The Last Stop Before Chained Carnage

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review: June 25th

This week’s OVW TV was the promotion’s last chance to hype tonight’s Chained Carnage PPV on television. With a contract signing set for the big chain match between Omar Amir and Cash Flo, plus Jesse Godderz in the house to hype up his big Chained Carnage match with the brilliant ‘Pope’ Elijah Burke, and Tony Bizo and Luscious Lawrence both in the house, it was set to be a big show.

Let’s head to the ring and take a look at the action.

The Big Segment: Cash Flo Creates Contract Carnage

With the main event of Chained Carnage set to be a vicious, flesh-tearing encounter as the ropes are replaced with steel chains, OVW officials thought it wise to get both combatants, OVW Heavyweight Champion Cash Flo and challenger Omar Amir, to sign contracts that would indemnify OVW against any liability they might face should either man sustain life-changing injuries. Now, that’s a good sell for a match, admittedly.

So, the ring was set for a contract signing, with Bryan Kennison being joined by a lawyer representing OVW. Omar was out first, looking lean and mean and ready to go. Flo looked more dismissive and cocky, taking his time to get into the ring. Amir was the first to sign, ranting at Flo beforehand that he was going to do illegal things to the Champ, as well as be smiling from ear to ear as the chains tear the flesh off of Cash Flo’s bone. Flo, said Omar, was going to pay the price for messing with Amir.

Flo’s bemused expression, feet up on the table, was priceless. He was certainly in no rush to sign the paper, perusing the contract at his leisure as Amir slammed the table in impatience. Flo got on the mic and told Amir that he doesn’t have to do what Amir tells him because Flo is the champ, not Amir.

However, just as Flo was about to sign, Jake Ashcraft came and told everyone that he always checks LOB’S paperwork first before signing, before insulting Amir by telling the challenger that he had just seen Amir’s other working on the street corner near the arena. As the insulted Omar Amir stood up and turned his back on Flo, the Champ took the initiative and attacked Amir from behind before laying him on a table (which broke under Amir’s weight) and laying a piece of the table and a chair on top of Omar before landing a frog splash on him. The Champ was hurting but Amir was in a much worse state; it just showed to what lengths Cash Flo is prepared to go to eliminate Omar Amir once and for all.

And while you can argue, and I usually would, that contract signings are all played out, this was short, to the point and fun, not letting the segment overrun or get an over-inflated sense of its own importance. It made me want to watch their match; job done.

Once they step between the steel at Chained Carnage, there’ll be no turning back for Cash Flo and Omar Amir. Who will step out victorious on the night?

Or will that be carried out victorious?

OVW Chained Carnage promotional poster
Credit: OVW

Other Segments & Promos

  • Facade called out AJ Daniels, who instead appeared on the video screen and put down Facade for stealing Daniels’ moves and fans. Daniels challenged Facade to a match at Chained Carnage, which Facade agreed to. He didn’t, however, agree to being jumped as Daniels did to him on the ramp afterwards.
  • Everyone’s favourite Reverend, Ronnie Roberts, hosted Jesse Godderz on The Good Word, infuriating Mr Pectacular with claims that 98.8% of people think that Pope will beat him at Chained Carnage. Pope appeared on the video screen to tell Godderz that he’s going to add the OVW National title to his resume.
  • Shannon the Dude put out a bounty for Mahabali Shera. Tom Coffey tried to claim said bounty but was thrown into a wall for his troubles.
  • Haley J and Tony Bizo hired a tow truck to take away Luscious Lawrence’s car as the “Juicy One” searched all over for it. As Lawrence complained to someone on the phone, Bizo jumped him and beat him down as Haley gave him a mouthful.


  • “Mr. Juicy” Luscious Lawrence pinned “The Candidate for a Brighter Future in Wrestling” Koda Jacobs after nailing him with the One Night Stand.
  • “Shotgun” Tony Gunn pinned “Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone with the Killshot.
  • “The End of the World” Jake Omen beat Blanco Loco by using a Shining Wizard.
  • RUSH Champion Star Rider beat Gustavo and “The Primadonna Prince” Sam Thompson after hitting Orien’s Belt on both men and covering Thompson for the pin.
  • “Hollywood” Adam Swayze and Brent Tate fought to a no-contest after Rex and Brandon Tate started fighting.
  • The Tate Twins beat The Box Office Blondes after nailing Rex with a DDT.
  • “The Fanny Pack Kid” Kal Herro & Dustin Jackson beat Big Zo & Steve Michaels (w/”The East End Villain” Josh Ashcraft) in a good match after Dustin took Big Zo down with a running boot.
  • “The Complete Package” Tony Bizo (w/Women’s Champion “Hollyhood” Haley J) pinned “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage with a DDT after Haley J tripped Kage up.
  • Mahabali Shera’s match with Brandon Espinoza didn’t even start, as a masked Adam Revolved sprayed something into Shera’s eyes as he made his entrance.
  • Dani Mo beat Dream Girl Ellie and Arie Alexander to become the number one contender to Haley J’s OVW Women’s Championship.

Final Thoughts

This was a compelling episode of OVW TV as the company took its final strides towards its Chained Carnage PPV. Cash Flo and Omar Amir made the now-cliched contract signing into something fun and enjoyable, while Godderz and Pope proved why they are two of the best talkers in the game currently. Their match for Godderz’s OVW National Heavyweight title should be a cracker.

Meanwhile, big fan favourite Facade finally got his match signed with AJ Daniels, even if he took a kicking in the process, and Tony Bizo and Luscious Lawrence took their rivalry one step further as Lawrence got his car towed before he also took a kicking too.

Violence is in the air and is the name of the game as Chained Carnage approaches. This show made sure there was no turning back.

I’ll see you next time, Ohio fans, as step into the Davis Arena once again for more exciting action from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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