The Posse Smash The Venue and Break Hearts!

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—

Welcome back to the weekly Sports Obesessive recap for Championship Wrestling from Memphis! This week, The Posse is set to bring back the stolen Memphis tag team title belts to the WrestleCenter—but will that be the only thing they’ll bring with them?

Let’s head on down to ringside and find out!

The Big Match: Mike Anthony and David Ali Make Memphis Magic Together

David Ali was making his Memphis debut here, after having previously been seen on UWN programming picking up big victories over the likes of Tony Nese in Championship Wrestling from Atlanta. He would have his work cut out for him though against the ‘Self-Made Savage’, Mike Anthony.

Ali used his speed and cunning early on, outrunning and maneuvering Anthony early on, taking him down and kicking him hard straight in the spine. Ouch! In one impressive moment, Ali led ‘The Self-Made Savage’ on a merry chase, leaping over the ropes to evade the pursuing Anthony before finally taking him down and hitting him with another vicious kick.

Anthony had to rely on his intensity and power to get through and that he did, moving out of the way as Ali leapt at him in the corner and chop-blocking Ali off the ropes. A massive suplex and brutal clothesline followed, as did some hard blows and kicks.

Ali might have been down but he was not out, turning a sleeper into a hard jawbreaker, before building momentum with a big butterfly suplex and a running European uppercut. The crowd was firmly behind Ali as Anthony turned the tables on the floor with a shot to the gut. It was ineffectual: moments later, Ali soared through the air with a tope to the floor and a dropkick from the top rope into the ring.

David Ali leaps on Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony was lucky to grab the ropes to break up the pin on that occasion, but still had enough about him to kick out of a Death Valley Driver-neck breaker combo. A superplex from the top saw Mike Anthony kick out again. In frustration maybe, Ali took down his knee pad but Mike Anthony sneakily pulled the ref in front of him, forcing Ali to put on the breaks. This in turn allowed Anthony to hit the ‘Genetic Nightmare’ kick to take the 1-2-3 and advance in the Cobra Cup Tournament.

What a great match! It made sense for Mike Anthony to advance here after the recent main event run he had, but Ali looked great in defeat and I like how Mike Anthony sold the effects of the beating he took afterward, looking delighted in victory but exhausted and battered. I hope this isn’t the last time we see David Ali in Memphis, and I’m always happy to see Mike Anthony. A very entertaining main event.

But the evening wasn’t over…

The Big Angle: The Posse Prove That Those That Giveth Can Taketh Away

Last week, The Posse had told Dustin Star that they would bring The Yung Goats’ Memphis Tag Team Championship belts back to the WrestleCenter but they wouldn’t be the only things they would bring with them. This week, after the main event, The Posse boys were good to their word as they emerged through the curtain wearing hard hats, eye protectors, and carrying a sledgehammer and a bloody great big ax! What the hell?

Remember how it’s been said many times that The Posse helped build the Memphis WrestleCenter? Well, it appears that if Memphis Wrestling won’t allow The Posse to keep the tag belts, which they have never actually won in an official match by the by, then they won’t let Memphis Wrestling enjoy the fruits of their labor. So, as security ran around them and tried to get them to leave and Dustin Starr left the desk to demand an explanation, The Posse did what The Posse seems to do best right now: cause destruction.

It was a genuinely dramatic sight to see The Posse clear the fans out of the way and destroy the audience benches with their tools. Dustin Starr trying to get at them while screaming over the mike was a nice touch too. It’s not often you see arenas get destroyed, at least not in this manner, and it was a compelling sight to see.

The Posse has just crossed a line there may be no return from. How will Memphis Wrestling respond?

Lil Chris smashes up a bench with his sledgehammer

The ‘Big Dan Moment’ Of The Week!

After promising Memphis security head honcho and mascot Big Dan on Twitter that I’d try to get him in these reviews, I thought it would be good to celebrate everyone’s favorite coffee lover with a ‘Big Dan Moment’ each week! I hope he doesn’t hunt me down for this…

This week’s moment was the unexpected and pretty funny moment when Uncle Mikey made his entrance for his match and paraded around ringside. Big Dan went to give Mikey a high five, only for Mikey to not even notice and unintentionally leave Big Dan hanging! Good job Big Dan’s got a sense of humor and laughed at the moment.

Better luck next time Dan!

Other Segments & Promos

  • Austin Lane and Brett Michaels gave taped promos backstage where they talked of their respect for each other and their pride in headlining the Superbout first-anniversary show.
  • Skyler talked up her performance at the Grind City Rumble and demanded an immediate shot at Heather Monroe’s Memphis Women’s Championship before heading to ringside.
  • ‘The Killer Bae’ came to ringside and hilariously said she wasn’t much inclined to do much charity work after having given Diana Taylor a shot previously. She then suggested Skyler go back to doing what she does best—cleaning Amber’s boots. Bad idea: a Skyler spin kick floored Heather, much to the crowd’s approval. Good segment.
  • Country Rock had a mild argument about how they were going to repay Big Jack. I’d pay him soon boys—Jack’s got a temper!
  • David Ali told Dustin Starr that he is Memphis’ savior and that he was here to save them from Mike Anthony and win the Cobra Cup. Not this time, David, but maybe next time!


  • Martin beat ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole in a fair first-round match for the King Cobra Cup after The Posse appeared and distracted Cole. Security had to hold Cole back and drag The Posse away. Big heat for The Posse.
  • Colton Cage beat Danny B. Good in another first-round match for the King Cobra Cup after Van Viciouss and Ryan Piles held Danny’s feet down. A smug Ryan Piles issued a challenge for Danny, Derrick King, and DJ Brown’s trios titles.
  • Uncle Mikey beat Carlos Alexander Rios in a good match. The Skimahorns reiterated their support on commentary for Mikey, but they were suspiciously quick to try and get him out of the ring after the match. Hmm…
  • Mike Anthony beat David Ali in a really good Cobra Cup match after hitting ‘The Saviour’ with the ‘Genetic Nightmare’ finisher.

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr at the Memphis WrestleCenter desk

Memphis Wrestling gave us another entertaining hour of pro wrestling here and, while I wasn’t a fan of everything on the show this week, the good far outweighed the bad. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first two matches, they were to the point, short, and didn’t overstay their welcome, plus they set up further developments in storylines (Big Swole’s falling out with The Posee; The Elements of Wrestling challenged Derrick King and friends).

On the flip side, Heather Monroe is always a blast and Skyler looked good in the way she dropped the ‘Killer Bae’ to the mat. We also got a good match between Uncle Mikey and Carlos Alexander Rios and a great contest between Mike Anthony and David Ali.

The real talking point coming out of the show, however, was The Posse. By destroying the WrestleCenter, they have declared, in a very exciting way, a war against Memphis Wrestling. How will Memphis respond?

I’ll join you next week to find out!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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