The Gun Show Takes Aim At the Hollywood Horror Show

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review—July 10th

This week’s Championship Wrestling from Memphis was set to see things get a little wild, as ‘The Gun Show’ Brett Michaels had a challenge to throw at the feet of the Hollywood Horror Show. Plus, Chris Lexx was in action as well as the odd couple of Mike Anthony and Justin Cole—would they be able to continue their uneasy partnership?

Let’s head to the ring and find out!

The Big Match: Brett Gets By—With a Little Help From His Friends…

You’ve got to give it to Brett Michaels—the guy’s got guts. So incensed is he at The Hollywood Horror Show’s recent antics that he decided to call them all out to face him, three on one, in the main event.

Initially, Brett might have regretted that decision. The Crowleys jumped him from behind as he faced off with Walker Hayes before the meddlesome pair gave him a further pounding in the corner as the ref admonished Hayes. Things were not looking good for ‘The Gun Show’…

Thankfully for Brett, he’s a well-liked guy, over with the locker room as much as the fans, and The Yung Goats, having seen enough, ran out to make things equal. Now we had a six-man match, and with The Crowleys and The Yung Goats involved, business was about to pick up.

The Goats made the presence felt from the start, punishing Otis with a kick to the back and a big charge in the corner before Aaron Roberts and Brett Michaels dropped Otis with a massive backdrop. Hayes came in as the crowd cheered in anticipation of the Battle of the Big Men. Two shoulder blocks barely moved Hayes so Michaels nailed him with a thrust kick instead and sent Hayes to the outside. I’d like to Hayes looked unhappy but when does an undead person ever look anything but unhappy?

‘The Revenant’ unleashed a thrust kick of his own to take down Zay Washington before choking Zay on the ropes, Otis taking pleasure in joining in. A headbutt followed to keep the Goat grounded before Jacksyn tagged in and kept the pressure on. Otis followed suit and nailed Zay with a unique variation of a jawbreaker I’ve ever seen before involving pulling Zay down from the top rope. Nice.

A power slam bought Zay some space though and ‘The Gun Show’ got the hot tag and sent everyone to the outside. Zay followed suit, nailing a lovely springboard moonsault to the floor, which left Otis free to be caught in the spinebuster and the Gun Show Lariat for the 1-2-3.

This match was a lot of fun and saw The Yung Goats get a moment to shine as well as The Hollywood Horror Show. Both of those teams, as we’ve seen, have wonderful chemistry together. Ultimately, though, this was about Brett Michaels, a man who is being positioned for a big place at the top of the Memphis food chain. You could argue that The Horror Show would have benefitted from the win here, making them look stronger so that when Brett would come back and beat them, everyone would look strong. Still, there was the good sense there not to job the Horror Show out three on one and have the Goats come in to even things up. It shows that Brett isn’t superman, that he does have vulnerabilities. Those little touches are going to make all the difference in making ‘The Gun Show’ a main-event callibre star.

Segments & Promos

  • Brett Michaels called out The Hollywood Horror Show and said he’d take on all four in the main event. Of course, he had his baseball bat as the great equaliser.
  • Diana Taylor, sporting a black eye, surprised Eric McMahon and Paris Kelly at the desk and leapt on Paris. It was well done in that the camera stayed away from the entrance, making Diane’s appearance a genuine surprise. Afterards, Diana told Dustin Starr that she wants Paris Kelly in the Gauntlet for the Gold match for the Memphis Women’s Championship next week.
  • Rebel Kel told Dustin Starr that she was here to win the women’s title. This brought out Nikki Lane, who told her they were facing off in the Gauntlet for the Gold next week and that there could only be one champion. “Let the best woman win,” said Kel as they shook hands…
  • Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson cut a promo outside, proclaiming CWFM is where the Memphis Heritage title means something and, while there’s a lot of jokers in the lower room, they were broken in old-school, to win championships and beat up people. Cue a cut to Big Simon of The Posse lying prone in the car park…
  • The Allied Empire, Ken Dang and Norman Meklakov, issued another challenge to Justin Cole and Mike Anthony. Cole and Anthony arguing over who would get to pose on the ropes before deciding the share the spot made me laugh.
  • Dustin Starr complimented Justin Cole and Mike Anthony on making a great time, something both men seemed to take issue with as they both revealed they had their eyes on the Memphis Heritage Championship. This newfound harmony isn’t going to last…
  • Action Jackson told the audience that he’s going to bring home the Memphis Heritage title next week when he faces Alan Steel. He also revealed he was trained by Dustin Starr and he’s going to represent for Five-Starr himself. Jackson is killing it at the moment.
  • Danny B Good came out during the Chris Lexx-Jay Smooth match and tried to get Dustin Starr to give him an interview to talk about Derrick King’s attack on him. Dustin told him to come back next week.
  • Jimmy Blaylock called Brett Michaels a big baby before forcing guest commentator Tim Van Horn to give Jacksyn Crowley his medicine. Very odd. I found it funny, but I’m not sure if I was meant to?!?
  • Uncle Mikey took The Skimahorns to Suits U to get dressed like Champions. Unsurprisingly, they came away with T-shirts that looked like suit jackets and shirts and ties rather than the real thing.


  • Rebel Kel beat Queen Katelynn with the Falcon Arrow in a quick but fun match. Rebel Kel is another solid addition to the Women’s Division.
  • ‘Big Swole’ Justin Cole and Mike Anthony beat The Allied Empire (Ken Dang & Norman Meklakov) in a good old-school match when Anthony made the hot tag and dropped Ken Dang with that double boots to the jaw.
  • Jay Smooth (w/Kross) beat Chris Lexx in a good, athletic encounter after Kross tripped Lexx and held his feet so he couldn’t kick out of the pin attempt. Lexx did not look too happy about it…
  • Walker Hayes beat Colton Cage in a quick showcase for ‘The Revenant’. While Hayes looked good, Cage looked pretty solid in his moments of offence.
  • Brett Michaels and The Yung Goats beat The Crowleys and Walker Hayes in a fun encounter when Michaels hit Otis with the Gun Show Lariat.

Final Thoughts

Another solid episode of Championship Wrestling from Memphis, and if this week’s show felt a little more subdued, it was only because it was a moment’s respite before the big ‘Championship Saturday’ show next Saturday to crown the first Memphis Women’s Champion. Indeed, the show did a nice job of setting that up, not by bashing us over the head with it, but by setting up two matches for the Gauntlet for the Gold next week: Paris Kelly vs. Diana Taylor and Nikki Lane vs. Rebel Kel.

Meanwhile, ‘The Gun Show’ tore down the Hollywood Horror Show, but he needed The Yung Goats to do it. Memphis really knows how to build its people up into stars, and for proof, look no further than Action Jackson’s promo here. Short but sweet, he nailed it and showed how far he’s come in a short time.

Furthermore, Chris Lexx looked good in action with Jay Smooth and Justin Cole and Mike Anthony continue to be completely entertaining in their love-hate dynamic.

I’ll see you next time, Memphis fans, for more from the fastest hour in wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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