The Kentucky Title Creates Excitement in Ohio

Ohio Valley Wrestling Review—May 6th (Fite TV Edition)

Credit: Fite TV

This week’s OVW TV is an important one for the promotion. The company is going live weekly and bumping up its show length from one hour to two.

With new distribution and TV relationships being formed, OVW is in a very exciting position at the moment. What will they do with their expanded live show now that its finally arrived?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

Matt Jones Announces The Kentucky Heavyweight Title

Although the televised edition of the show got the full two hours, the Fite TV edition seems to bizarrely start an hour in?!? Not sure why, but noticeably the audio and visual aspects are not in sync. Not a great start.

What does make for a great start though is owner Matt Jones announcing backstage that he wanted to take wrestling in Kentucky to the next level and so he wanted a belt as great as the “best state in the country” (I’m English; I cannot agree or disagree with this assessment of Kentucky). So he came up with the Kentucky Heavyweight Championship, something that can be defended all over the state. Not only that but the inaugural titleholder will be decided by a 32 man tournament. 31 men have been chosen so far and all the brackets are on the OVW website. The fan who can fill in the brackets and pick the winners the closest will win $1500! Awesome. The catch? You have until May 13th to do so (so get on the website and do it!)

This is some exciting news. I’m a sucker for tournaments anyway, and I like the idea of a Kentucky title, even if it does mean that there will be four singles titles in the company. But if they can book it well and film the title being defended all over the state, then it could really work. I’m excited!

Match To Decide The OVW World Heavyweight Championship: Cash Flo vs. Omar Amir

Our first match this evening looked to answer the question that has been on OVW fans’ mind since last week: who will be the rightful OVW Heavyweight Champion, Cash Flo or Omar Amir?

The early moments showed the difference in approach that each man was pursuing. Flo came charging out the blocks, swinging his fists, but Omar was more cautious, sticking and moving and picking his spots. He also went for some quick rollups, looking to put Flo away nice and early and take the gold.

After Flo was admonished by the ref on a pin attempt where he put his feet on the ropes, Omar picked up the pace, throwing big fists at Flo, splashing him in the corner and nailing a T-bone suplex in an impressive feat of strength. A tough exchange of chops rattled both men but Amir was not to be denied, sending Flo to the outside with another T-bone suplex!

Out on the floor, Flo used Josh Ashcraft as a shield before punching Amir in the face and dropping him face-first on the apron. Ashcraft went to stick the boots in but Omar pinned him up against the ring post. The East End Villain used the incident to throw a chain to Flo but the ref saw it and confiscated the object, allowing Amir to stun Flo with a big slam on the floor.

At this point, we got more technical issues as the screen went black, soon to be followed by a message that read “OVW will be right back.” The audio was still on, though, so we got to hear Bryan Kennison compliment someone’s jacket and tell them it reminded him of the Gold Power Ranger! Oh dear.

When we returned to the ring, Flo kept the pressure on Amir, working the neck, but the lure of the gold seemed to push Amir on and he nailed Flo with a big belly to belly suplex and several clotheslines that spun the big man around in a corkscrew. As Omar set up for Island Time, Josh Ashcraft climbed up on to the apron…just for the commentary feed to drop out. As Ashcraft distracted the ref, he threw a chain into the ring, only for Amir to catch it and crack Flo in the face with it. The ref counted three but noticed the chain, ordering the match to continue. As the ref turned to argue with Ashcraft, Flo pulled out his own chain and waffled Amir in the face with it. 1-2-3 and we have a new champion!

This wasn’t a bad match and Flo winning is an interesting choice because now it will make Omar look fresher on the chase. The technical difficulties really did detract from the match though. With OVW looking to go live every Thursday now, and with previous issues at Retribution, the company really needs to make sure it can nip these problems in the bud asap.

Zoey Skye vs. Hollyhood Haley J (w/Luscious Lawrence)

I can’t look at Lawrence in the same way anymore since he wrestled Jesse Godderz; I’ve seen him in a new light and now I just want to see him in another big match because the man’s got talent that I hadn’t realised before. Meanwhile, Haley was still fuming this week over Shannon the Dude and Godderz tricked her into going to a fake film audition. She was not happy tonight.

Neither was Zoey Skye. Taking exception to Haley talking trash at her and trying to ambush her with a cheap shot, Skye spent the match throwing an impressive series of strikes and spinning kicks at the women’s champion. In fact, I’d say Skye dominated a good 90% of this match and she looked good doing it too! Haley was able to avoid a charge into the corner after Lawrence distracted Skye, but it was a desperation modified facebuster in the end, followed by her ‘Cutthroat’ modified choke that gave Haley the win in the end to end this entertaining encounter.

Zoey Skye has definitely got the potential to make waves in OVW. More of that, please!

Be Careful What You Wish For, Shannon

It’s The Good Word! And boy, does Reverend Ronnie Roberts have some good words for you! He’s entered himself into the Kentucky Title tournament, which means if he wins the gold, there’ll be more dollar dollar bills y’all to put into the building fund. I mean, the collection plate can only bring in so much. I’m rooting for you, Ronnie!

Ronnie’s guest tonight is Arie Alexander, who told everyone how proud she is that she is the number one contender for Hollyhood Haley J’s belt. Ronnie then brought up the match she had where she beat Shannon the Dude at Retribution in what was less than 10 seconds. Arie dismissed it, saying it was barely a match and Shannon was barely a wrestler, crying as he did after the match so that she felt sorry for him and gave him his title back.

Shannon was not best pleased, interrupting proceedings and telling Arie that she is a kleptomaniac, taking things (i.e. his title) that are not hers. He claimed to be the longest-reigning champion ever in OVW and added that if he wanted to, he could enter the Kentucky Title tournament too and become Shannon 2 Belts, just like Jesse Godderz is Jesse 2 belts.

Well, be careful what you wish for, as this brought out Mark Jones, who said he was sick of listening to Shannon every day and that, while there is one spot left in the tournament, why doesn’t Shannon fill it by taking on the biggest man on the OVW roster, Big Rex?

Shannon looked terrified, while the good Reverend was in stitches…

“Always Bet On Bizzo”

Throughout the show, it was mentioned how the competitors in the Kentucky Title tournament would have celebrity managers. To that end, University of Louisville Professor, Ricky Jones, cut a damn fine promo via video where he announced he will be managing Tony Bizo and expressed his annoyance that Bizo has to waste his time in the first round with Chris Michaels. Jones went on to verbally attack Michaels’ manager, the ‘Kentucky Hammer’, attorney at law Darryl Isaacs, telling him that “I’ll beat the hell out of you and you’ll be chasing your own ambulance to the hospital. Sue me for that, and remember—always bet on Bizo.”

Amazing. There’s a few people in the bigger promotions that could learn a thing or two about promos from Professor Jones…

OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jesse Godderz vs. AJZ

Mr Pectacular was in fine form as he entered the ring, looking aggressive and demanding ring announcer Eric Cornish call him the “face of OVW”. AJZ only served to irritate him further by adding “for now” to his statement. That, of course, remained to be seen.

Jesse tried to go for the Boston crab early but AJZ was able to avoid it. Jesse kept on the pressure with hard blows and a side slam but AJZ came back with some hard blows of his own followed by a neat springboard DDT. A neck breaker dropped Godderz but Jesse took it to the floor, sending AJZ into the ring steps to get the advantage.

Back in the ring, Godderz finally got the Boston crab locked on but AJZ reached the ropes. The ref should have broken the hold but Jesse dragged AJZ back into the middle of the ring. Even Mark Jones on commentary questioned that one. AJZ managed to escape and lock in a crab of his own, Godderz getting the break on the ropes (check that ref’s allegiances!) Not giving up, AJZ went for a cutter but Jesse cut him off with a rake to the eyes. A sneaky low blow followed and a codebreaker and a spear were enough to put the challenger away for the 1-2-3.

This was a fun match. Jesse looked more aggressive than usual and AJZ looked really good throughout. The best bit though may have been Godderz’s scathing promo after the match where he completely ran down AJZ before stating that he wasn’t even worth shaking hands with. Ouch…

Final Thoughts

This was a big night for OVW, with it being their first live, two-hour show. They really needed to make a big impact. Did they succeed? Yes and no.

The show itself was good. A new OVW Heavyweight champion has been crowned. Jesse Godderz and AJZ put in some compelling performances. Most importantly of all, the Kentucky Heavyweight title was announced, with a tournament to shortly follow with celebrity managers to be involved. All very exciting.

The problem was the technical aspects. Not only did the Fite TV version of the show, which is what I’ve reviewed here, miss the entire first hour of the show, what we did get was impacted by the sound cutting out regularly on the commentators or the volume suddenly being reduced. Production comments could be heard over one of the breaks. Hell, even Godderz’s music came on too early as he was finishing up his promo.

OVW is on the verge of bigger things but the next step to getting there will be to regularly put on professional-quality live shows. When the weekly TV was pre-taped, there were no problems. But what with the problems here and at Retribution, it seems to be live production that is holding them back a little bit. Let’s hope this show is a wake-up call and they can start to eliminate these problems moving forward because OVW is a damn good show. It just needs the live production to follow suit.

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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