memories of Robin’s time in the Friendship Farm. It didn’t work; Robin smashed him down with a big fist. Chops and chokes followed. The Lucha Fish tried for an arm drag but he just didn’t have the strength. He did have the speed though to move out of the way of a Robin charge, sending the big man into the corner. Piranacanrana couldn’t avoid a big chokeslam or a suplex however, and a vice grip to the head attempted to, in Todd Keneley’s words, “squish the fish”. A big spin kick and the Sweet Embrace finally put the Lucha Fish out of his misery.

A fun squash—quite literally for Piranacanrana.

Afterwards, Shaw got on the mic and made the challenge—him and Gentleman Jervis at Halston Boddy’s Coastline Clash. Will Jervis finally get some closure?

Watson (w/Action Braxton and Fresco) vs. Jordan Cruz

Jack Farmer had the pleasure of interviewing Watson, Action Braxton and Fresco—otherwise known by their new name now of Fame (“For All My Enemies”). They came here to steal the spotlight and have a spoiler alert—“faction up!”

Jordan Cruz was all business and overwhelmed Watson with arm drags and dropkicks to begin with. Watson pulled Cruz’s neck down on the top rope in desperation and Braxton and Fresco got involved, mugging Cruz at ringside. Back in the ring, a big legdrop got a two count for Watson.

A series of fists in the corner led to Watson biting Cruz, followed by a massive dropkick. Cruz returned fire with dropkicks of his own and a blockbuster, but the distraction from Fresco and Braxton at ringside left Cruz open to a Watson Spur (somersault spear) for the somewhat stolen victory.

If that wasn’t rough enough for Cruz, Flex and Richie Slade of Beef Candy came down to ringside to carry on the beatdown! Flex announced that Cruz has been chosen to face Slade at Coastline Clash for the Heritage title. Interesting that they would pick a man that had just been beaten. Rocking their NWO-style Beef Candy T-shirts, the two then proceeded to crack Cruz in the jaw with a chair before spraypainting ‘BC’ on his back in black and red (NWO Hollywood and Wolfpack colours respectively).

I much prefer this NWO-aping, aggressive version of Beef Candy. They still need to make hat Heritage title feel important, but the match with Cruz is a good way to make a start on that.

UWN Tag Team Champions The Bodega (Papo Esco & Slice Boogie) vs. The Hogsmen (Mike Camden & Devon Sparks)

I loved Devon’s opening spiel, labelling their style as ‘Strong Style meets Street Style’. The Bodega meanwhile are rocking the Freebird rule, with Slice Boogie subbing for Danny Limelight. Not that Danny Limelight has any kind of weakness in the striking department, but the addition of Slice makes The Bodega just that little bit more physical here.

Boogie and Camden started off hard and heavy, laying in blows before Boogie nailed Camden with a backbreaker. A missed elbow drop allowed Camden to tag out to Devon Sparks, who went for a quick cover followed by a front face lock.

This brought out Honest John, who didn’t seem too impressed that Camden was not tagging with him anymore (never mind the fact that John is tagging with Anthony Idol now). Camden backed John back up the ramp before Boogie leapt out of a double suplex attempt and made the hot tag to the ‘King Fat Boy’. The Hogsmen tried to launch Esco into the ring by pulling on the top rope. Big mistake. They got a couple of Esco forearms for their trouble instead. Esco sent Camden to the outside before shrugging off some Sparks strikes with an avalanche before mounting him and raining a flurry of his own fists onto a helpless Sparks.

The Boogie and Esco version of The Bodega proved they can work well together, as a charge into the corner/springboard elbow drop combo proved, as did Esco hoisting Sparks up for Boogie to drop him with a springboard elbow while Esco held on to his legs for the pin attempt. As the Bodega boys set themselves up for another double team special, Guy Tweakacetti appeared and grabbed the leg of Slice Boogie, tripping him up. As Boogie grabbed Guy, Midnight Heat appeared, quickly followed by Idol and John, and the match broke down into a four-team rumble! As chaos descended and the show closed, we were left with the question: will all four teams face off at Coastline Chaos?

Final Thoughts

This was an odd show in a lot of respects this week. Don’t get me wrong, it was very enjoyable, and on a normal week it would be fine, but next week is Coastline Clash. With that in mind, from a booking point of view, while you could see CWFH has been building to Robin Shaw vs. Jervis and Cece vs. Viva Van, even so, the announcements seemed to come a little out of the blue, as if they had to rush to put the match announcements out. The same with Richie Slade vs. Jordan Cruz which, although I’m sure it’s going to be a good match, does feel like it’s come out of nowhere. To cap it off, there was two matches on the show that were non-finishes due to interference. Meanwhile, Jack Banning vs. Jordan Clearwater is set to be a marquee match at Coastline Clash and yet neither man made an appearance to promote it. Odd.

All that being said though, this was an enjoyable show. The Bodega’s hard-hitting double team game was on point here, and I did enjoy the chaos of the tag team division exploding in the final minutes as everyone wants to stake a claim to The Bodega’s titles. Honest John and Anthony Idol demonstrated themselves to be the tag team I never knew I needed and Jordan Cruz and Watson showed definite chemistry in their match.

Like I said, I enjoyed the show; but the booking was a little odd for a go-home show.

In any case, next week should be a cracker as Coastline Clash will be upon us. I’ll see you there next week at ringside, grapple fans.

Until then.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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